EAR-ONS Timeline

This is a timeline of the East Area Rapist and Original Night Stalker. (Click on the wrench icon at bottom right for additional view options).

#15 Neighbor - Prowler

Neighbor of #15 reported finding a window left wide open at home in Cordova Gardens area of Rancho Cordova.

#20 Birdcage

Victim #20 attacked in home in the Birdcage area on a Saturday at 3:45am near Viceroy Way and Merlindale Drive.

#13 Del Campo

Victim #13 attacked in her home in the Del Campo area on a Monday at approx. 6:45am near Crestview and Heathcliff.

#21 Neighbor - Prowler

Neighbor of Victim #21 heard someone in his backyard and found window screen had been pried off in the Del Dayo area.

#12 Birdcage

Victim #12 attacked at her home near Birdcage Mall on a Monday at approx. 3:00am near Primrose and Farmgate Way in Citrus Heights, CA.

Rapist’s Reign of Terror has Sacramento in a Panic”

Sacramento Union article

#1 Rancho Cordova

EAR attacks the first victim in the Cordova Meadows area of Rancho Cordova, CA at approx. 4:00am on a Friday near Paseo Drive and Malaga Way.

#2 Del Dayo

EAR attacks his 2nd victim in the Del Dayo area of Carmichael, CA at approx. 2:00am on a Saturday near American River Drive and Jacob Lane.

#3 Rancho Cordova

EAR attacks his 3rd victim in the Cordova Meadows area of Rancho Cordova, CA at approx. 3:00am on a Sunday near Malaga Way and Paseo Drive. Victims were able to escape.

Victim #6 Burglary

Possible EAR crime: Victim #6's home was burglarized near Dawes Street and Dolecetto Way in Rancho Cordova, CA. Nothing of value was taken.

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