Costumes & Culture

The costumes and fashions, historical events, and the books and movies we consume that surround and are influenced by them.

We at SewYourCosplay created this timeline to help give cosplayers a sense of historic context and framework. To know what was happening in history, to know who the important figures were, that can help bring life to the characters portrayed. We have also tried to find many supporting sewing patterns to fit into that framework, whether you're planning King Arthur (~456CE) or Peggy Carter (1946). We want to be where ordinary patterns become part of your extraordinary life.

McCall's 5214

View C adaptable for a Knight Templar.

The Crusades

A series of wars, mostly between the Roman Catholic Church and Islamic factions, over the Holy Lands.

Kingdom of Heaven

A French blacksmith travels to Jerusalem to aid in its defense against the Sultan Saladin.


Loosely based on the historical Children's Crusade, a young knight joins Richard the Lionheart to protect orphans from the Black Prince.

Burda 7976

Musketeer & Page (View A, Page, adaptable for a Crusader costume)

McCall's 5500

Middle Ages knights and a loosely interpreted Samurai of about the same time period.

McCall's 5499

Note: The hennin (pointed cap) wasn't worn until around 1430.

Viking Age

A period of European history when Norsemen explored Europe by way of rivers and seas, creating many scattered settlements.

Vikings (series)

A drama series based on the Viking sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok of Norse legends.

Simplicity 1552

View C coat in particular could be excellent for Viking cosplay.

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