Nolichucky River Endangered Timeline

The Nolichucky River, an exceptional Tennessee Waterway is under threat from US Nitrogen a chemical company who wants free water and a free place to dump wastewater.

2011-02-21 00:00:00

Day before rezoning by Greene County Commission

Water will be discharged through the Mosheim sewer system...will not be discharged directly into any local creek, including Lick Creek.

2011-02-22 00:00:00

Rezoning Vote by Greene County Commission

The plant will buy its water from the Town of Mosheim, which in turn purchases its water from the Greeneville Water Department. That water will be crucial in the plant's eventual production of 420 tons of liquid ammonium nitrate per day, company officials said in a news release.

2011-04-07 00:00:00

Public Spirited Citizens of Greene County Lawsuit

Citizens vs Greene County for violations of Open Meetings Act in Rezoning for US Nitrogen plant.

2012-02-18 00:00:00

US Nitrogen Groundbreaking

US Nitrogen will purchase an estimated $1 million annually in water, company officials stated.

2013-08-15 00:00:00

US Nitrogen Wants to Dump Wastewater into Lick Creek

US Nitrogen submits request to TDEC asking to be allowed to dump nearly 90% of the plant's wastewater directly into Lick Creek.

2013-08-24 00:00:00

Explanation of Wastewater Discharge by US Nitrogen

US Nitrogen plant manager says no chemical byproducts exist to be disposed of. Mosheim Mayor says town officials not fully informed.

2013-09-01 00:00:00

US Nitrogen Purchases Land Option from Old Knox Boardmember

J.W. Douthat was a board member of Old Knox Utilities at the time this land option was sold by him to US Nitrogen. Douthat is also a member of the Industrial Development Board.

2014-02-04 00:00:00

US Nitrogen Asks to Get Water from and Dump into Nolichucky River

US Nitrogen is requesting TDEC to allow it to discharge about 20 pounds of ammonia per day into the Nolichucky River.

2014-04-17 00:00:00

Public Meeting for Greene County

Greene County was the only county that had a public meeting. Cocke Co and Hamblen Co were not notified. Twenty-eight people made comments but there was no opportunity for their questions to be answered.

2014-04-19 00:00:00

Launch of Save the Nolichucky Facebook page

Created page where those who wished to protect the river could gather and share information

2014-04-24 00:00:00

Rally at Nolichucky Vineyard

About 100 people from Greene, Cocke, and Hamblen Counties attended, including Senator Southerland and then Cocke County mayoral-candidate, Crystal Ottinger.

2014-05-01 00:00:00

Comment Period for US Nitrogen Permits Extended for 30 More Days

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has extended the public comment period for water permit requests connected to the US Nitrogen plant under construction in Midway for 30 days, until May 30.

2014-05-17 00:00:00

Rally at Centerview Ruritan Community Center

About 100 people attended including State Representative Jeremy Faison.

2014-05-24 00:00:00

Rally at White Pine

Speakers included then Mayoral candidate, Crystal Ottinger, State Representative Jeremy Faison, and General Sessions Judge elect Brad Davidson.

2014-06-03 00:00:00

TDEC Issues Air and Water Permits

Over 500 comment letters and over 4800 signatures on a petition, all against US Nitrogen being given permits by TDEC.

2014-06-09 00:00:00

TDOT Denies Right-of-way permit

TDOT Denial Letter states: Upon examination of the applications documents, it appears that the proposed pipelines would be for the private use of US Nitrogen, LLC only and would not provide any public services to the general community.

2014-07-01 00:00:00

Save the Nolichucky becomes Nonprofit Organization

Save the Nolichucky files Charter as a nonprofit.

2014-07-18 00:00:00

Eddie Overholt Arrested for asking IDB to speak up - IDB votes to Resubmit Application to TDOT

Eddie Overholt arrested for asking IDB member so speak up during discussions of resubmitting application to TDOT to use right-of-way.

2014-07-22 00:00:00

Old Knox and US Nitrogen Make Deal for Water

The agreement could mean a significant step forward for the future of the US Nitrogen plant — as well as a significant step away from the controversial double-pipeline proposal that has prompted objections from some environmental groups and from many individuals living near or on the Nolichucky River in Greene and Cocke counties.

2014-07-31 00:00:00

TDOT Issues Permit to IDB

US Nitrogen backs out of deal with Old Knox Utility

2014-08-04 00:00:00

Open Records Counsel Warning Letter to Alan Broyles

The Office of Open Records Counsel received [a record-setting] fifty-nine open meetings complaints regarding the July 18, 2014 meeting of the Industrial Development Board of Greeneville and Greene County.

2014-08-15 00:00:00

DA Drops Charges against Eddie Overholt

"None of us felt that Mr. Overholt had violated the law that he had been charged with.

2014-08-17 00:00:00

CWEET Rally Nolichucky Float

Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee (CWEET) hosted a river float on the Nolichucky to raise awareness about the proposed double pipeline by US Nitrogen.

2014-08-23 00:00:00

Full Page Color Ad Published in Greeneville Sun

Info about Save the Nolichucy. Who we are and what we stand for...

