Corruption, consumer hate and bad journalism in games journalism

#Gamergate has been a long time coming. The video game journalism business has been a corrupt, inaccurate mess for quite some time

EA tries to manipulate Battlefield 3 scores

EA sent out surveys to outlets asking about the reviewers before providing a copy of the game.

Polygon doesn't read it's own source, claims XB1 supports used games.

In the mad rush to be first to report, Polygon is massively factually incorrect. Their excuse? It was "A developing story"

EA tries to pay youtubers under the table to promote content

EA attempts to pay youtubers for promotion of their content, which is all well and good, except for the express non-disclosure part.

Jeff Gerstmann fired over Kane and Lynch Score

Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamespot for giving a less than glowing review for Kane and Lynch: Dead Men after publisher Eidos threatened to pull advertising from the site

Robert Florence threatened with libel suit after pointing out conflict of interest in PS3 Giveaway for journalists

Robert Florence raised questions in a Eurogamer article about a conflict of interest at a PS3 giveaway to journalists. Eurogamer was threatened with a libel suit and he left.

EA tries to frame Mass Effect 3 hate as homophobia, spams a petition with bots

After the backlash against ME3 EA spammed an anti-homphobia petition with bots.

Trip Hawkins threatens GamePro over Portal Runner Review

Trip Hawkins threatened to pull advertising from GamePro after Portal Runner received an unfavorable review

EA sends out $200 checks to promote Dante's Inferno to journalists

EA sent $200 checks to journalists to promote Dante's Inferno

NCSoft promotes Tabula Rasa with Zero-G ride for journalists

Per person each ride was worth at least $5000

Activision sends out Ipods with World At War: Zombies

For a $10 game.

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