History Timeline (1870-1919)

This timeline is from year 1870, from the Franco Prussian war up to 1919, the treaty of Versailles

1870-07-01 00:00:00

Franco Prussian War

It was a war between France and Germany, in wich Germany won and took Alsace-Lorraine from France.

1871-01-18 22:52:07

German and italian unification

The little states that formed what is Germany and Italy now, unifided and became independent countries

1871-05-04 14:40:22

Ending Of Franco Prussian War

On may of the year 1871, the Franco Prussian War was over. Germany was the winning country, as a concecuense of this France lost Alsace-Lorraine, and this helped the growth of Germany.

1871-05-20 14:40:22

Central Powers/triple alliance, was formed

Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, became allies, the alliance that they formed was called "Central Powers" or "Triple Alliance" they fought in the WW1 togheter

1898-05-20 14:40:22

Kaiser Wilhelm II anouncment

German Kaiser's wich's name was Wilhelm II announced his intention to build a powerful German navy.

1905-05-01 14:40:22

First Moroccan crisis

In 1905 The Kaiser visited Morocco, Germany was building up it's own African empire. He was keen to show that Germany was an important power in north Africa. The French were planing to take control over Morocco and the Kaiser supported and made a speech saying he supported independence for Morocco. The French's got very angry, so in an international conference that was held in 1906 the Kaiser was humiliated.

1906-05-01 14:40:22

"hms" dreadnought

Britain and Germany competed a lot in terms of navy, Britain was the queen of the seas and Germany did not want that, Britain felt threatened because although Germany's navy was much smaller, it was spread all over the world, so that's why in 1906 Britain raised the stakes in the naval race by launching the HMS dreadnoughts, it was a new class of warships, Germany responded by building it's own dreadnought, both Britain and Germany spent millions on their ships

1907-05-01 14:40:22

Triple Entente

The Triple Entente was the other alliance that was formed in 1907. The countries that formed the alliance were Britain, France and Russia.

1908-05-01 14:40:22

The first Balkan crisis

Austria took overt the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia and Serbia protested about this but they backed down when they realized that Germany supported Austria. For a consequence of this, Austria felt more confident now so that's why she had problems with Serbia and Russia, and so Russia built up her arms, and from 1912 to 1913 there where some wars. Serbia was the most powerful country form the Balkans, and also was a very close ally of Russia and this was a problem for Austria, so that's why Austria by 1914 was looking a for a very good excuse for crushing Serbia

1911-05-01 14:40:22

Second Moroccan Crisis

Morocco suffered another crisis in the year 1911, France tried to take over Morocco again, they said that they were prepared to compensate Germany if it's trade suffered as a result. Another conference was held and Britain and France stood firm against Germany, France took control over Morocco and in compensation Germany was given land in central Africa

1914-07-28 14:40:22

World war one started

The World War One finally started.

1917-07-28 14:40:22

U.s.a entered to the war

Russia was having some internal problems, so she left the war and USA entered to the war in the Triple Entente alliance.

1918-03-03 12:07:47

The treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was a peace treaty signed on March 3, 1918, at Brest-Litovsk between Russia and the Central Powers marking Russia's exit from World War I. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Brest-Litovsk

1918-05-28 14:40:22

14 points

Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States, wanted world peace and for a basis of the Peace Conference he offered 14 points, wich were: 1. No secret treaties 2.Free access to the sea in peacetime or wartime 3.free trade between countries 4.All countries to work towards disarmament 5.Colonies should have a say in their own future 6.Germans troops to leave russia 7. Independence for Belgium 8. France to regain Alsace-Lorraine 9. Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjust 10.Self determination for the people in Eastern Europe 11. Serbia to have access to the sea 12.Self determination for the people in Turkish empire 13. Poland to be an independent state and have access to the sea 14. League of nations to be set up

1918-07-28 14:40:22

The ending of the ww1

The war was finally finished, the winner were: Britain, France, United States and Italy (because she had gone the Triple Entente)

1919-06-28 00:00:00

Treaty Of Versailles

None of the big three was happy with the eventual terms of the treaty, after months of negotiation all of them had to compromise on some of their aims, otherwise there would never have been a treaty. The main terms can be divided into 5 areas: War guilt, Reparations, German Territories and colonies, Germany's armed forces AND League of nations.

History Timeline (1870-1919)

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