The Pequot War Era

The Pequot War (1636-1637) was fought in Southern New England between the English Allied and Pequot Allied forces. The Pequot War was the first major conflict between Native Americans and English in northeastern North America. It lasted eleven long months, involved thousands of Native and European combatants, and several major battles were fought in present-day Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. This timeline includes some of the most critical events of the Pequot War Era. The Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center’s “Battlefields of the Pequot War” project began in 2007, the purpose of which is to research, document, and ultimately protect surviving battlefield associated with the Pequot War of 1636-1637. The Battlefields of the Pequot War project also serves as an educational outlet where students, academics, museum visitors, landowners, and the general public can participate in promoting historical knowledge and historical preservation. For more information visit and !

Small Pox Epidemic

Small Pox Epidemic spreads through upper New England and effects the Narragansett and possibly the Pequot.

Manisean Indians Submit to Massachusetts Bay Authority

Manisean Indians of Block Island submit to the authority of Massachusetts Bay to avoid a second possible invasion.

Evidence of Sassacus’ Death is Brought to Boston

Evidence of Sassacus’ death is brought to Boston. Sassacus and his bodyguard were attacked and killed in late July 1637. Mahican warriors may have been behind the attack. The first attack occurred near present-day Danbury, Connecticut. Sassacus and the survivors may have been intercepted and killed at present-day Dover Plains, New York.

The Pequot Expand Throughout Southern New England

The Pequot expand their political and military influence throughout Long Island Sound. Numerous Native groups in Southern New England and Long Island become tributary to the Pequot. This included the Mohegan, Podunk, Poquonnock, Tunxis, Quinnipiac.

Mistick Fort Campaign Ends

English Allied Forces march west through Western Niantic lands on their way to the Connecticut River. They arrive there that evening and are ferried across the river to Saybrook Fort the next day.

Wyandanch visits Saybrook Fort

Long Island Sachem Wyandanch visits Saybrook Fort Knows of the destruction of Mistick Fort. Negotiates with Lt. Gardiner and loosely allies with the English.

Wangunk Enter the War

The Wangunk enter the war as English allies and capture a group of Pequot and a sachem on their way to Mohawk country.

Again Massachusetts Bay Seeks Help From Plimoth Colony

Massachusetts Bay Colony seeks military assistance from Plimoth Colony in the war against the Pequot.

100 Pequots Captured at the "Mast Swamp"

Narragansett forces capture around 100 Pequot in a swamp in present-day Ledyard. Massachusetts Bay forces under Captain Patrick secure the prisoners and execute the fighting age men. The women and children are sent to Boston.

Battle of Munnacommock Swamp

English Allied forces encounter limited fighting after crossing the Housatonic River. Sassacus and a bodyguard of twenty left the main body of Pequot and began a northwestern journey towards the Hudson River. Later in the day of July 13 English forces locate the main group Pequot at a Sasqua village near a large swamp. As Native peoples fled to the swamp for protection English Allied forces attempted to surround the swamp. Fighting occurred throughout the afternoon and into the evening with only a brief cease-fire which allowed non-combatants to surrender. Early in the morning the next day Pequot forces launched a diversionary attack on one part of the English line and when soldiers responded it opened large gaps in the siege line which allowed nearly all of the Pequot warriors to escape. Several English were wounded and the Pequot suffered less than twelve casualties.

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