Shakespeare in London

1564-04-26 14:26:10

Shakespeare Born

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1582-11-27 20:11:57

Marries Anne Hathaway

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1592-07-01 04:19:20

By this time, Shakespeare lives in London, in Shoreditch

1592-08-01 17:11:06

Henry VI, Part III

1592-08-01 17:11:06

Henry the VI, part I performed at the Rose Theatre

1592-12-01 19:29:58

Henry VI, part II first performed

1593-11-19 06:47:28

The Comedy of Errors

1594-01-24 13:24:28

Titus Andronicus first performed

1594-03-04 06:33:04

Love's Labour's Lost

1594-04-08 19:34:34

Romeo and Juliet, first performance

1594-05-04 11:54:27

Lord Chamberlain's Men Founded

1594-11-22 20:14:24

Two Gentlemen of Verona, first performance

1594-12-28 13:24:28

The Comedy of Errors

1595-12-21 07:12:54

A Midsummer Night's Dream

1596-07-26 07:04:30

The Merchant of Venice

1596-08-11 20:11:57

Shakespeare's son, Hamnet dies aged 11.

1597-08-08 20:11:57

Henry IV, Part I and Part II

1598-03-25 12:59:24

Much Ado About Nothing

1598-09-15 12:11:24

Henry V

This is rumoured to be the first play performed in the Globe; the 'wooden o',

1599-02-05 22:54:18

As You Like It

1599-08-01 20:11:57

The Globe is built

1600-01-13 00:00:00

Julius Caesar

1600-04-13 19:18:00

Merry Wives of Windsor first performed

1600-05-11 09:16:48


1600-06-15 19:15:08

Richard III

1601-02-07 20:11:57

Richard II

1601-09-07 02:14:42

Shakespeare's father dies.

He inherits the title and coat of arms he purchased for his father.

1602-02-02 19:18:00

Twelfth Night

1602-10-11 17:21:54

All's Well That Ends Well

1603-03-01 06:53:35

Closure of theatres due to plague

1603-03-24 01:51:48

Queen Elizabeth dies and King James is proclaimed King

1603-05-19 18:10:33

Chamberlain's Men made His Majesties' Players.

1603-06-12 21:42:43

Shakespeare moves to Silver Street

1603-07-25 09:44:06

Shakespeare attends King James's Coronation as a Groom of Chamber

1604-02-07 06:53:35

Troilus and Cressida

1604-12-26 19:29:58

Measure for Measure

1604-12-26 19:29:58


1605-11-22 06:49:30


1605-12-01 18:56:56

Cordelia christened at St Olaf's

Cordelia was the daughter of an embroiderer on Wood's Street whom Shakespeare may well of know. Cordelia is a very uncommon name and it's unlikely that it appearing here and in King Lear is low.

1606-12-15 17:12:18

Antony and Cleopatra

1606-12-26 19:29:58

King Lear

1607-06-15 15:53:42

Timon of Athens

1607-12-06 17:12:18


1608-06-05 15:53:42


1609-12-10 19:29:58

St Olave's Church is demolished and rebuilt

This church was opposite the Mountjoy's shop. Shakespeare would have worshipped here; attendance was compulsory.

1611-06-09 09:21:18


1611-06-09 09:21:18

The Winter's Tale

1611-08-06 17:11:06

The Tempest

1611-10-27 16:36:54


1612-03-03 06:53:35

Shakespeare "marries" Stephen and Marry at Silver Street

Shakespeare in London

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