Yiddish Communities in London Through the Ages

London is a diverse city with a wide range of cultures, people and social groups. London, particularly the East End has served an important role in the continuity and change of the Yiddish in London, notably districts such as Whitechapel and Spitalfields. More recently, Yiddish communities have become more geographically branched out, such as Stamford Hill within Hackney and also within the North-West regions of London such as Golders Green.

An interactive timeline, documenting the locations of Yiddish communities within London.

1880-01-01 15:59:28

Jews Start arriving in London

Jewish refugees start migrating to London

1881-03-13 06:02:05

Tsar Alexander Assassinated

Leads to vicious progroms perpetrated against the Jewish

1881-07-01 06:02:05


225,000 Jewish families have fled Russia

1882-04-01 06:02:05


Jewish population in Britain at 46,000

1895-03-19 06:02:05


Lord Rothschild establishes a Jewish shelter on Leaman Street

1895-03-19 06:02:05

Movement of the Jewish Shelter

Jewish shelter moves from Leaman Street to 63 Mansell Street

1901-01-22 06:02:05

Yiddish and Selflessness

Edward VII succeeds Queen Victoria - Jewish/Yiddish inhabitants of the East End donate pennies and money to erect memorial and pay respect to the monarchy for allowing them to be residents under their shelter

1903-04-06 06:02:05

Kishinev Program

Continues against Russians

1905-10-19 06:02:05

Aliens Act

1905 Aliens Act - allows the expulsion of immigrants seen as 'undesirable' without having a full criteria of what constitutes 'undesirable'

1914-04-01 06:02:05

Population increases

Jewish population in Britain increases to 300,000

1918-07-28 15:59:28

Jewish in London

150,000 Jewish members are now located in London

1936-03-26 15:23:14

Adler Hall

Adler Hall opened as the Jewish National Theatre

1943-04-04 15:23:14

Adler Hall reformed

Adler Hall relaunched as the new Yiddish Theatre

1945-03-27 06:02:05

War crises

One day before passover, V2 Rocket hits Hughes Mansion, killing 140 families, 120 of them Jewish

1946-06-13 12:44:48

New Yiddish Theatre

Refugees who survived the Belsen concetration camps arrive here

1946-11-23 12:44:48


Review of The Merchant of Venice, a play generated by Robit Atkins published

1947-04-04 15:23:14

Theatre closes down

New Yiddish Theatre closed down dur to emergency repairs needed

1970-06-19 06:02:05

Last Yiddish Theatre

Last Yiddish Theatre Grand Palais built

1970-12-17 06:02:05

Last synagogue built

Last synagogue built on Neson Street in the East End

Yiddish Communities in London Through the Ages

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