Carlyle F. Jacobsen and Ellen Cook Jacobsen

Carlyle F. Jacobsen PhD and Ellen Cook Jacobsen MD were both influential in the early years of Upstate Medical University. Carlyle “Jake” Jacobsen was the first President of the University and spent the later half of the 1940s establishing both Upstate and Downstate medical schools for the newly established SUNY system. He was a reknowned researcher whose work with fronal lobe ablation in chimpanzees was foundational for later work on human frontal lobes. Ellen “Cookie” Jacobsen was a 1950 graduate of the Syracuse University College of Medicine and the first woman to become a faculty member in the Department of Medicine at Upstate. She established the employee and student health services on campus and was the first faculty member to hold appointments in two departments (Medicine and Psychiatry). This exhibition celebrates their careers and highlights their many contributions to the history of Upstate. ;xNLx;

Became faculty member in Department of Medicine

Cookie was the first woman to become an instructor in the Department of Medicine at the newly re-named SUNY Upstate Medical Center. In 1957 she became an Assistant Professor and remained with the Department of Medicine until 1968.

Ellen Townley Cook was born

Ellen, better known as "Cookie", was born in Painted Post, NY to Charles Doc Cook and Mary Belle Miller Cook.

Completed Bachelor of Arts at Cornell University

Cookie graduated with her bachelor's degree from Cornell University.

Completed Master of Science at Cornell University

Cookie completed her master's degree in Marine Biology; her thesis was titled Experimental Pancreatic Diabetes in the Calf.

Graduates from the Syracuse University College of Medicine

Cookie was a member of the last class to graduate from the Syracuse University College of Medicine. The State University of New York (SUNY) purchases the Medical College from SU in 1950 and Cookie becomes the first female resident in Internal Medicine at the new SUNY College of Medicine at Syracuse.

Carlyle F. Jacobsen married Ellen Townley Cook

Jake was an internationally renowned neurophysiologist and the newly appointed President of Upstate Medical University and Dean of the College of Medicine. Cookie was the head of Student and Employee Health Services and an alumna of Upstate.

Established the first Student Health Service at Upstate

Cookie organized the first Student Health Services department at SUNY Upstate Medical Center and served as the first Director from 1955 to 1968. Due to her experiences at Upstate she was asked to serve on the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Committee on Student Health Services.

Returned to Upstate staff as Psychatrist

Cookie returned to the staff of Upstate Medical Center as an Assistant Attending Physician in the Psychiatry department. She would advance to Associate Attending Psychiatrist the following year.

Served on TB Task Force

Senator Nancy Larraine Hoffmann and Oneida County Executive Ray Meier created a task force to deal with the increase in cases of Tuberculosis among prison inmates and how to protect the medical personnel treating them. Cookie was one of the local experts asked to serve on the task force.

SUNY Executive Dean for Medical Education

Based at the Central Office of the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany, Jake was pivotal in the development of the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn and of Upstate in Syracuse.

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