European History

European History (WH2)

1945-02-04 15:40:41

Yalta Conference

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin met to discuss the reorganization of Europe after the defeat of Germany. Decisions made at this conference led to the later division of Europe and establishment of satellite nations.

1950-06-25 15:40:41

Korean War

Korean War between Communist North Korea (backed by Soviet Union) and South Korea (backed by the United States).

1955-11-01 15:40:41

Vietnam War

War between Communist North Vietnam and the VietCong against South Vietnam and America.

1957-10-04 15:40:41

Space Race

Space was the next frontier and both the Soviet Union and the United States raced to be first in space exploration.

1961-04-17 22:13:13

Bay of Pigs Invasion

CIA backed Cuban exiles invaded Cuba in an attempt to overthrow Castro. They failed and the invasion resulted in closer ties between the USSR and Cuba.

1962-10-16 15:40:41

Cuban Missile Crisis

For thirteen days there was a standoff between the US and USSR over Soviet nuclear missiles that were placed in Cuba.

European History

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