Vancouver Planning Chronology

A Chronology of Planning and Development in Vancouver

This chronology describes significant decisions, actions and events in the planning and development history of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.;xNLx;The purpose is to provide an overview of these transformative events, or ‘milestones,’ that contributed to shaping Vancouver is a unique urban centre.;xNLx;The chronology is an evolving project, which will be enhanced over time. This first edition, launched in January 2016, was created in collaboration with numerous partners. The story of the chronology can be found [here](;xNLx;The chronology is a project of the [Vancouver City Planning Commission](, a body of citizen volunteers appointed by Vancouver City Council to provide advice on the city’s future. The chronology provides a tool for grounding discussions about the future in an understanding of the legacy of the past.;xNLx;

Emerging Milestones of 2015

The Vancouver Planning Chronology observes a five-year monitoring period before individual milestones are recorded in the timeline, due to the challenge of identifying a truly transformative event or action without the benefit of hindsight.

Translink created

The B.C. government and the Greater Vancouver Regional District negotiated an agreement to put transit and transportation under local government control.

Southeast False Creek Policy Statement spurs development

The Southeast False Creek policy statement was a comprehensive plan based on a vision of a sustainable community guided by principles of sustainability, improvement in the ecological health of the False Creek Basin, ensuring economic viability and strengthening social and community health.

First fire atlas of Vancouver

The first fire atlas of Vancouver was published by Charles E. Goad Co. Ltd. It was updated 1902; redone in 1912 and 1927, and updated through the 1950s.

Building permit requirements established

As of 1901, the City of Vancouver required that all applications to construct,, move or improve existing buildings be recorded.

Vancouver hosts Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

Vancouver and Whistler host the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, with venues also in Richmond and the University Endowment Lands. The Games took place in February and March.

Residential demolitions increase follows surge in Asian investment

The withdrawal of Britain from its Hong Kong colony and handover of the reins of power to Communist China led to a significant transfer of capital to Vancouver.

Great Depression spurs hobo jungles, secondary suites

The Great Depression hit Vancouver hard in 1929, with makeshift settlements sprouting throughout Vancouver and financially strapped homeowners beginning to rent out secondary suites in their homes to help pay the mortgage.

49th Parallel established as US/British border

The Oregon Treaty establishes the British-American boundary at 49 degrees North, giving Britain sovereignty over the lower mainland and Burrard Inlet and placing the lands in what will become British Colombia.

Hudson’s Bay Company establishes first year-round trading post

The establishment of the year-round Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) trading post at Fort Langley formalizes a trading relationship with native populations of the lower mainland.

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