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When did you come to YouTube's beloved やってみた fandom? Many dates are accurate, given that they were provided by the Youtaite themselves. If you would like to be on the timeline please fill out the submission form!

The debuts that happened on the 1st day of a month are probably a result of the user giving a date with no exact day, or their actual debut was on the 1st of that month.;xNLx;/* ------- Form Info ------- */;xNLx;If you would like your name to be on this timeline please fill out the form ;xSTx;a href="";xETx;here;xSTx;/a;xETx;.;xNLx;/* ------- Terms ------- */;xNLx;EVT - English Vocaloid Translyricist;xNLx;/* ------- Color Legend ------- */;xNLx;;xSTx;font color="#E60000";xETx;Red ;xSTx;/font;xETx;: Debut;xNLx;;xSTx;font color="#A879BE";xETx;Periwinkle;xSTx;/font;xETx;: Music Period;xNLx;;xSTx;font color="#000000";xETx;Black;xSTx;/font;xETx;: Significant Event;xNLx;;xSTx;font color="#000000";xETx;Black (Duration);xSTx;/font;xETx;: Departure;xNLx;Gray: Departure with Unknown Date;xNLx;;xSTx;font color="#05A2E6";xETx;Sky Blue;xSTx;/font;xETx;: To Be Confirmed (from submission)

ListYT1 (りst)

Role in YT: Singer

HakuraSakura (桃雪)

Role in YT: Singer

tsukinaka (なか)

Role in YT: Singer, Mixer, Instrumentalist (Piano, Fiddle), UTAULOID User

GlaciatedHeart (Eryngo)

Role in YT: Singer

Vocaloid1 Era

Created in 2004 as Leon and Lola, and soon to join them, MEIKO and KAITO, Vocaloid1 created the synthesized vocals we know and love today.

Otattemita (おた)

Role in YT: Singer, Instrumentalist

PrincessOfXing (PoX)

Role in YT: Translyricist (EVT), Animator, Illustrator

Silver2654 (Gray)

Role in YT: Singer

Digitjuh (Digi)

Role in YT: Singer


Role in YT: Singer, Mixer, Animator, Chorus Leader

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