Creating the Life of Bill Norton

I think, I visualize, and I create. Time is the platform for those creations to be made manifest. Here they are.

Arizona State University

11 credits, 3.27 GPA: Eng-101 First-Year Composition: A, Eng-102 First-Year Composition: A, Math-106 Intermediate Algebra: C, Pos-311 Arizona Constitution & Government: B


I was born this day, so I am told, though I do not remember it myself. So began my creative adventure.


Serving on a mission for the LDS church was life altering. Two years in the service of others helped me to find who I really was.


I may not always make the right decisions in life, but marrying my beautiful wife and dearest friend Ingra was certainly the right decision. After 3 long years of courting I finally convinced her to marry me, though I am not sure she made as correct of a decision as I did.

First Child

Our dear daughter Laine was born. She was born with pneumonia and almost did not make it. That first night in ICU with her was a daddy daughter bonding experience that will always connect us in a profound way. After 10 days in the hospital we brought our beautiful daughter home. Named after Ingra's mother Elaine.

Second Child

Adison was born a couple weeks early sweet and gentle. He continues to be a boy with a kind heard and high character. Adison can always be trusted to do the right thing. Named after James Madison. Dropped the "M" because Madison has become a female name.

Third Child

Jackson is our new years baby (historically, the beginning of April was the new year before it was April Fool's Day). Jackson is the salt of the earth kind of person. He has a sharp whit and a keen and creative mind for building anything that he can imagine, truly. Named after my mission president John "Jack" R. Condie Jr.

Fourth Child

Abigail came on Pioneer Day and she has blazed new trails ever since. She has a clever sense of humor and a confident demeanor. Named after Abigail Adams

Proficiency with Microsoft Office

Word: Expert Excel: Intermediate to Expert Access: Beginner Outlook: Expert PowerPoint: Expert

Gold Mining

Gold mining from ages 12-13 & 14-16. Experience in placer gold mining including minor understanding of gemstones, gold, hydraulic forces of a river, geology, etc. Constructed living structures while mining in the wilderness, including separate cabins furnished with furniture such as raised beds, nightstands, dressers, etc. all constructed from natural materials.

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