EAR-ONS Timeline

This is a timeline of the East Area Rapist and Original Night Stalker. (Click on the wrench icon at bottom right for additional view options).

1973-03-07 12:14:28

Victim #6 Burglary

Possible EAR crime: Victim #6's home was burglarized near Dawes Street and Dolecetto Way in Rancho Cordova, CA. Nothing of value was taken.

1974-08-01 18:39:34

1974 Burglary (Approx. Date)

Possible EAR crime: Burglary near Dolecetto Way and Dawes Street where a dog was beaten to death with a log. (Exact date unknown).

1975-10-21 15:02:05

Rancho Cordova Rape

Home invasion rape near Dawes Street and Dolecetto Way. Mother and 2 daughters sexually assaulted. This was listed as the first EAR attack until10/2/77 when it was removed from the official list.

1976-02-06 19:43:39

Oldsmobile Owner Dies

Owner of the Oldsmobile Coupe died in jail after suicide attempt. According to a source, the vehicle was sold shortly after the owner's death. Buyer is still unidentified.

1976-04-10 05:38:06

Victim #1 Being Watched

Victim #1 felt that she was being watched by someone driving a dark, medium-sized American-made car. (Approx. Date)

1976-04-15 05:38:06

Possible Aborted Attack

Possible aborted EAR attack occurred in the La Riviera Drive area in April of 1976.

1976-06-04 06:25:54

Victim #1 Hang Up Calls

Victim #1 reported receiving at least two hang-up phone calls 2 weeks prior to the attack.

1976-06-07 06:59:06

Prowler Jumping Fence

Neighbor of Victim #1 has problem with prowler kicking open his gate and jumping over his back fence in Rancho Cordova. Problem continues until August of 1976.

1976-06-18 03:00:00

#1 Rancho Cordova

EAR attacks the first victim in the Cordova Meadows area of Rancho Cordova, CA at approx. 4:00am on a Friday near Paseo Drive and Malaga Way.

1976-06-28 06:59:06

Victim #8 Burglary

Victim #8's home near Dawes and Dolecetto was burglarized in late June 1976. Only cash was taken. (Approx. Date)

1976-07-01 01:22:00

#9 Neighbor - Hang-Up Calls

Neighbor of Victim #9 reportedly receiving hang-up phone calls at home near Greenback and Dewey in Citrus Heights. This is the neighbor that the EAR possibly mistook for Victim #9 when he asked her if she attended ARC. Neighbor had an encounter at ARC with a suspicious person in May of 1976.

1976-07-10 01:22:00

Victim #1 Hang-Up Calls

Victim #1 reported receiving 5 to 6 hang-up phone calls post- offense.

1976-07-17 04:00:00

#2 Del Dayo

EAR attacks his 2nd victim in the Del Dayo area of Carmichael, CA at approx. 2:00am on a Saturday near American River Drive and Jacob Lane.

1976-08-01 05:26:13

#4 Neighbor - Prowler

ARC Instructor possibly targeted by the EAR during the summer of 1976 in the Del Campo area near Moraga Drive. Problems with prowler for months.

1976-08-05 05:26:13

#5 Neighbor - Burglary

Home of neighbor of Victim #5 burglarized near Greenback and Dewey in Citrus Heights.

1976-08-29 10:10:45

#3 Rancho Cordova

EAR attacks his 3rd victim in the Cordova Meadows area of Rancho Cordova, CA at approx. 3:00am on a Sunday near Malaga Way and Paseo Drive. Victims were able to escape.

1976-08-31 05:26:13

#3 Neighbor - Prowler

Neighbor of Victim #3 had prowler inside of home at around 3:30am in Rancho Cordova.

1976-09-01 00:59:27

Victim #15 Hang-Up Calls

Victim #15 receiving hang-up phone calls for 6 months leading up to the attack at home in Rancho Cordova.

1976-09-01 13:34:38

Victim #5 Hang-Up Phone Calls

Victim #5 receiving hang-up phone calls 1 month prior to the attack.

1976-09-02 00:59:27

Victim #9 Hang-Up Calls

Victim #9 receiving hang-up phone calls 2 months leading up to the attack.

1976-09-04 13:34:38

#4 Del Campo

Victim #4 attacked at her parent's home near Del Campo at around 11:30pm on a Saturday near Heathcliff Drive and Crestview Drive.

1976-09-20 13:34:38

Victim #5 Burglary

Victim #5's home burglarized near Greenback and Dewey in Citrus Heights. Rings, earrings and bracelet taken.

1976-10-05 06:45:00

#5 Citrus Heights

Victim #5 attacked at home near Greenback and Dewey in Citrus Heights at approx. 6:45am on a Tuesday.

1976-10-09 03:30:00

#6 Rancho Cordova

Victim #6 attacked in home near Malaga Way and El Segundo Drive in Rancho Cordova at around 3:30am on a Saturday.

