Safe Delhi Campaign

The Safe Delhi Campaign, started By Jagori in 2004, aims to create a safe and inclusive city for all. Key interventions include- conducting research studies and safety audits to bring attention to gaps in inclusive urban planning and essential service provision, networking and developing of a strategic action plans with diverse partners, public outreach and advocacy activities, supporting similar issue based initaitives, building and strengthening capacities of diverse stakeholders through workshops, consultations and trainings, developing communication and learning materials. The campaign works with several national and international stakeholders and partners like NGOs, activitist, media professional government representatives, academicians, similar initiatives and campaigns.

Safe Delhi Campaign by Jagori

People Perception's survey for Delhi's HDR identifies women;s safety as a crucial concern

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National Crime Bureau Report

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Start of the campaign

Consultation with the stakeholders: Police officers, DTC (Delhi Transport Cooperation), policy makers (representatives from National Advisory Council and Welfare Commissioner from the Labour Commission), urban planners (member of Delhi Urban Arts Commission), law enforcers (Dr. Sagar Preet Hooda, ADCP NW Delhi), representatives from marginalised groups such as the National Association of Blind as well as representatives from various civil society organisations (Residents Welfare Assocoations, NGOs, Trained Nurses Association of India)

Public campaigning/dissemination of booklets

Campaign at university, among the four wheelers… Mass Media Campaign (35sec film aired in PVR Cinemas and on The History Channel), Outdoor Media Campaign (Kiosks have been put on streets around the city asking the community to join in, for making Delhi safe for women), Distribution of Helpline Booklets (a large number of emergency numbers in Delhi- hospitals, police, NGO help-lines, media, lawyers and other such emergency numbers. Organizations such as Barista, FabIndia, NIIT as well as many individuals have extended their support in distributing these booklets.) and Workshops with college students and faculty members.

Safe Delhi Website Launch

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Great Delhi Run

70 people from Jagori took part in the 7km Great Delhi Run at the Delhi half-marathon to spread the message of Safe Delhi Campaign, including activists, supporters, adolescent girls and boy and students from colleges in Delhi. 2011 more than 350 people from resettlement colonies of Delhi, activists, students, campaigner, people with disability participated ‘Khele kude naache gaayen, Kabhi bhi kahin bhi’ run at the the Marathon with Safe delhi

16 Days Campaign

16 days campaign to end violence against women. Panel discussion at the Delhi University on the role of men in stopping violence. Jagori invited, among others, the chairman of DTC.

Take Back the Night

Women from all over Delhi got together at Dilli Haat to “Take Back the Night”. It was an evening full of music with performances by Dhruv Sangari and Jigri. The evening closed with a candlelight march “Take Back the Night”- an assertion of our right to live, work and move around our city without the fear of harassment and violence, at all times-be it day or night. The event was organised jointly by JAGORI, SANGAT, CREA, TARSHI, KRITI in collaboration with DASTKAR.

Safety Audits report launch "Is this our city?"

Mapping Safety for Women in Delhi. The report presents the findings of the Safety Audits that were conducted in different parts of Delhi to identify factors which make a place safe or unsafe for women. Report is launched by Syeda Hameed and speakers are Radhika Chopra , Dept of Sociology , DU and Anshu Prakash, DTC CMD

Auto Drivers join the campaign

Auto-rickshaws bear the message “Eve teasing is not a joke but a crime. Make Delhi safe for women”. The Bharatiya Tipahiya Chalak Sangh auto-rickshaw drivers will also add that they support the campaign. The highlight of the Safe Delhi Campaign is to involve all the public transport stakeholders who are willing to be part of it.

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