Creating the Life of Bill Norton

I think, I visualize, and I create. Time is the platform for those creations to be made manifest. Here they are.

1972-06-13 00:00:00


I was born this day, so I am told, though I do not remember it myself. So began my creative adventure.

1974-03-15 08:06:54

Turkey Swamp

Lived in Turkey Swamp, a campground in New Jersey.

1979-03-15 08:06:54

Lake Dale

Lived in Lake Dale, a campground on San Juan Island in Washington.

1979-10-01 08:06:54

A-Frame House

Lived in A-Frame house on a mountain on San Juan Island in Washington. It had no running water or electricity. My job was to wake up every morning and build a fire under the hot water heater.

1980-01-01 08:06:54

Art Portfolio

Hundreds of pieces in graphic design and marketing and fine art in the mediums of pen and ink, charcoal, oils, pastels, guash, marker, colored pencil, water colors, and digital.

1984-06-01 08:06:54

Survival Camp 1

Brother and I embarked on a 7 day survival camp in the mountains of Northern Idaho. I was 12, he was 15. We each had a blanket, one pound of flour, one potato, one onion, and one coffee can for cooking. We identified location for base camp, built a shelter, explored, trapped food, skinned and cooked, and lived!

1985-05-01 08:06:54

Gold Mining

Gold mining from ages 12-13 & 14-16. Experience in placer gold mining including minor understanding of gemstones, gold, hydraulic forces of a river, geology, etc. Constructed living structures while mining in the wilderness, including separate cabins furnished with furniture such as raised beds, nightstands, dressers, etc. all constructed from natural materials.

1986-06-01 08:06:54

Metal Work

Skilled in welding and metal work for fabrication and metal products.

1986-06-02 08:06:54

Survival Camp 2

At 15 spent 10 days in the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area in Northern California with an organization for teens. White water rafting, hiking, climbing, repelling, 36 hour solo with no food, team building, leadership, navigating with a map & compass, etc.

1986-07-01 08:06:54


Expert in wood working. Build most of the furniture in home, including canopy queen bed, twin bed, kitchen hutch, end tables, night stands, dressers, desks, sofa table, entertainment center, dining table, kitchen cabinets, and other minor items.

1988-04-01 08:06:54

The Sharper Edge (Self Employment)

The Sharper Edge is a custom concrete company in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Started the business at 16 years old with his brother who was 19. In 27 years The Sharper Edge has grossed over 30 million dollars and has performed more than 17,000 jobs in the Phoenix area. 1.Product Development Many products installed by The Sharper Edge are proprietary. Development included research and development, tool manufacturing to install products, market testing, etc. 2.System development Developed installation systems and training materials to teach employees processes. 3.Marketing a.Developed & executed marketing campaigns using TV, radio, direct mail, print media, trade shows, email, etc. b.Developed a marketing and sales system that leveled the peaks and valleys between busy and slow seasons. c.Developed a multiple product/single advertisement marketing strategy to increase leads by 200% for less marketing dollars. 4.Sales Developed sales system to increase average job closings from 35% to over 65% using data analysis of customer purchasing patterns to determine timing of each customer contact to maximize closings. 5.Accounting 6.Managed the accounting for the business for 20 of the 27 years. Developed “real-time budgeting” no eliminate the shortfalls that come as a small business attempts to apply normal business budgeting and accounting to small, unpredictable revenues. “Real-time budgeting calculates the exact percentage of each fixed and variable costs. All revenue is immediately dispersed into separate accounts based on those exact percentages to ensure that those revenues will exist for those outlays. 7.Web Development Intermediate. Taught myself HTML in 1994. Coded the entire website for The Sharper Edge and recreated the site in 1998 and 2002. 8.Database Management Using FileMaker Pro developed proprietary program to manage all company data, including customers, employees, products, appointments, jobs, line items, incoming calls, etc. 9.Human Resources Managed human resources for 20 of the 27 years in business 10.Graphic Design The sole designer of all advertising, product brochures, logos, etc. for the company 11.Fabrication Proprietary products and installations systems require proprietary tools and equipment. Helped invent, develop, and produce numerous tools and equipment. 12.Legal Act as the legal representative for the company. Have litigated over 15 cases in administrative court. Won 12 of the 15. 13.Employee Handbook Wrote and maintain a 250 page employee handbook. 14.Training Handbook Wrote installation training handbook for field employees. 15.Franchise Developed, sold, and managed a franchise system for The Sharper Edge products. 16.Landscape Design Drawn and executed landscaping designs for thousands of projects.