1976-10-17 11:58:17

Oldsmobile TOR 505

Suspicious vehicle seen in the area of Kipling/Keane Drive . Driver was misidentified by LE. The person identified had died in February of 1976. Actual driver seen on 10/17/76 was a blonde-haired white male, 25 to 30 years old. Vehicle was later identified as a white or light colored Oldsmobile Coupe, CA License # TOR 505.

1976-10-18 02:30:00

#7 Del Dayo

Victim #7 attacked in Del Dayo area of Carmichael, CA on a Monday at around 2:30am near Oak Vista Drive and Kipling Drive.

1976-10-18 23:00:00

#8 Rancho Cordova

Victim #8 attacked in the Cordova Gardens area of Rancho Cordova, CA on a Monday at approx. 11:00pm near Dawes St. and Dolecetto Drive.

1976-11-03 18:46:30

Del Dayo Parent's Club

Del Dayo Parent's Club meeting held at Del Dayo Elementary school on McClaren Drive in Carmichael. The topic was Crime Prevention put on the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department but the meeting turned into a Q&A on the rumors of a serial rapist at large. 500 people in attendance.

1976-11-04 05:16:30

Man Hunted As Suspect in 8 Rapes

First newspaper article on the EAR published. Suspect described as white, pale complexion, 5'8 to 6'0, medium build, 25 to 35 years old, dark hair.

1976-11-08 12:01:45

Composite Sketch

Composite Sketch of possible EAR suspect created on 11/8/76. Suspect seen in the Del Campo area near Bourbon Drive (exact date of sighting and circumstances unknown).

1976-11-10 05:01:30

Fear Grips Serene Neighborhoods

Second newspaper article published in the Sacramento Bee. "East Area Rapist" term used for the first time.

1976-11-10 07:30:30

#9 Citrus Heights

Victim #9 attacked near Greenback and Dewey in Citrus Heights at approx. 7:30pm on a Wednesday.

1976-11-23 17:49:42

Victim #10 - Hang-Up Calls

Victim #10 as well as a neighbor receiving hang-up phone calls in the Del Campo area but further S.E. near Dewey and Winding Way.

1976-11-29 01:49:42

#27 Neighbor - Burglary

Neighbor of Victim #27's home was burglarized in La Riviera area.

1976-12-01 00:41:08

Publicity May Have Curtailed Rapist

Sacto Bee Article published.

1976-12-15 09:49:42

Victim #13 - Burglary

Victim #13's home is burglarized and tools taken in the Del Campo area near Crestview and Heathcliff Drives.

1976-12-18 23:30:00

#10 Del Campo

Victim #10 attacked in the Del Campo area on a Saturday at approx. 11:30pm near Dewey and Winding Way.

1976-12-20 16:41:08

Suspicious Person

Suspicious person wearing ski mask seen by witness crawling toward a front door of residence near Oakcrest and Dewey. The person knocked on car window and the witness drove her vehicle away. She saw subject pulling a bicycle from some bushes and ride away.

1976-12-30 00:41:08

EAR Link Is Checked in Attack

Sacto Bee newspaper article referring to the Dec. 18, 1976 EAR attack.

1976-12-30 17:49:42

#14 Neighbor - Prowler

Neighbor of #14 near Thornwood Drive finds a rape kit under her window. Cigarette butts found near her trailer indicating that she was being watched.

1977-01-05 21:15:25

#16 Neighbor - Prowler

Neighbor of #16 reported chasing a prowler in his backyard. This was possibly William Boren who was later arrested for a copycat rape in the area.

1977-01-10 17:49:42

Apartments Burglarized

Residents at apartments on College Oak Drive having burglaries where nothing was taken. Dog beating incident occurred here.

1977-01-15 08:41:08

#15 Neighbor - Hang-Up Calls

Neighbor of Victim #15 reported receiving hang-up phone calls in Rancho Cordova near Malaga Way and Benny Way.

1977-01-18 08:41:08

#15 Neighbor - Prowler

Neighbor of Victim #15 reported having a prowler wearing a stocking mask outside her window.

1977-01-19 05:15:25

Glenbrook Housewife is Raped

Sacto Bee Newspaper Article.

1977-01-19 09:49:42

#11 La Riviera

Victim #11 attacked at her home in La Riviera area on a Wednesday at approx. 1:00am near Glenville Circle and Royalglen Way.

1977-01-20 14:23:59

11 Attacks - Police Deputies Join Rapist Hunt

Sacto Bee Newspaper Article.

1977-01-22 16:41:08

Composite Sketch

Composite sketch created of suspicious person seen near Primrose Drive in Citrus Heights.

1977-01-24 16:41:08

#12 Birdcage

Victim #12 attacked at her home near Birdcage Mall on a Monday at approx. 3:00am near Primrose and Farmgate Way in Citrus Heights, CA.

1977-01-24 16:41:08

Rapist Strikes Again, 14th Time in 15 Months

Sacto Bee Newspaper Article

EAR-ONS Timeline

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