From Symbian to Sailfish: the Evolution of the Smartphone OS

If we had to categorize what lifecycle stage the smartphone is now at in most industrialized countries, it would likely be "maturity". These devices have become transparent and ubiquitous. We collectively take them for granted, and are somewhere between panicked and appalled when they don't work or can't connect. This timeline covers the key points in the history of 12 different smartphone operating systems, ranging from the common (IOS & Android) to the (Yun OS & Sailfish).

This timeline was developed for TECH 1940: Inquiry in Mobile Technology, taught by Dr. Paul Cesarini, at Bowling Green State University.;xNLx;;xNLx;Use of images in this timeline is done in full accordance with the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act of 2002.

Android, Inc. founded

Former Apple engineer and Danger co-founder Andy Rubin starts a new company. The primary product is a new mobile operating system designed for digital cameras and possibly phones, called Android. Rubin very nearly goes broke and Android, Inc. narrowly avoids being completely shuttered until the company is bought by Google. Rubin and other Android team members stay on at Google, developing the OS in relative secrecy.

Sailfish releases in India

Jolla phone lands in the Indian market at a price of Rs 16,499.

App Store came out

The app store come out via an update to iTunes. You were no longer stuck to the apps the phone came with. You could also download to a personal computer via iTunes.

Jolla Introduces Android Launcher

Jolla has released its first Android launcher to give users of Google's mobile platform a taste of what an alternative OS have to offer.

Finland’s Jolla considering hiring Nokia staff laid off by Microsoft

Jolla looks to hire former Nokia employees.

The Beginning of Web OS

Web OS In June 2009, the first device using it was released by Sprint. It was used on a multi-media smart phone called the palm pre. It had many built in features like bluetooth, and wifi connectivity built into it.

Launch of first Firefox OS based phone, ZTE Open

On this day in July, Telefonica released their first commercial Firefox OS based phone, Firefox OS. It was sold and released in Spain, but is now available worldwide on eBay. This phone was highly anticipated by software developers wanting to build and test their mobile applications. Although this phone lacks many popular features, based on their target of lower class families overseas, it definitely gets the job done.

Symbian is dead; Nokia's future

Nokia releases an astonishing record of loss. CEO Stephen Elop blames Symbian. Nokia is hoping that its partnership with Microsoft will help it recover and grow, with the Windows Mobile 7 software, to make up from its loss from Symbian.

Tizen is introduced at The Mobile World Congress

In 2013, Tizen was officially introduced at the Mobile World Congress. It received mixed reviews as it was said to have a bland interface and laggy. Others stated that it wasn't truly revolutionary and that it couldn't stand up to Andriod for these reasons. Samsung introduced Tizen on their smart watches and some phones. This video shows what Tizen presented on the mobile front at the conference.

Fire OS developed

Fire OS is a mobile operating system produced/sold by Amazon. It was initially developed in September 2011 by Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and was later modified by Amazon as a final product. Fire OS was created for Kindle Fire Devices (including but not limited to Kindle Fire Phone, Kindle Fire, Fire TV, and tablets). Although it was were developed in 2011, Kindle devices weren't referred to as being "Fire OS" until Amazon's third introduction of Kindle Fire tablets in September 2012.

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