The MPL McPherson History Timeline

Historic events in and around McPherson, Kansas

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McPherson Messenger starts

First newspaper in McPherson started by the Yale brothers

Town of McPherson founded

"McPherson Center" staked out on 480 acres by McPherson Town Company

Horse-drawn street cars start running

Almost 5 miles of route that ran north and south on Main Street as well as east-west on Kansas Avenue from the Missouri Pacific depot to McPherson College. A branch route ran to the cemetery only when there was a funeral. Initially run by the McPherson Street Railway Company, it was later sold to William West. It boasted 3 cars (2 on Main and 1 on Kansas) and 25 horses moving at a speed of approximately 4 mph. A car barn was located at the corner of Kansas and Elm. It ceased operation in 1890.

McPherson House Hotel opens

Moved from King City by William West to 101 N Main; addition built in 1878, sold in 1887 to W. J. Bell and moved to Ash Street; burned down before 1900.

McPherson High School, First Street location opens

Built at a cost of $1,500,000

McPherson Public Library expansion opens

Grand opening Feb. 13th. Expansion included a basement and doubled the square feet of existing building. Click on"find out more" below to see video tour of the building.

Carnegie Library opens

No grand opening held due to influenza epidemic.

Park School opens

Built at a cost of $95,000

General McPherson Statue in Memorial Park dedicated

40,000 people attended the event that unveiled the 20 ton sculpture created by Chicago artist, John Paulding. The $15,000 cost of the statue was financed by contributions throughout the county. A bronze label attached bears the names of 752 Union army veterans who settled in McPherson county.

First All School's Day Parade held

Click on the "find out more" link below to view the All School's Day website

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