Early Golf in Australia

Prime Meridian Agreed

International Meridian Conference in October 1884 determined the prime meridian for the worldwide use

Inaugural US Open

The first U.S. Open Championship is conducted on Oct. 4 at the nine-hole course of Newport (R.I.) Golf Club.

Golf Equipment for Sale

Spalding offers items for sale in their catalog

Allan Robertson defeats Willie Dunn Sr

World Class featherie golf ball maker defeats Musselburgh golfer Willie Dunn Sr, elevating him to top golfer of the day

Royal Calcutta Golf Club Formed

Royal Calcutta Golf Club affectionately known as the "Royal" is synonymous with the game of golf in India. Founded in 1829, Royal is the oldest golf club outside the British Isles, the oldest being the Royal and Ancient, St. Andrews in Scotland, the home of golf. The Royal truly has a history that would be a treasure for the archives of the game of golf.

Golf was started in Mangalore

An article in the Bombay Times and Journal Commerce states that golf had started in Karachee, Mangalore and Poonah

Marrickville Golf Club Formed

At a meeting held at Dr Patrick's house, Marrickville-Road, on Wednesday, 29th instant it was resolved to form a club, to be known as the Marrickville Golf Club.

Golf played in Moore Park.

Origins of the Australian Golf Club.

Alexander Brodie Spark - Sydney NSW

Diary records show that golf was played at Grose Farm in Sydney and N.S. Wales Golf Club instituted. Golf and the Club were forgotten by 1844

Golf at Homebush - NSW

Norm Richardson follows golfing activity from the end of the period of depression and start of the gold rush up to the time of the fomration of The Australian Golf Club in 1884

Golf in the Bothwell District - Tasmania

Norm Richardson has done extensive research into golf history in Tasmania with specific attention given to the Bothwell district.

Golf at Hyde Park - Sydney NSW

That afternoon at 4 o’clock the game of golf was played at Hyde Park, from St James Church to Lyons Terrace and back twice, the winner being the one who covered the distance in the fewest strokes. David Robertson was the victor, taking 18 strokes to Captain Kirk’s 20.

Golf on Sydney Commons - NSW

The Australian Golf Club Formed

Recession in Australia

Enter story info here

Royal Melbourne Golf Club Est

Golf at Flagstaff Hill - Victoria

A new article dealing in the Flagstaff Hill area of Melbourne will be forthcoming shortly


Played at Royal Lytham & St Annes

Sydney Golf Club Est

The Club was formed and started play on a links at Concord

First Open Championship

Willie Park Sr was the first Champion Golfer of the year.

Gold Rush in Australia

Gold was discovered in 1823 and again in 1848 but it was the discovery of gold in California and the threat of migration out of Australia which motivated local authorities to allow mining.

Crimean War

Darwin's Origin of Species published

South Australian Constitution adopted

American Civil War

Ned Kelly Hung

John Dunsmure returns from Scotland

John Dunsmure built a country residence near Homebush which he called “Wardie”.

Eureka Stockade

The event was the culmination of a period of civil disobedience in the Ballarat region during the Victorian gold rush with miners objecting to the expense of a Miner's Licence, taxation via the licence without representation and the actions of the government, the police and military.

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