Gregory Damien Grinnell

1978-09-30 21:23:43

Soviet Video

Western MA semi-improv art-punk group. Gregory Damien Grinnell: bass, vox & electronics Steve Norton: electronics, keys, perc Michael Oster: gtr, electronics

1980-02-01 21:23:43

Group Of Trees

NYC based art-punk noise outfit; appeared at Club 57 and others. Gregory Damien Grinnell: bass, gtr, electronics Ted Parsons: drums & perc Julie Jigsaw: vox

1981-03-31 02:54:59

Ten Hail Marys (v1)

NYC experimental industrial noise punk funk

1982-01-01 06:07:44

Crazy Hearts

seminal NYC noise punk-funk group

1983-09-01 02:54:59

Ten Hail Marys (v2)

NYC experimental hardcore punk metal

1984-12-01 16:28:46

Dust Devils

The Dustdevils (sometimes styled as DustDevils or Dust Devils) were a noise rock band which was based in New York City for most of its history. It was active from the 1980s to the mid 1990s, and was among the first artists to be signed to Matador Records. Its members included bassist Mark Ibold, who later joined Pavement and Sonic Youth in 1992 and 2006, respectively. ++++ ++++

1985-05-04 10:01:23

The Toasters

Seminal NYC 3rd wave ska band. Role: trumpet (1985–1988), bass (1988–1990), songwriter

1986-01-12 16:21:46

Swans "A Screw"

From "Holy Money" LP

1986-03-01 02:06:02

The Toasters: live at the Cat Club, NYC

(3 clips)

1987-04-04 10:01:23


Trumpet on Fleshtones vs. Reality EU tour

1987-06-11 00:57:48

Fleshtones: live in France

Besançon, France

1989-05-01 02:06:02

Unity 2 "Shirley"

Video for NYC Hip-Hop Reggae crew Unity 2 (1989)

1989-05-01 10:01:23

Unity 2

NYC based hip-hop reggae band on Warner Bros. Records. Featuring ex members of NYC ska band The Toasters. Sean "Cavo" Dinsmore & Lionel "Nene" Bernard - vox (the Unity 2), Daddy B - bass, Joe Johnson - drums, Greg Grinnell - guitar/trumpet, Johnny Vercesi - keyboards, DJ Brooklyn - turntables, Curtis Bailey - tenor sax, Kevin Batchelor - trumpet/trombone/brass/bk vox.

1991-02-01 21:57:33

Imploding Empire Entertainments

Started in 1991, IMPLODING EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENTS was a loose collective of artists and musicians in the Boston area commited to presenting multimedia installations in club and gallery settings.

1991-02-03 02:35:09

The Robin

wood, wax, glass, acrylic, oil, chemicals (10" x 14"x 3")

1993-12-31 21:57:33

Asleep On The Moon

multimedia installation for First Night Boston (Hynes Convention Center)

1994-02-01 21:57:33

An Unlucky Deal #1

wood, glass, wax, oil, acrylic, chemicals (6" x 16" x 2")

1995-05-21 05:08:14

Pandemic IX

oil on canvas (18" x 20")

1995-09-01 06:07:44

Prong US tour fall 1995

Live projections and visuals for Sony recording artists PRONG on their US tour, Fall '95.

1995-10-04 08:04:15

Example No. 21

oil & acrylic on canvas (40" x 40")

1995-12-12 08:04:15

Extreme Pestilence IX

wood, wax, glass, oil (6" x 6" x 7")

1996-05-21 05:08:14

Aerial Curiosa I

oil & acrylic on canvas (12" x 40")

1996-12-04 11:55:47


oil on canvas (40" x 40")

1997-10-04 08:04:15

Pitch Dark

charcoal on paper (18" x 24")

1997-12-04 11:55:47


oil on canvas (40" x 40")

1998-01-08 02:35:09

On Christmas Day

oil on canvas (40" x 60")

1998-02-01 21:57:33

Encapsulation (#1-#4)

pastel and oilstick on paper (all 18" x 20")

1998-03-17 21:57:33

An Unlucky Deal #2

oil, acrylic on metal (16" x 20")

1999-03-01 21:57:33

Pandemic VII

oil and acrylic on canvas (20" x 30")

1999-06-24 09:16:00

Untitled #9

wood, wax, carbon, metal (18" x 20")

1999-10-01 21:57:33


Gregory Damien Grinnell, Jason Wolford, Ted Parsons. Role: performer, composer, recordist, visuals.