1988-06-01 08:06:54

Wilderness Trail Construction

At 15 years old build 4 miles of trails in the mountains of Northern Utah in accordance to US Forest Service standards. This was a solo project with limited supervision.

1989-08-15 08:06:54

Phoenix Institute of Technology

One year graphic design program. 4.0 GPA. Perfect Attendance.

1989-11-01 08:06:54


Took GED at 17 & passed in 80th percentile.

1991-02-05 08:06:54

Utah State University

4 credits, 2.67 GPA: Art-546 Advanced Design-Editorial: B-, Art-549 Graphic Design Studio: B-

1992-01-22 00:00:00


Serving on a mission for the LDS church was life altering. Two years in the service of others helped me to find who I really was.

1994-02-24 08:06:54

Proficiency with Microsoft Office

Word: Expert Excel: Intermediate to Expert Access: Beginner Outlook: Expert PowerPoint: Expert

1994-03-01 08:06:54

Proficiency in CorelDraw Suite

CorelDraw: Expert PhotoPaint: Expert

1994-03-17 08:06:54

Proficiency in HTML

Intermediate. Taught myself HTML in 1994. Coded the entire website for The Sharper Edge and recreated the site in 1998 and 2002.

1995-04-01 08:06:54

Arizona State University

11 credits, 3.27 GPA: Eng-101 First-Year Composition: A, Eng-102 First-Year Composition: A, Math-106 Intermediate Algebra: C, Pos-311 Arizona Constitution & Government: B

1997-07-12 08:06:54


I may not always make the right decisions in life, but marrying my beautiful wife and dearest friend Ingra was certainly the right decision. After 3 long years of courting I finally convinced her to marry me, though I am not sure she made as correct of a decision as I did.

2001-06-28 08:06:54

First Child

Our dear daughter Laine was born. She was born with pneumonia and almost did not make it. That first night in ICU with her was a daddy daughter bonding experience that will always connect us in a profound way. After 10 days in the hospital we brought our beautiful daughter home. Named after Ingra's mother Elaine.

2002-09-17 08:06:54

Constitution Week USA

Constitution Week USA organizes what has become the largest Constitution Week (Spet 17-23) celebration in the country. 1.Accounting Responsible for accounting for the organization 2.Volunteer Management 3.Displays Designed and build displays for the event, including a 40 ft Washington Monument, 26 ft tall Capitol building, 30 ft Independence Hall, and much more. 4.Marketing Responsible for marketing the event. 5.School Visits Developed a program and wrote lesson plan for 20 volunteers dressed as founding era historical figures to visit each school in the Gilbert Arizona School District. Over 40,000 students are taught each year. 6.Family Constitution Lesson Developed lessons each year for families to teach in their own homes. Distributed over 25,000 each year. 7.Trading Cards Created set of trading cards each year to encourage interaction between kids and historical figures at the main event. 8.Program Created an edutainment program each year as part of the main event, the Constitution Fair. 9.Fundraising Raised over $800,000 over the course of 11 years to fund the events. 10.Graphic Design Responsible for all graphic design. 11.Marketing Responsible for all marketing. 12.Emcee Emcee the Constitution Fair each year. 13.Liberty Bell Restoration Restored a replica of the Liberty Bell owned by the people of Arizona 14.Music CD Produced a music CD for Constitution Week USA 15.Lyrics Consulting Consulted on lyrics for title song for music CD.

2003-02-08 00:00:00

Dynamic Dating

Developed a day long program for over 150 youth 16-18 to learn about dating, values, etc. Included program, activity, and instruction development. It also included marketing, design, accounting, budgeting, etc. Ran program for 4 years.

2003-08-01 08:06:54

Susquehanna Boy Scout Camp

Developed, planned, organized, and executed 2 major Boy Scout Camps for over 275 Boy Scouts and over 100 scout leaders at each. Included program and activity development, budget and accounting, volunteer management, etc.

