Chinese Universities and Big Tobacco

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Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute Established

QuingZhou TRI established

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), China's premiere public agricultural research institution, helped establish a tobacco research institution (TRI) in QuingZhou province

First tobacco major in China created

Henan Agricultural University establishes first tobacco major in China

CNTC Established

China National Tobacco Company (CNTC) created. The CNTC is China's biggest tobacco company to this day, and is part of the central government as the State Tobacco Monopoly Agency (STMA). They monopolize every aspect of tobacco - from farming to production, sales, and even research.

First Masters/PhD Degree in Tobacco

CNTC supports Henan Agricultural University in creating China's first masters/PhD program in tobacco sciences

CNTC takes over ZNRI

CNTC takes control of the ZhengZhou TRI. Since, the ZTRI has grown into one of two of China's only national tobacco research institutions.

CNTC takes over QuingZhou

The CNTC begins co-operation of the QuingZhou TRI. Today, the QuingZhou TRI QTRI has the second largest number of journal articles (625 articles), second only to Yunnan Tobacco Research Institute (671 articles).

National Tobacco Research Center established

CNTC established a National Tobacco Research Center (NTRC) within Henan University

Hefei Economic and Technological Institute merges with University of Science and Technology of China

CNTC merges the Hefei Economic and Technological Institute, with the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The USTC is one of China's most prestigious technological universities, and became responsible for funding and grant evaluation for the CNTC.

Hunan Agricultural University Establishes Tobacco PhD Program

Changde Cigarette Factory, directed by the CNTC, establishes a Masters and PhD program for tobacco sciences within the Hunan Agricultural University.

Elementary Schools Sponsored by Big Tobacco

A 2010 report by the Tobacco Control Office at China reveals that more than 100 elementary schools throughout China are sponsored by tobacco companies.

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