2000-03-01 21:57:33

Prodigy Eye Affirmation #1

oil on canvas (40" x 50")

2001-02-01 21:57:33

Andrews AFB

wood, wax, paper, metal, glass (10" x 16" x 4")

2001-03-01 14:14:41

Mission Creep

Go-go jazz combining electronics, live musicians and projections.

2002-02-01 21:57:33

Teledubgnosis: Music For Speakers

Music For Speakers Compilation 2 (various artists) Role: performer, composer

2002-06-01 08:47:32

Not Exhaling

music by Jason & Jeremy Wolford

2003-06-01 08:47:32

Teledubgnosis "Magnetic Learning Center"

Role: performer, composer, recordist The CD includes 2 bonus remixes: "In Heaven, A Devil" by The Bug (aka Kevin Martin) and "80 Creeps" by Tech Level 2 (Justin Broaderick of Godflesh). Cover art by GDG.

2003-09-01 07:46:35

Teledubgnosis "Superdub '85"

film by G.D. Grinnell; music by Teledubgnosis

2004-07-01 02:06:02

Teledubgnosis: Oceanic-Remixes & Reinterpretations

Role: remixer (w/Jason Wolford) Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations is a compilation of remixes of songs from Isis' album Oceanic, originally released in 2002. It features many artists asked by the band to reinterpret their songs, and was initially released across a series of four 12" vinyl EPs earlier in 2004. With Mike Patton, Oktopus, Fennez, Tim Hecker, Venetian Snares, Justin Broadrick.

2006-01-01 02:06:02

Teledubgnosis vs. N.i.c.

Role: performer, composer Recorded live and in virtual studios linked from locations around the world, the 2 CD split release links the trademark downtempo noir soundscapes of Teledubgnosis with the phunkadelicized grooves of N.I.C. Bridging the geographic and stylistic divide is veteran drummer Ted Parsons who mans the skins for both projects. (Malicious Damage 2006) Cover art by GDG.

2006-03-01 18:12:14

Teledubgnosis on Virgin Atlantic in-flight radio

Several Teledubgnosis tracks from "Teledubgnosis vs. NIC" used on Virgin Atlantic's in-flight radio during month of March

2006-09-06 20:07:56

Teledubgnosis live in London

Live at The Luminaire (4 clips)

2007-07-01 20:07:56

Teledubgnosis: N.I.C. in Dub

performer, composer, recordist, remixer (w/Jason Wolford/Teledubgnosis). Remixes and reinterpretations of tracks from Norway's Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation featuring Keith Levene (PiL, On-U-Sound)::tracks by:Youth::Twilight Circus Sound System::Dalek::Teledubgnosis::Dub Gabriel::Justin Broaderick(JK Flesh, Godflesh)::Spectre::others...

2008-10-01 20:07:56

Teledubgnosis/Mission Creep: Twister

Remixes and reinterpretations of west-coast folk punk artist Leigh Marble by Teledubgnosis and Mission Creep. Handcrafted package printed by Stumptown Printers in Portland, OR with artwork by Dylan McConnell.

2008-11-01 03:37:45

Wilson's War

acrylic & oil on canvas (30" x 30")

2009-01-01 23:54:29

Exit Poll

A musical sendoff to our 43rd president. Film by Gregory Damien Grinnell; music by Mission Creep.

2009-09-01 02:06:02

Teledubgnosis: Northshore Magazine

Northshore Magazine Fall Fashion Preview 2009 video. Music by Teledubgnosis

2011-07-01 17:49:26

Teledubgnosis on BBC's "Ideal"

Music from Teledubgnosis (from "Teledubgnosis vs NIC) used for bed music on the popular BBC television "Ideal" season 7

2011-09-03 17:49:26

Mission Creep "Kick Out The Jams" live

Mission Creep performing "Kick Out The Jams" live at The River Garden (Brattleboro, VT) @ "Brattleboro Community Radio presents A Benefit for Flood Relife featuring Mission Creep and Ajda The Turkish Queen"

2012-03-01 14:14:41

Prodigy Eye Affirmation #2

entry to "Digital Graffiti 2012"

Gregory Damien Grinnell

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