10 Moments of Youtube Disruption

YouTube has not only changed how digital video media is shared or uploaded, It has disrupted the way media information is distributed, acquired, perceived, and interpreted on a global scale (Van Dijck, 2013).

This timeline follows some of the major moments of the what/where/when/how that YouTube achieved these shifts. They were selected by the timeline's creator and this list is by no means exclusive. Come on in and explore!!!!;xNLx;;xNLx;Created by Dominique Robertson;xNLx;;xNLx;

2005-04-24 15:27:51

The Very First Youtube Video

After having purchased the domain name "youtube.com", Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim the creators of youtube decided to post the very first video entitled, "Me at the Zoo". (Cloud, 2008)

2006-04-06 15:30:07

Concept of Viral Videos

While the idea of of media sharing and the concept of "viral" (defined as information spreading quickly like a virus) isn't new, Youtube solidified this as a phenomenon on a collective global stage.

2006-04-12 15:27:51

Education Goes Viral!

Through it's availability and accessibility, Youtube made it possible for Online Education to take wing. It provided the means by which people like Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, an online education website, to not only provide education to those who wanted it, but began a larger discussion about recognized online certification (Van Dijck, 2013; Martel, C.; 2014; Chen et al, 2003; Perruli, 2009)

2008-11-12 00:00:00

Almost Like Being There!

The advent of Live streaming through Youtube changed the game again. The first live stream was a celebrity show that took place in Tokyo and San Fransisco respectively, honouring Queen Rania of Jordan with the Youtube Visionary award. Winners of this award needed to use technology to bring about positive social change. Cricket was the first Sporting event to be live Streamed on Youtube on March 10, 2010. Everyone can Live stream-- News/arts/media///etc.

2009-03-26 15:27:51


With Khan, TED, Itunes U, MOOC's (massive open online courses) and allllllll the DYI (do it yourself) instructional videos available on youtube- many colleges and universities began posting their lectures on their respective channels and making their content available to online users.

2010-02-04 15:27:51

Old Spice-- the Smell of Change, and Genius

Youtube open channels, and the ability to reply directly to comments on the channel discussion boards changed how marketing campaigns were conceived.

2010-02-28 15:27:51


Crowdsourcing is a a way to turn people's attention to a project, task or issue in massive numbers through internet social media platforms. These platforms all use...wait for it.... Youtube to summarize of represent ideas in a short promo/demo video, or use it to glean first hand accounts/information from sources reached in these campaigns. GoFundMe.com is an example of a crowdsourced online market place where people could first text out the need for a service, and build a small company to meet that need.

2012-10-10 15:27:51

Eyes Everywhere - There's no Escape

By this point there wasn't an internet medium in cyberspace that could not support a link or embed Youtube clips. What this meant not only for news reporting (another form and source of education/global awareness), but for issues on a much more individual and personal level can only begin being examined here (Van Dijck, 2013; Jiang et al, 2014)

2014-02-20 15:27:51

Social Monitoring The Flip Side!

The Ray Rice incident and uproar of indignation it sparked brings up the flip side of social Monitoring and the 'Power of the People'.

2014-07-01 15:27:51

Disruption! (the good kind)

A combination of open channels and live streaming through Youtube made it possible for many Projects/events and powerful ideas to hit our social consciousness. On this point on the timeline we'll take a moment explore some of them.

2014-10-12 15:27:51

What's around the river bend?

This timeline only touched on a few subjects and only a handful of moments in time. A larger picture of the impacts Youtube has had on the web 2.0 world are vast and too difficult to isolate from other social medias. We continue to track and take note of the things that are taken note of. It is undeniable that Youtube has shaped and shifted how we think about so many things - education, information, the many voices that are now heard that were before 2005, largely silent.

10 Moments of Youtube Disruption

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