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This timeline tells the story of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Schouwburg and NTGent, a theater building and company significant to the history of Flemish culture.

The KNS was built on the Sint-Baafs square in Ghent in 1897-1899. The end of the nineteenth century was a time when many changes were endowed upon Ghent. This timeline will explore these changes as well as the way the building changed thereafter. It also focusses on the history of NTGent, the company that performs at the KNS. ;xNLx;This timeline thus forms one of the webpages of a website that complements the guided tours given at the KNS as a digital component.;xNLx;;xNLx;;xNLx;Consulted Archives:;xNLx;NTGent Archives – Ghent, Belgium.;xNLx;The Ghent University Image Library – Ghent, Belgium.;xNLx;Bibliography:;xNLx;De Decker, A., Albert Sugg en de Belle Epoque in Gent: Série 1 (12) De Nederlandse Schouwburg. , published on 5 July 2013, consulted on 12 October 2014.;xNLx;De Schaepmeester, L., Koninklijke Nederlandse Schouwburg: Architectuur, renovatie en restauratie. Unpublished information guide for the course “Gentse pleinen & wijken”, Ghent, 2013.;xNLx;Inventaris Onroerend Erfgoed. Sint-Baafsplein. , consulted on 12 October 2014.;xNLx;Peiren Y., revised by Mattias Curio, Evelyne Deceur, Yvonne Peiren, Luc De Schaepmeester and Dirk Crommelinck. Papieren wandeling achter de schermen: Beknopte geschiedenis van het Nederlands Theater Gent en de schouwburg op het Sint-Baafsplein. Unpublished information guide for tour guides at the KNS, Ghent, 2011.;xNLx;Van Damme M., Pol Anri (1865-1953) Als Toneelauteur: Onder Invloed Van Het Volkstoneel, De Pedagogie En De Vlaamse Beweging. Unpublished Master’s Dissertation, Ghent University, 2007.;xNLx;

1897-01-01 12:01:40

Plans for a Flemish Theater

In 1897 the construction of the KNS started. Leading up to this was a series of events typical to the prevailing climate in 19th century Belgium.

1897-01-02 12:01:40

The map of Ghent changes

The engineer Edouard Zollikofer designed a plan for the ‘remediation’ of working-class neighbourhoods in Ghent. The objective of this Zollikofer plan was to create a direct avenue and ‘cleaner’ streets between the South train station built in 1850 and the Belfry. Because of this project an entire neighbourhood disappeared.

1899-08-27 12:01:40

A statue in honor of the Flemish Movement

This allegorical statue designed by Isidoor de Rudder tells the story of the Flemish Movement that was central to the creation of the KNS. It was placed in front of the KNS in honor of Jan Frans Willems, a leading figure of the Flemish Movement.

1899-10-01 14:57:17

The inauguration of the KNS

The inaugural opening of the “Flemish Theater”, that only received its official name “KNS” in 1921, was celebrated on the first of October 1899.

1965-11-04 14:57:17

The Founding of NTG

In 1965 the "NTG" (Nederlans Toneel Gent) was founded. This is the officially acknowledged company that permanently plays at the KNS up until today.

1976-10-31 20:50:43

A need for renovation

In 1979 the city of Ghent realized that the KNS was in need of renovation and modernization.

1989-10-01 20:50:43

The last phase of the renovation (part one)

During the fourth phase of renovation new accommodation was created for the creators of the scenography, the administration, a new sewing atelier, a hairdresser’s (which is now outdated and scarcely used) and a backstage foyer.

1993-10-15 20:50:43

The last phase of the renovation (part two)

Finally the façade of the KNS was restored and its interior was freshened up.

2005-10-01 20:50:43

Johan Simons becomes Artistic Director of NTGent

From 2005 to 2010, the Dutch theater director Johan Simons (°1946) was the artistic director and at that time the company was renamed "NTGent".

2010-10-01 20:50:43

Wim Opbrouck becomes Artistic Director of NTGent

In 2010 the Flemish actor and singer Wim Opbrouck became the artistic director of NTGent.

2014-01-01 20:50:43

The KNS today

Up until today not only the company NTGent but also the building KNS is constantly undergoing change.

2015-01-01 20:50:43

NTGent turns 50 years old

In 2015, NTGent will turn 50 years old.

KNS Digital Doors Open

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