VR and AR Goggles

This timeline tracks the development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Goggles from 1968 to the Present. It was created as part of a sculpture exhibit show in Los Angeles in 2015. http://www.zenka.org/zenka-district-gallery-march-7-april-26/

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Oculus Rift

Jan 2016 available for preorder: We’re excited to announce that Rift is now available to pre-order for $599 USD* on Oculus.com and it will ship to 20 countries/regions** starting March 28. What’s in the box? Rift includes the headset with built-in headphones and mic, sensor, and an Xbox One controller. The controller is perfect for a variety of games, including Lucky’s Tale, the amazing VR platformer developed by Playful, that we’re including free with every Rift.

castAR Prototype

70 horizontal and 40 vertical

Intel Project Alloy VR Platform

Intel announces platform called Alloy for virtual reality. Alloy includes a virtual reality headset, combined with other technologies to create immersive experiences. Intel has developed its own RealSense eye-tracking technology that also recognizes gestures and facial emotions.

Meta 2 Pre Orders announced

Meta 2 available for $949. 90 degree (diagonal) field of view 2560 x 1440 display resolution 4 speaker near-ear audio system Sensor array for hand interactions and positional tracking 6-axis inertial measurement unit 720p front-facing camera

Sega VR

The Sega VR was a head-tracking virtual reality headset under development by Sega. Versions were planned for arcades and consoles (Sega Genesis and then Saturn), but only the arcade version was released, while the home console versions were cancelled.

Gameface Labs EP1

A standalone virtual reality headset for the next generation of VR Android gaming.Gameface labs, a company who are focusing on mobile virtual reality, have announced their latest VR headset, to be based on the powerful mobile SoC (System on Chip) the nVidia TK1 and sporting a 1440p Samsung fabricated Super OLED panel.


Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System (IHADSS)[edit] IHADSS In 1985,[7] the U.S. Army fielded the AH-64 Apache and with it the Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System (IHADSS), a new helmet concept in which the role of the helmet was expanded to provide a visually coupled interface between the aviator and the aircraft. The Honeywell M142 IHADSS is fitted with a 40° by 30° field of view, video-with-symbology monocular display. IR emitters allow a slewable thermographic camera sensor, mounted on the nose of the aircraft, to be slaved to the aviator's head movements. The display also enables Nap-of-the-earth night navigation. IHADSS is also used on the Italian Agusta A129 Mangusta.[8]

HTC Vive

HTC officially unveiled its device, Vive, during its Mobile World Congress keynote on March 1, 2015. HTC Vive is an upcoming virtual reality HMD being developed in co-production between HTC and Valve Corporation.[1] It is part of the RE series of products. It is also part of Valve Corporation's SteamVR project.

GameFace Labs Mark 5 Prototype

"The unit features a completely new design from what we’ve seen in the past, now with knobs on the sides to adjust eye-to-lens distance and a knob on top to adjust IPD. Inside is Nvidia’s powerful Tegra K1 board and a whopping 2560×1440 (2.5K / 1440p) resolution display. Also new on the GameFace Mark 5 are some beautiful new lenses with a huge exit-pupil, along with HDMI-out, MicroUSB, and a 3.5mm headphone jack."

Full Immersion HMD VIM 6-panel by Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc.

Note: This is the date of the patent application which was granted in 2003. Definitely out by 2005. A head mounted virtual environment display with high visual resolution and a full field of view is disclosed. The display uses an optical system in which the video displays and corresponding lenses are positioned tangent to hemispheres with centers located at the centers of rotation of a user's eyes.

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