PSB Speakers 40th Anniversary

Since 1972, PSB Speakers has been establishing a new standard in acoustic design, delivering “true-to-nature” listening experiences for real people who are passionate about music just how it was recorded in the studio. Growing to be one of Canada’s pioneers and most established designers in today’s speaker industry over the past forty years, Paul Barton is still passionate about designing award-winning high quality, high performance speakers that bring real sound to real people.

1972-04-16 23:59:58

PSB is Born

PSB Speakers is established in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

1973-12-09 20:22:06


The PSB Beta II is introduced

1974-04-28 01:26:23

PSB at The NRC

Paul discovers his "home away from home" at Canada's NRC

1975-02-08 20:15:45

PSB Avanté II

The PSB Avanté II is released

1978-02-06 16:57:01

PSB Enters US Market

PSB's 'true-to-nature" sound breaks through into US stores

1979-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Summit 9 & 11

PSB introduces Summit 9 & 11

1980-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Subwoofer 1

PSB launches their first-ever subwoofer

1982-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Project B2

The Project B2 is released

1985-02-06 10:24:37

A New Beginning for PSB

The Lenbrook Group and PSB Speakers collaborate as one

1987-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Stratus Series

The Stratus Series is introduced

1989-02-06 10:24:37


The CS Series is released

1990-02-06 10:24:37

Updated Stratus Introduced

Updated Stratus Series introduced as well as the HW-I, which was PSB's first-ever architectural speaker.

1991-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Alpha Series

The start of Alpha Series

1992-01-26 07:04:43

Alpha Series Heats Up

The PSB Alpha is listed #81 on Stereophile's "Hot 100"

1993-02-06 10:24:37

Grand Prix Awards

Stratus Gold and Alpha Series earn HiFi Grand Prix Awards

1996-02-06 10:24:37

PSB in Full Motion

The Century Series, Alpha A/V, Mini, Mite and Midi are introduced

1999-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Image Series

The Image Series is introduced

1999-02-06 10:24:37

PSB CustomSound

The CustomSound Series is released

2000-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Alpha Intro

The Alpha Intro Home Theatre is launched

2001-02-06 10:24:37

Adding to The "Image"

The Image 7PT is introduced to PSB's Image family

2003-02-06 10:24:37

Award-Winning Image

Image 3LR Surround System earns Stereophile's top award

2004-02-06 10:24:37


The Platinum Series is released

2007-02-06 10:24:37

PSB Synchrony Series

The Synchrony Series is launched

2008-09-30 07:23:55

PSB Imagine Series

The Imagine Series is introduced

2009-04-14 15:18:50

SubSeries 300 and 200

The NAD-powered SubSeries 300 and 200 are released

2009-09-30 07:23:55

Redesigned Image Series

In 2009, PSB embarked on a redesign of the Image Series

2010-01-26 07:04:43

CS Outdoor Speakers

Introducing "true-to-nature" sound quality to the "true outdoors"

2011-12-18 12:31:38

Imagine Mini

The Imagine mini is released

2012-03-10 13:48:33

PSB Music for You (M4u)

The M4U Series of headphones is introduced

2012-07-23 05:48:36

Imagine T2 Tower Speakers

The Imagine T2 Tower is introduced

PSB Speakers 40th Anniversary

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