Women & Film

This timeline charts the historical events relating to my research into the journal Women & Film, encompassing the history of cinema and its criticism, the development of feminism and aspects of 20th Century US History.

The Feminine Mystique

In 1963, Betty Friedan publishes the Feminine Mystique

Women & Film No. 1

The first issue of Women & Film appears on newsstands in southern California.

Los Angeles Free Press

Art Kukin publishes the first ever issue of the LA Free Press in LA


Irving Howe starts publishing Dissent, a radical quarterly journal in NYC.

The Realist

Paul Krassner publishes the first issue of The Realist

The Village Voice

Ed Fancher, Dan Wolf and Norman Mailer found The Village Voice in NYC.

Los Angeles Undergound

Rat Takeover in NYC

Radical feminist take over the offices of sexist underground paper The Rat.

Cahiers du Cinema

founded by Andre Bazin in Paris.

Stalin dies

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