American Hip-Hop 1990s

This timeline covers the American hip-hop scene of the 1990s. The events dated have been selected because we believe they are the most influential events.

Ice Cube "AmeriKKA's Most Wanted" released

In South Central L.A. Ice Cube releases his debut album that becomes and instant classic, and sets the bar for West Coast Hip-Hop

A Tribe Called "People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm"

A Tribe Called Quest is a hip-hop group that emerged from the East-Coast in New York. Their debut album is a lyrical masterpiece with rhythm and sounds very different from "West-Coast Gangster Rap"

Ice Cube stars in "Boyz in the Hood"

The story of three boys growing up in the hoods of Los Angeles. Ice Cube is a lead actor. This film was very successful and shined light onto the west coast hip hop scene.

Tim Dog releases "Fuck Compton"

Sometime in 1991 Tim Dog released "Fuck Compton", it was a diss track to N.W.A, Gangster Rap, the West Coast, and especially Compton. This was the "first strile" from what will become an infamous East vs West Rap culture battle.

Rodney King Video

Rodney King was a taxi-driver in Los Angleles. This video of him being beat by Police sparked a hatred between cops and rappers. Rappers now turn there focus towards police violence in their songs.

Dr. Dre leaves N.W.A

This officially signified the splitting of NWA. This happened sometime in 1991. Dr. Dre going solo was a blessing in disguise.

"Cool as Ice" film a bust

Vanilla Ice's film is a major bust. He is criticized and defamed. He also manages to get sued by Queen and Dwayne Bowe

2pac's second album "2pacalypse Now"

This is his second album. It gets a ton of media attention as many of the songs are targeted towards police and are gangter violent. Vice President at the time Dan Quayle attempts to ban the album off american markets. Starts to spur contraversy between rap and police

"Cop Killa" by Ice-T

The song "Cop Killa" "ignites a firestorm of controversy for it's lyrics about killing police officers. After nationwide protests from law enforcement officials, Time-Warner pressures Ice-T to pull the song from the album and eventually sells it's share of Interscope Records, the distributor." source

Tribe Called Quest second album

"The Low End Theory" is Tribe's second album that provides an alternative jazz approach to rap that east and west coast gangster rap does not have.

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