History of the Scientific Revolution Timeline

Vesalius Born

(Dear 36)

"New Theorics of Planets" printed

German astronomer Georg Peurbach writes a new teaching text titled "New Theorics of the Planets". Rather than showing diagrams made up of geometrical lines representing distinct motions, Peurbach displayed solid spheres of a finite thickness. (Dear pg. 21)

"Narratio Prima" (First Account) printed

First printed discussion of Copernicus’ sun centered astronomy, written by Georg Joachim Rheticus Contained an outline of Copernicus’ ideas and praise for their virtues. (Dear 34)

Publishing of De humani Corporis Fabrica “On the Fabric of the Human Body”

Publishing of De humani Corporis Fabrica “On the Fabric of the Human Body” by anatomist and physician Andreas Vesalius of Brussels. The book is dedicated to Roman Emperor Charles V as a “contribution to the general restoration of learning”. (Dear 36)

New work on Galen by Vesalius appears

Vesalius’ work collaborating on the production of a new scholarly edition on the works of Galen first appears. This work was intended to include, “all the appropriate scholarly apparatus commenting on and explicating the philogoical niceties of Galen’s language and terminology. Such an enterprise stood at the centre of humanist scholarship” (Dear 36)

Birth of Francois Viete

French mathematician who was one of the architects of modern symbolic algebra (Dear 39)

Publication of Apollonius Gallus (“The French Apollonius”) by Francois Viete

Publication of Apollonius Gallus (“The French Apollonius”) by Francois Viete, considered his greatest work. (Dear 39)

Birth of Guidobaldo del Monte

Italian nobleman who is best known for having been an early and influential patron of Galileo. Under his influence, Galileo adopted the tenets of a “philosopher-engineer” which later appear strongly in his earliest writing from around 1590. (Dear 45)

Birth of Andreas Osiander

Lutheran theologian who oversaw publication of De revolutionibus (Dear 40)

Birth of Bernadino Baldi

Wrote a history of mathematics reconstructing the history of mechanics using Archimedes as its pivotal point. (Dear 45)

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