Scott Sibson

Hi, my name is Scott and I am a Front End Web Designer and Developer... You could say I'm digital by default.

My interests are as follows:;xNLx;I love dogs, and I've always had dogs as far back as I can remember, we've had Jack Russells, to Lassie Dogs and more recently Rotweillers.;xSTx;br;xETx;;xNLx;I also love a game of golf, although I don't actually get time to play it all that often which is annoying.;xSTx;br;xETx;;xNLx;I enjoy cycling and My Wing Chun both of which I haven't done for quite some time now.;xSTx;br;xETx;;xNLx;I used to draw, A LOT but like a lot of things I haven't managed to find the time to do that recently either.

I was born...

In a little town called Edinburgh a little baby boy was born at the Western General Hospital... This isn't my scan by the way, don't think the technology was around when I was born.

The Gate Interactive

So after a months trial/freelancing for The Gate Interactive, I was offered the opportunity to join the business on a full time basis. Thoroughly enjoying it, working with a great bunch of people and working on some interesting projects. And even getting me out of my comfort zone, for instance this presentation. And that was some of the highlights of my short forty one years on planet earth.

Got Married

The marriage of Scott and Rebecca, Location Gretna Green, the day St Andrews day. As we wanted to get married in Scotland and in a church the closest we could get to this was the setting at Gretna Green, which was an old Catholic Church.

Say hello to my little friend

This is the first time we get to see my baby boy, see how cute he is... Rotweillers have a bad rep, but to be honest I believe there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. We've had two Rotweillers now and neither of them have been agressive in any way, stubborn yes but never agressive. We chose the unusual name RAUM as it means 'Hero' in German and is also the name of a fallen angel.

Raum gets a new friend

And a few short years later, Raum is coming up for the ripe old age of three. But he still loves is cuddly toys and the one he has here is his cuddle bunny lol. What a big softy.

Me and my bro...

Just me and my bro chillin as you do... But which one am I?

My time at primary school

I attended Silverknowes primary school which is sadly no longer there. You could alway find me round at my gran and pops at lunchtime. This is where I first found my love of drawing and painting and I was pretty good at it back then, winning prizes for illustrations I had added to reports and projects. Some interesting facts, from when I was in primary school - We used to live next door to Gordon Strachan in Muirhouse, apparently he wasn't very nice, according to my dad anyway. - Sean Connery used to deliver my grans milk.

My time at high school

I attended Craigroyston Community High school and had a good time doing it. Again like my primary school, the high school i attended is sadly no longer there, it was burnt to the ground in 2010. In first and second year I was still all about the art and design, but then I was seduced by the power of technology. Our third year class where one of the first classes in the UK to be introduced to the new Apple MacIntosh computers, now they call them Mac Classics. As I couldn't study both IT and Art and Design, my art fell to the way side ;(.

Legal driver

I passed my driving test first time on this date... And what was my first car? A canary yellow Mini Meatro. OH YEAH!!!!!! This was a perfect little car, it seemed fast back then, but by todays standards it was a snail.

First Real Job

Started work at The Scotsman Publications. I was one of the first of many Mac Operators that where brougth in to take over from the old time typsetters. During this time I was responsible for setting full spreads, adverts and other items for The Scotsman, The Evening News and The Herald and Post papers.

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