Blueprint for Aging

Blueprint for Aging;xNLx;Washtenaw County, Michigan;xNLx;;xNLx;The Blueprint for Aging strives to create and maintain positive community change to increase quality of life and independence for older adults and their allies in Washtenaw County through a community collaborative process.;xNLx;;xNLx;The Blueprint benefits from the support of Washtenaw Coordinated Funding, and receives planning and coordination funding from the United Way and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.

Transportation Voucher Pilot Project

Washtenaw County has seemingly above-average transportation options in its more populated centers, yet county-wide focus groups, one-on-one interviews, community forums and surveys conducted by the Blueprint revealed transportation issues among the highest priorities for seniors (behind only affordable medical care and access to prescription drugs).

Transportation Pilot report, Phase II

The Blueprint for Aging shifted focus...

Transportation Pilot, Phase III

In Phase III, the Blueprint partnered with RideConnect, a county-wide transportation Information and Referral service, to test vouchers in a third innovative way.

National Funding for Planning Received

The original BASP consensus report created during the 2001 partnership forming laid the groundwork for a proposal submitted to the Community Partnerships for Older Adults Program (CPFOA) of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Robert Wood Johnson funding received for implementation

The Blueprint for Aging was awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Community Partnerships for Older Adults Program (CPFOA) a $750,000 grant to improve long-term care and supportive services for at risk older adults in Washtenaw County by implementing the plans developed in 18-month period.

The Early Initiative

An early initiative for systems change began in 1998 when seven agencies serving the elderly joined forces to create an unmet needs fund which could quickly provide assistance to individuals to pay for medications, in-home care, utilities bills, and other emergency needs. Catholic Social Services served as the fiduciary and lead administrative agency. The other six core leadership members represented were: Area Agency on Aging 1-B, HelpSource, Housing Bureau for Seniors, Neighborhood Senior Services, University of Michigan Turner Geriatric Clinic, and Washtenaw County Health Organization-Community Support and Treatment Services. The partnership approached the Ann Arbor Community Foundation to fund this effort as an on-going program, a departure from their usual one-year competitive funding process. This fund is currently administered by Washtenaw County's Barrier Busters program and continues to provide assistance to hundreds of seniors effectively and efficiently.

Young @ Heart Movie Premiere

On May 2, the Blueprint for Aging hosted an opening night reception for the Michigan premiere of “Young @ Heart,” a new documentary that beautifully illustrates “Aging with Attitude.”

Aging with Attitude Art Exhibit

Curator’s Statement: The artists whose work was selected for this show answered the following call: How do you see aging as an experience, as a concept, and as a cultural phenomenon? The resulting artwork, submitted by artists from Washtenaw County, greater Michigan, and around the country, tackles the diversity of our individual and collective responses to growing older.

After You're Gone: Earth Friendly Funerals and Burials

Jump aboard and catch the new wave. It’s creative, good for the environment, and an exciting return to an old tradition. On September 23rd and 25th, 2008, a groundbreaking two-part lecture series was held at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens Auditorium. Community members had an opportunity to learn about natural burial options and land conservation as well as a variety of choices in natural and at-home funeral practices that can support the wishes and needs of families.

Getting to the Front Line of Mental Health

Strengthening the Care of Older Adults Through Education *Workshops running from March through September 2009* Understanding complex issues in aging is a challenge. Caring for an older person with Alzheimer’s, mental illness, or substance abuse issues requires knowledge and skills.

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