Traditional Malian Music

Bwazan (‘Bobo children’ in the Bobo and Bwa language), are a Malian percussion and dance troupe founded in 2005 by lead percussionist, Bassidi Koné. Bwazan are a family group of musicians; brothers, sisters, cousins and uncles born into the same family line of djelis (Griots) in the region of San, near Segou, in Mali. From a very young age, the group were initiated into the study of instruments, songs, and rhythm scores in their pure tradition. Today, Bwazan revisit, through their own arrangements and instrumentation, the sound of their ancestors with the greatest respect, upholding their musical heritage by promoting and preserving the identity, spirituality and cultural richness of their Bo ethnicity. They present songs, rhythms, and dances, which are accompanied by their traditional instruments, including the balafon (West African xylophone), the doun doun and djembe (hand drums), the yabara, and the barra (calabash drum), kamalan n’goni (stringed harp), and kora. Complex movements, precision, and harmony, combined with energetic dances, describe this group of talented, young artists. They are a real delight musically. Bwazan take their audiences on a cultural journey, performing their uplifting music with great professionalism, soul, enthusiasm and joy.;xNLx;;xNLx;Bwazan tour widely throughout Mali and across West Africa, performing at international music festivals and events. They promote a message of peace, humility, freedom, and courage. As ambassadors of their music and this message, Bwazan represent Mali.

Bwazan Association Founded

Bwazan launch their association today,' Bwazan Cultural Association'; a platform for the preservation and promotion of their culture, musical traditions and direction.

FESFOP, Louga, Senegal

Bwazan perform at this year's International Festival of Folklore and Percussion in Louga, Senegal.

Courses and Workshops in Djembe, Balafon and Dance

Throughout January and December, Bwazan hosted djembe, balafon and dance workshops for international students from Poland, Ireland, France, Korea, ht eUnited States and Australia. Thank you to Kafuné Diarra, 'Petit Adama' Diarra and Karim Coulibali, who played/taught with Bwazan as guest artists during this time.

International Festival of Sinankuya

This week, Bwazan prepare to play for unity, peace and integration at the International Festival of Sinankuya held in Siby, Mali, this weekend. This week, Bwazan prepare to play for unity, peace and integration at the International Festival of Sinankuya held in Siby, Mali, this weekend. This is the first edition of this festival, hosted by the the Malian Association of the Sinankuya Promotion.

Nuit du Kamalan N'goni Festival

Bwazan perform at this year's Nuit du Kamalan N'goni Festival, held between the 7th and the 10th of April, 2016. This festival is held in Yanfolila, Mali, and aims to contribute to sustainable development in the region of Yanfolila, Bougouni and Kolondièba through artistic promotion, tourism and culture. This year's theme is "Rhythms and dances for peace, social cohesion and living together in Mali." The festival showcases craft and agricultural exhibitions, debates, conferences, visits to tourist sites, and concerts.

P'tit Bazar, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Bwazan perform in concert at one of Ouagadougou's live music venues, P'tit Bazar, during their week-long tour to Burkina Faso.

International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Today, the International School of Ouagadougou (ISO) welcomed Bwazan to their school to perform at their whole-school assembly for staff, students and parents. Bwazan showcased a very percussive, energetic, and powerful set, and engaged students in singing, and call and response clapping activities.

Beat Malaria! (Campaign)

The Night of the Kamalan N'goni

Participation in the 2nd edition of the international festival "Nights of Kamalen N'goni". Yanfolila, Mali

Welcome Ceremony, Senou Airport - Bamako, Mali

Bwazan perform to faciliate the arrival of the Namibian president Hage Geingob.

Tony Allen and Friends

Four member from Bwazan had the privilege to go on stage and play a song with the great Tony Allen. French Institute, Bamako, Mali

Concert: Samba Lolo Productions

Six hours of live performances offered by six percussion and dance troupes from Bamako, Sikasso and Guinea Conakry. Maison des Jeunes, Bamako, Mali


Bwazan perform at the seventeenth summit of Heads of State of the CILSS (Permanent Inter-State Committee against Drought in the Sahel). CICB, Bamako, Mali

Bwazan's New track recorded on WNYC Radio (93.3FM, New York)

WNYC Radio (93.3FM, New York) broadcasts Bwazan's recently recorded track 'An Ka Foli Ke'.

Festival sur le Niger

Album Release: 'Lost In Mali' (compilation album)

Bwazan have their recent track, 'An Ka Foli Ke' included on an upcoming new album called Lost in Mali, which features Mali's emerging artists. Thank you World Music Network and Riverboat Records!