2014-08-25 00:00:00

Old Knox Utility Lawsuit

Old Knox Utility vs. US Nitrogen and IDB of Greeneville and Greene County

2014-09-12 00:00:00

Save the Nolichucky Lawsuit Filed

Lawsuit filed against US Nitrogen and IDB of Greeneville and Greene County

2014-09-25 00:00:00

Lawsuit against TDOT

Property owners vs TDOT, US Nitrogen, and IDB of Greeneville and Greene County

2014-09-26 00:00:00

TVA & Army Corps of Engineers Issue Permits

Donahue Bible, a resident of Fish Hatchery Road and a plaintiff in the Save the Nolichucky lawsuit, said the decision by TVA and the Army Corps of Engineers wasn't a surprise. "We've been expecting this to go into the courts," he said in a phone interview Monday night. "As far as I'm concerned the time for negotiations is over.

2014-10-06 00:00:00

Pipeline Construction Begins

Crews with Greeneville-based Merkel Brothers Construction began laying pipe along McDonald Road -- also known as state highway 348 -- on Wednesday morning.

2014-10-07 00:00:00

US Nitrogen Agrees not to Trespass on Private Property

Plaintiffs asked for extraordinary relief after pipeline crews were accompanied by Greene County Deputies and were told they would be arrested if they complained of trespass.

2014-10-17 00:00:00

TDOT Counsel Says Sheets Being Used by IDB are Not Official Docments

Enter story info here

2014-10-18 00:00:00

Death of Horse Lawsuit against US Nitrogen

A lawsuit filed Friday by a property owner along the planned pipeline between US Nitrogen and the Nolichucky River claims the company and another party trespassed on his land, causing damage that resulted in the death of a horse.

2014-10-24 00:00:00

Douthat Land Sales to US Nitrogen Over $1 Million

Former Boardmember and current IDB member sells land for nearly double market value.

2014-11-23 00:00:00

Funeral for the Nolichucky

Dozens of people came out to celebrate the life of the Nolichucky River and to raise awareness of the danger posed to it by US Nitrogen.

2014-12-03 00:00:00

Statement of Concern by TCOG and TN Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists

The law makes clear that efforts to circumvent the Tennessee Open Meetings Act by members deliberating privately amongst themselves will not be tolerated.

2014-12-31 00:00:00

Drone Video

Provided by Travis Fraser

2015-01-06 00:00:00

YARA in Biggest Corruption Trial in Norway

Yara is the company that we have been told will be using the same facility as US Nitrogen. Just a few days ago the biggest corruption trial in Norway began involving this company. They are accused of paying millions of dollars in bribes to local officials in India and Libya, some going to the Gadaffi family.

2015-01-08 00:00:00

TN Coalition asks to Intervene in Save the Nolichucky's Lawsuit

The defendants add that the Open Meetings Act does not include anything about whether everyone at a public meeting can hear the proceedings.

2015-01-10 00:00:00

Half Page Ad Published in Greeneville Sun

Half-page color ad published in weekend edition of Greeneville Sun

2015-01-22 00:00:00

Save the Nolichucky Lawsuit Moves forward with Violation of Open Meetings Complaint

Jenkins ruled that deliberations at public meetings covered by the Open Meetings Act must be audible in order to comply with the law. He had earlier granted a Motion For Leave to Intervene in the case from the advocacy group Tennessee Coalition for Open Government (TCOG) and its attorney, Richard L. Hollow, of Knoxville.

2015-01-26 00:00:00

Lawsuit Filed Claiming Greene County Partnership is a Government Agency

Public Spirited Citizens of Greene County vs Greene County Planning Commission, Greene County Commission and Greene County Government.

2015-02-02 00:00:00

Nashville Judge Rules Case Against TDOT Can Move Forward

Judge Russell Perkins ruled yesterday that the case against TDOT for improperly permitting the use of a public right-of-way can move forward. He was ruling on a motion by defendants to dismiss the plaintiffs' case.

2015-02-20 00:00:00

Group of Concerned Citizens Met with Cocke County Mayor and Sheriff

A group of concerned Cocke County citizens met with Cocke County Mayor Crystal Ottinger and Sheriff Armando Fontes.

2015-03-09 00:00:00

Hearing Concerning Greene County Partnership being a Government Body

The attorney for local opponents of a major industrial development project has charged that a series of secret meetings and private discussions preceded by months any public announcement of that project.

2015-03-16 00:00:00

Presentation to Cocke County Legislative Board

Video of presentation with added informational slides.

2015-03-18 00:00:00

US Nitrogen Crews Begin Digging on Private Property

US Nitrogen crews began digging on the private property of Jack Renner. Attorneys researching ROW boundaries find that TDOT has never obtained ROW for this property. Attorneys requested from the IDB, proof that they had a ROW. No response was given and crews began digging/trespassing on March 18 guarded by the Greene County Sheriff's Dept.

2015-03-25 00:00:00

Drone Video of Cofferdam & Pump Station by Travis Fraser

Drone Video of Cofferdam and pump station under construction at Conway Bridge

2015-03-25 00:00:00

Drone Video Atrocity at the Renner Farm

Drone footage of Renner Farm and Fish Hatchery Road where US Nitrogen crews are digging on private property.

Nolichucky River Endangered Timeline

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