Cooperative Timeline

ILO Releases Cooperative Statistics in the International Labour Review

ILO publishes a number of statistical tables on primary cooperative organizations in the International Labour Review, Vol. XL, No.2 and 3.

ICA Publishes Cooperative Statistic

The ICA publishes the Statistical Tables covering years 1933-1935 in "Statistiques des organisations nationales affiliées".

International Directory of Cooperative Organizations

ILO publishes 13 editions of the "International Directory of Cooperative Organization" from 1920 to 1988, listing the major cooperative organizations in the world.

ILO and Alliance Sign a New MOU

The ILO and the Alliance sign a new memorandum of understanding that aims to contribute to sustainable development by promoting the role of cooperative enterprises in the context of the post-2015 development agenda.

The ICA Changes its Acronym into "the Alliance"

The ICA adopts "the Alliance" as their new acronym during their board meeting and general assembly in 2013.

The Diversity of Co-operative Societies and their Classification

ILO introduces an article by Dr G. Fauquet "The Diversity of Co-operative Societies and their Classification" in the International Labour Review, Vol. XXXIX, No.4, April 1939. Georges Fauquet is the chief of the Cooperative Service from 1920-1932.

International Research Conference on Cooperatives and the World of Work

The Alliance's Committee of Cooperative Research and the ILO co-organize an International Research Conference on Cooperatives and the World of Work in Antalya, Turkey in November.

Common Cooperative Agenda

The ILO and the ICA sign a Memorandum of Understanding in order to implement a “Common Cooperative Agenda” aimed at creating decent jobs and reducing poverty. ILO participates in the ICA’s Genoa Conference, and launches, in partnership with the ICA the “Peace and Cooperative Initiative” which confirms the cooperative commitment to peace and security. A joint ILO-ICA Forum of African Cooperatives is held during the Summit of the African Union Heads of State on Employment and Poverty Alleviation. The ILO and the FAO sign a new Memorandum of Understanding which mentions cooperatives among areas of collaboration.

19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians

2013 The 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians adopts a resolution concerning further work on cooperative statistics. The resolution recommends that the Office carries out further developmental work on the measurement of cooperatives, carries out pilot studies and prepares a progress report for discussion at the 20th International Conference of Labour Statisticians.

The First Cooperative Congress

The first Cooperative Congress is organized by the Manchester Association for the Spread of Cooperative Knowledge is held in Manchester and chaired by Robert Owen.

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