Djembe Kan

SambaLolo Production


International Percussion Festival - Bamako, Mali. This year's FESTIP program included concerts, panel discussions, fashion shows, and a craft fair. Countries invited to this event included Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Spain, and Venezuela.

Balafon Triangle

International Festival of Balafon, Sikasso, Mali. Bwazan’s lead balafonist, Kalifa Koné was awarded the 2nd prize award "Alkaly Camara". The 1st prize award, "Lamissa Bengali", was won by the group Parisi, Burkina Faso.

The Voices of Bamako

International Festival on the River, held at the Palace of Culture, Bamako, Mali. This festival was created by a collective of artists gathered under the auspices of Kolomba Association, led by Malian singer Fantani Touré,

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Independence of Mali

For the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mali, the Dion Communication organized concerts every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for 5 months. Bwazan performed each Friday during this time, alongside Fakoly Tamani, who played on Wednesdays, The Babemba Orchestra on Thursdays, and N'goma Afrika, who played Sundays.

Solidarity Association for the Integration of Albinos in Mali (SIAM)

Official launch of SIAM activities, Youth House, Bamako, Mali.


International Festival of Rails in Kayes, Mali.

Jeunes Talents 2011

By winning the trophy "Young Talents 2011" , the Bwazan make their first appearance at the Festival on the Niger (Segou Niger), during it's 7th edition.

Festival sur le Niger

This is Bwazan’s first participation in the Festival sur le Niger. This year they played alongside Ismael Lo, Nahawa Doumbia, Oumou Sangare, Bako Dagnon, and Neba Solo.


Bwazan perform at one of Bamako's popular bars, The Exodus.


Arts and Percussion Festival. Bwazan were awarded 1st Prize for this event.


Palace of Congress, Bamako, Mali

Badenya Foli

This is Bwazan's 2nd album release. Recorded and produced by SambaLolo Productions.

Les Cocotiers

Maison des Jeunes, Bamako, Mali.

Soirée dédicace

An evening organized for the release of Bwazan’s second album, "Badenya Foli". Youth House, Bamako, Mali.


An inauguration of the African Virtual Images and Artistic Festival Artistic, proposed by the Centre Soleil d'Afrique and attended by the Minister of Culture, Bamako, Mali.

Triangle du balafon

"Prix de l'intégration" derrière Mamadou Diabaté percussion mania, "Prix Lamissa Bengaly" Festival International du balafon, Sikasso, Mali

American International School of Bamako (AISB)

Bwazan performed for the elementary and secondary students at AISB's Africa Week Assembly.

International Festival of Arts and Culture Kurukanfuga

Kangaba, Bamako

Institut Français, Bobo-Dioulasso

Burkina Faso

Music of Solidarity

A grand concert in aid of northern Mali, initiated by Salif Keita, at the Modibo Keita sports stadium in Bamako, Mali.

State of Emergency

During this period, Mali faced a six-month state of emergency, a conflict artists, musicians, griots, and dancers were in the heart of, as the main victims. Despite this period being more than difficult for artists, Bwazan never ceased to rehearse, and maintained their solidarity, always hoping for better days.

Recording the new album Denbagnuma

Bwazan underwent their first phase of recording the new album: 5 tracks in total. Recorded in Studio Bogolan, Bamako, Mali.

Institut Français

Bamako, Mali

International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

In March each year, the International School of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) hold their annual ‘Africa Week’, in celebration of their host country and continent! Throughout the week, students learn about African culture through the discovery of music, art, and storytelling. Throughout the week, members of Bwazan facilitated djembe and balafon workshops for students. To culminate this week, Bassidi Koné and Bwazan were invited as guest artists to perform Africa Week closing ceremony to ISO students, staff and community.

International Percussion and Traditional FestivalDance

Bancoumana, Mali


International Festival of Cauris Mande, Siby, Mali.


International Folklore Festival and Percussion, Louga, Senegal.

Performance at Senou Airport, Bamako

Bwazan perform for the King Mohammed VI of Morocco, upon his arrival into Bamako (Senou Airport).

Meeting and Exchange of Women CAAO

Bwazan perform in the presence of the First Lady of Mali.

International Festival of Arts and Culture, Kurukanfuga, Mali

Kangaba, Mali.

Homage to Zani Diabate

Great ceremony in honor of Zani Diabaté, Bamako, Mali.

Homage to Mangala Camara

An evening initiated by Cheick Tidiane Seck, for the release of the posthumous album of the great musician, Mangala Camara. Many artists showed their respects to Camara over two special evenings in Bamako, one at the French Institute and the other at the Maison des Jeunes. Bwazan participated in this event, performing at Maison des Jeunes.

Hotel Radisson

Bamako, Mali

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