M25LTG History

A History of the M25 Learning Technology Group.

The timeline was originally compiled from memory and messages on the group's jiscmail list by Matt Lingard.;xNLx;;xNLx;The timeline is currently maintained by the M25 Learning Technology Steering Committee. ;xNLx;;xNLx;If there are any additions or corrections please send them to julie.voce@city,ac,uk

2001-10-18 00:00:00

Life begins - mailing List

The M25-LT-Group jiscmail created by Jan Smith from the University of London External Programme. The Impetus came from EFFECTS Project (1998-2001) which had included a commitment to "try and develop local networks" as part of its continuation work.

2001-10-18 09:51:08

Group Organisers

The original M25 organisers responsible for setting up the mailing list, scheduling & running the early meetings were Jan Smith, Dave Riley & David Andrew.

2001-12-03 00:00:00

Inaugural Meeting

The first ever M25 Meeting was held at Senate House, University of London. 18 people attended from 10 institutions: Queen Mary, Imperial College, LSHTM, Royal Holloway, University of London, Bristol, UCL, UNL, Kingston & Goldsmiths. Organised by Jan Smith.

2002-06-13 00:00:00

2nd Meeting

Imperial College London, organised by Dave Riley. Attended by 14 people from 7 institutions.

2003-06-30 14:04:16


Despite a couple of attempts there were no face-to-face meetings held in 2003. The Mailing List was active with posts every month.

2004-03-19 14:04:16

Third Meeting

Held at QMUL, Charterhouse Square. No record of attendance; approx 20.

2005-01-10 14:04:16

Fourth Meeting

Again held at Charterhouse Square, QMUL. Originally due to be hosted at London Met but moved due to academic boycott in place there.

2005-07-21 20:34:16

Diana Laurillard Presentation

Less of a meeting; an M25 presentation at LSE by Diana Laurillard. Event interrupted by July 21st terrorist bombings.

2005-10-20 20:34:16

Educational Simulations

M25 Event at Imperial College focused on DART Anthropology Project & issues of realism in medical simulations.

2006-07-14 20:34:16

VLE-focused Meeting

Held at London Metropolitan University. AM - VLEs; PM - more varied.

2006-07-26 17:11:23

M25 Moodle

A Moodle for M25 was introduced to complement the use of the jiscmail list.

2007-06-30 04:05:51

NO Meetings 2007

No records of any meetings in 2007. Can this be true?

2008-02-04 13:19:14

M25 Facilitators

An slightly more formal role of M25 Facilitator emerged around this time to re-ignite M25-LTG & ensure regular face-to-face meetings took place

2008-05-09 07:35:08

Meeting at Goldsmiths

M25 ventured to south London for the first time...

2008-11-27 07:35:08

First meeting at City

A meeting focused on institutional support for e-learning.

2009-03-27 06:42:42

Meeting on Staff Development

Several presentations & discussions around staff development & engaging staff, held at LSE.

2009-07-10 12:18:18

Beyond VLEs Meeting

At QMUL, theme: "So we have VLEs, what else can we do?" Looking at alternatives and expansions to institutional VLEs.

2009-11-20 18:16:59

M25 heads east

First meeting at UEL, held at Stratford Campus, very well attended (40+?).

2009-11-23 09:01:53

M25 Ning

Ning replaces Moodle as M25 LTG's online platform, alonside the ever present jiscmail list.

2010-02-10 08:53:57

Wednesday Night Club

First & so far only 'Wednesday Night Club' An M25 meeting that skipped the technology & headed straight to the pub.

2010-03-19 12:10:40

OERs Meeting

City University hosted a meeting focused on open education & OERs.

2010-07-08 07:35:10

Classroom Technologies

Presentations & a hands-on Exhibition at Imperial College.

2010-09-08 19:30:02

M25 ALT-C Dinner

An alternative ALT-C 2010 conference dinner in London for those who stayed home.

2010-11-29 13:07:33

LSE Meeting

A mixed bag of topics at LSE.

2010-11-30 02:59:45

Another facilitator

Colin Loughlin (Kingston) joins the M25 Facilitators / Steering Group.

2011-03-08 14:24:35

VLE review processes

VLE-focused event at UCL. Featured the now infamous Moodle "squirrel of death"

2011-07-01 17:33:22

Resource Locator launched

An M25 resource to highlight free or low cost solutions for educational technologists

2011-07-07 14:24:35

Free Tools Meeting

Regent's College - free tools & OERs.

2011-11-23 09:13:03

City Mixed Bag meeting

Meeting at City University covering a variety of topics. Sell-out! Attended by 50-participants

2012-01-23 23:18:14

New Facilitator

Sonja Grussendorf, LSE replaces Matt Lingard.

2012-03-31 13:04:03

(4th) QMUL-hosted Meeting

QMUL edges ahead in the most meetings hosted stakes...

2012-07-01 17:15:52

M25-LT-Group > ALT Regional SIG

M25-LT-Group becomes an Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Regional SiG

2012-07-11 08:34:16

M25 Goes South West

First meeting at Kingston University, drinks by the river.

2012-11-21 16:05:35

First Greenwich Meeting

M25 south-of-the-river again!

2012-12-01 00:00:00

New Facilitator

Leo Havemann from University of London replaces Eoin McDonnell

2013-03-21 14:34:29

First time at RVC

Included Lecture Capture, WebPA & CMALT

2013-07-11 00:00:00

New Facilitator

Antony Coombs (Greenwich) replaced Rose Heaney (UEL) as one of the 5 Facilitators

2013-07-11 12:42:57

Back East

M25 returns to sunny UEL

2013-11-19 00:00:00

First Time at Kings

A well-attended (50+) meeting which shared the day with a MUGGL meeting in the morning.

2014-03-26 00:00:00

Students As Producers

LSE hosted for the (record equalling) 4th time.

2014-07-02 19:33:53

Learning Design / Barcamp

Mix of long and short presentations at Imperial (4th visit here)

2014-09-02 15:06:09

M25LTG meets EMLTG

Joint meeting at Warwick. EM brought sweets. M25 brought themselves.

2014-12-10 19:33:53

Go West

UWL hosts for the first time

2015-03-24 19:33:53

Learning Analytics focus

Senate House hosts biggest meeting yet

2015-07-24 15:06:09

M25 meets at #ALTC

Catch-up at ALT's annual conference in Manchester

2015-11-11 19:33:53

Back at UCL

2016-03-16 19:33:53

Digital Capabilities

Back to QMUL for record 5th time

2016-07-20 19:33:53


A cool lecture theatre in a heatwave

2016-11-29 13:00:00

Let's all go down the Strand

In the Council Room at King's

2017-02-28 00:00:00

New Facilitators

Pete Roberts (St George's) and Geraldine Foley (LSE) join the M25 Steering Committee.

M25LTG History

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