History of Autism

Autism is a disorder that all of us as educationalist will encounter at some point in our careers. I give to you a brief history of this condition.

Marriage of Hugh Blair Annulled

Marriage of Hugh Blair of Borgue was annulled by his brother on the grounds of "odd repeative" behavior. This is acknowledged as the first well know documented case of autism.

Rain Man

The movie Rain Man was released. This movie brought awerness to autism as one of the main characters was an autistic savant.

Autism recognised as Special Educational Catagory

US Federal Government recognises Autism as special education needs catagory. Schools begin to identify children with it and make special provisions for them at school.

Autism title first used in Modern sense

Leo Kanner of John Hopkins Hospital first used the label early infantile autism to describe 11 children with behavioral similarities. All the similarities he noted are still regarded as typical of the autistic spectrum disorder.

Aspergers Syndrome first described

German scientist Hans Aspergers first describes a "milder" form of autism. The cases he looked at were all boys who were highly intellegent but had issues with social interactions and displayed obsessive interests.

All sub-categories folded into the bigger condition

All sub-categories of autism such as Asperger's are folded into the larger umberlla condition of autism by The DSM-5

CDC say Autism is on rise

US CDC estimated that 1 in 110 children has autism which is up from 1 in 150 in 2007. They do note this is most likely due to better ways of detection.

Infantile Autism listed in DSM

"Infantile Autism" is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). It is also officially seperated from childhood schizophrenia.

Term Infantile Autism replaced

The DSM replaces the term infantile autism with the more expansive term autism disorder and included a list of criteria.

Autism is linked to genetics

Research on twins showed that autism was linked to genetics and biological differences in brain development.

My sister was diagnosed

My little sister, Emily, was diagnosed with autism.

Wild Boy of Aveyron caught

The Wild Boy of Aveyron was caught. He displayed several symptoms of autism and was treated with a behavioral program designed to help him form attachments.

Asperger's added to DSM

Asperger's Syndrome is added to DSM to expand autism spectrum to milder cases.

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