The Hannah

A history of 103 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, the home of the Hannah Callowhill Stage

See [Melissa Dunphy's Blog]( for more information about 103 Callowhill Street and the Hannah.

Alice Tierney found dead on fence

Having had too much to drink, Alice went out for more drink, and accidentally hung herself on the fence.

Sold to Joseph & Rebecca Burns

Thomas Hamilton sells the property to Joseph Burns and his wife Rebecca

Sheriff's Sale - as published in "The Press"

Sheriff's Sale. By Virtue of an Order of Sale in Partition, to me directed, will be exposed to public sale or vendue, on MONDAY Evening, November 6, at 4 o'clock, at Sansom-street Hall, No. 1- All that three story brick messuage and lot of ground No. 402 North Front street, situate on the west side of Front street, north of Callowhill street, in the city of Philadelphia; containing in front of Front street 20 feet, and in depth 71 feet 6 inches on north line and 70 feet 4 inches on south line, with privilege of a 2-feet 5-inches alley. [Which premises Johnson Beesley et ux., by deed dated September 24, 1796 recorded in Deed Book No. 61 page 51 conveyed unto Joseph Burn, in fee.] N.B. - No. 1 will be sold with the common use and privilege of the privy and hydrant on lot No. 2, for six months from the date of Sheriff's deed, but no longer. No. 2. - All that three-story brick messuage No. 103 Callowhill street, and two two-story brick messuages in the rear, and lot of ground situate on the north side of Callowhill street, between Front and Newmarket streets, in the city of Philadelphia; containing in front on Callowhill street 16 feet [including a 2-feet-5 inches alley on east side thereof], and in depth 100 feet. (Which premises Thomas Hamilton, by deed dated December 1, 1804, recorded in Deed Book E.F., No. 18., page 304, &c., conveyed unto Joseph Burn, in fee, subject to a ground rent of one pound twelve shillings sterling; subject as to the three-story brick messuage to Callowhill street to life estate of Eleanor Burn therein. N.B. - No. 2 will be sold subject to the privilege in lot No. 1 of the common use of the privy and hydrant on this lot for six months from date of Sheriff's deed, but no longer. The person who has the life-estate in the front house on Callowhill street is now 72 years old. The ground rent of one pound twelve shillings, after deducting taxes at present rates, would be only about four dollars per year. [D.C.:S., '65. 333. Ashmead.] HENRY C. HOWELL, Sheriff. Philadelphia, Sheriff's Office, Oct 11, 1865

Benjamin Mifflin builds a brick or stone house at 103 Callowhill

Grasso's Magic Theater opens

Grasso's Magic Theater closes

William Penn is born

Hannah Callowhill is born

Hannah Callowhill and William Penn are married

She was 25 and he was 52.

The Penns sail to America

(Approximate dates.) Hannah is pregnant with her first child during the voyage.

Penn's Treaty with the Lenape tribe

Province of Pennsylvania founded

Royal charter granted to William Penn by King Charles II.

Hannah Penn becomes acting Proprietor

William Penn suffers a series of strokes, incapacitating him.

John Penn "The American" is born

William Penn dies

Hannah Callowhill Penn remains acting Proprietor, despite contest from her stepson.

Hannah Callowhill Penn dies

John, Thomas and Richard become the Proprietaries.

Thomas Penn is born

Richard Penn is born

The Proprietaries lease 103 Callowhill to Benjamin Mifflin

Mifflin pays an annual ground rent of eight pounds sterling.

Property is advertised in Sheriff's sale

Hexamer Locher Atlas of Philadelphia

Declaration of Independence

End of the American Revolutionary War

The Treaty of Paris is signed

William Stuart sells 103 Callowhill to Patrick Murray, liquor merchant

Sale price of $160.

Thomas Penn dies

The proprietorship passes to his son John Penn "of Stoke."

Divestment Act of 1779 strips Penn family of proprietorship

Thomas Gordon Penn, last of the male line descended from William Penn, dies

Privately held lands belonging to the Penns are inherited by British Tory politician William Stuart (descendant through female line).

Patrick Murray dies

Property passes to his numerous heirs.

Frederick Nothaft Sr. begins leasing 103 Callowhill

Probably used the property for his produce merchant business

Bridget Murray dies

Patrick and Bridget had no children; 103 Callowhill inherited by their numerous nieces and nephews.

Murray's heirs sell 103 Callowhill to Frederick Nothaft Sr.

Sale price $7,100.

Frederick Nothaft Sr. dies

103 Callowhill is inherited by his children, Frederick Jr, Anna, and Mary.

Anna Nothaft dies

103 Callowhill owned by Frederick Nothaft Jr. and his sister Mary Nothaft.

Mary Nothaft dies

She leaves her share to her widowed sister, Lena Bower.

Lena Bower gives her share to her friend Anna Myers and husband Edward.

Frederick Nothaft Jf. buys out Myers' share

Frederick Nothaft and his wife Matilda are now the sole owners of 103 Callowhill.

Nothafts sell 103 Callowhill to Franklin & Mildred Yeagle

Sale price $1,500.

Frank Yeagle obtains L&I permit

Remove roof & 3rd floor. Contractor John Dillon.

Yeagles sell 103 Callowhill to Solomon Warshaw

Sale price $3,000.

Aerial photo

Survey of 103 Callowhill

Survey made by Frederick T. Thorpe, Surveyor and Regulator of 3rd District. Referenced in future deeds.

Quaker City Cold Storage obtains L&I permit

Replace ceiling, cork insulation. Contractor J.S. Steele.

Warshaw estate sells to Victor & Gladys Morris

Sale price $5,000. (Executors Julius Warshaw and Provident National Bank.)

Photo of 103 Callowhill

Leroy & Gladys Dibeler sell 103 Callowhill to Howard & Ruth M.

Sale price $11,500. Victor Morris previously died, his widow Gladys married Leroy Dibeler.

Howard & Ruth M pay off their mortgage and own 103 Callowhill outright

Howard M. obtains L&I permit to replace facade

Front wall replaced and relined. Contractor James Worrell.

Howard & Ruth sell 103 Callowhill to Anthony T. & Geri Ann B.

Sale price $85,000.

Anthony T. obtains L&I permit

Remove roll steel doors front exterior, etc.

Anthony T. buys Geri Ann B.'s share of 103 Callowhill

Sale price: $1.

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