2004-06-02 08:06:54

Pioneer Trek

Planned, organized, and executed 2 pioneer treks for over 300 youth at each. Consisted of a 4 day event on a 12 mile trail with teams hauling handcarts in the tradition of the early American pioneers.

2004-06-02 08:06:54

AZ Constitutional Commemoration Committee, Chairman

The AZ Constitutional Commemoration Committee is a legislative committee. I was appointed by the Arizona Speaker of the House and served as Chairman of the committee. Promoted the Constitution throughout Arizona.

2004-09-13 08:06:54

Second Child

Adison was born a couple weeks early sweet and gentle. He continues to be a boy with a kind heard and high character. Adison can always be trusted to do the right thing. Named after James Madison. Dropped the "M" because Madison has become a female name.

2005-10-29 08:06:54

Haunted House

Designed and built a haunted house for youth. 2 years.

2006-03-02 08:06:54

Woodbadge Training

Wood Badge trained. The highest level of adult leader training in the BSA. Includes training in Boy Scout organization and includes corporate type training in communication and organization management.

2007-01-01 00:00:00


Expert. Have published numerous publications now in print.

2007-03-15 08:06:54

Proficiency in Google Docs

Google Docs, Forms, Spreadsheet, etc.:Expert

2007-06-26 08:06:54

Young Women Camp

Developed, planned, organized, and executed a major camps for over 250 young women, ages 12-18, and over 100 leaders. Included program and activity development, budget and accounting, volunteer management, etc.

2008-02-09 08:06:54

Making of America Seminar Instructor

Instructor for The Making of America Seminar for the National Center for Constitutional Studies, an eight hour seminar on the history and birth or the U.S. Constitution. Taught over 100 times in 43 states, including 2 state legislatures.

2008-02-09 08:06:54

National Center for Constitutional Studies - Product Developement

Develop content for NCCS, design book covers and other graphics, update materials, author, etc.

2008-04-01 08:06:54

Third Child

Jackson is our new years baby (historically, the beginning of April was the new year before it was April Fool's Day). Jackson is the salt of the earth kind of person. He has a sharp whit and a keen and creative mind for building anything that he can imagine, truly. Named after my mission president John "Jack" R. Condie Jr.

2010-07-24 08:06:54

Fourth Child

Abigail came on Pioneer Day and she has blazed new trails ever since. She has a clever sense of humor and a confident demeanor. Named after Abigail Adams

2010-12-14 00:00:00

Co-Authored The Miracle of America: Birth of a Nation

A profound collaboration of fine art photography and history that will touch the heart and inspire all who read it. Amazing stories depict miraculous events of faith and unity, sacrifice and triumph. Be reconnected to American Heritage, the Founding Fathers and our founding documents.

2012-03-01 00:00:00

Woodbadge Staff

Served on staff at Woodbadge course as facilities director. The highest level of adult leader training in the BSA. Includes training in Boy Scout organization and includes corporate type training in communication and organization management.

2014-01-06 08:06:54

Buckley School of Public Speaking

One week intensive public speaking training. Comments from final written critique: Conferee comes to the stage armed with loads of natural talent. Immediately apparent is his powerful intellect. He is confident, articulate, and a quick thinker…he never runs out of information or ideas to fill his allotted time, and he actually makes a point. But his intellect is only the beginning. He is dynamic. He works for his listeners, expending obvious energy in an effort to communicate…He has what it takes to captivate an audience…Conferee provides naturally what many speakers must work hard to achieve—that is both substance and appeal…The intellectual heft guarantees audience respect; the sincerity guarantees audience rapport.”

2014-01-11 08:06:54

Buckley School Silver Medal Award for Oratory

“Conferee’s debate performance so impressed the Faculty with his control, passion and power that he was voted to receive The Buckley School Silver Medal Award for Oratory. This award is presented to only a few speakers each year. We consider it our highest honor.”

2015-02-01 08:06:54

Boy Scout Museum

Converted a personal collection of over 300 historic Boy Scout items, some over 100 years old, into a mobile Scout museum to be used as part of training and education classes.

Creating the Life of Bill Norton

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