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New Ownership

Under new ownership since 2009, MMD is now focused on generators, air compressors, heaters, and light towers. MMD is committed to being a market leader through innovation and by providing customers the highest quality products available anywhere. Today, MMD Equipment is a thriving, growing company that is on the leading edge of the heavy equipment manufacturing and distribution business.

TCM America Founded

Founded in 1975 as TCM America exclusively for the purpose of distributing TCM forklift trucks.

MMD Equipment Formed

In 1991, MCE, another Mitsui-owned distribution company, was merged with TCM America to form Mitsui Machinery Distribution (MMD). MCE provided MMD with an expanded product line, including large excavators. Shortly thereafter, TCM wheel loaders were also added to the product mix. During the same period, MMD signed a long-term agreement to market the high-quality line of Airman portable air compressors in North America. During the coming years, MMD continued to diversify its product line adding compact excavators, larger towable generators and other key products.

MMD Purchases NAC

MMD purchased the assets of Nagata America Corporation, or NAC, giving it access to a full line of portable construction equipment, including pumps, compaction equipment and smaller portable generators. This acquisition provided the platform for MMD to transition itself into a virtual "supermarket" for high quality construction products.

Power Parts Plus

Parts Power Plus was started in 1999 to provide after-market and replacement parts for competitive equipment.

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