The #GamerGate Chronicles

Notable events throughout the #gamergate timeline

This timeline chronicles events relevant to #GamerGate.;xNLx;;xNLx;If you feel something is wrong or missing, send a mail to You can also reach us on @gamergatetl on Twitter.;xNLx;;xNLx;Disclaimer: The creator of this timeline comes from a pro-#GamerGate perspective.

"NeoGAF owner takes stand against toxic #GamerGate movement" - Game On

Leo Reyna writes about how #GamerGate is about sexism and misogyny and not about Journalistic Integrity.

"Female game developer gets death threats" - CNN

CNN reports on GamerGate, mainly focusing how GamerGate harassed Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian.

"Can We All Get Along?" - Gamasutra

Benjamin Quintero questions the strategy of gaming sites to deliberately alienate their core readers by denouncing their culture.

Petition to ban video games and #GamerGate

A petition on is created to ban video games, #GamerGate and "their hate campaign".

"This game supports more than two players" - Total Biscuit

Total Biscuit comments yet again on the whole ordeal and critiqued the style of discourse taken by both sides of the debate.

The Zoe Post

Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend posts, among other things, about Zoe Quinn's relationships while they were together. He mentions 5 men, 3 of whom he names: Joshua Boggs (her boss), Nathan Grayson (writer at Kotaku who covered Quinn) and Robin Arnott (dev)

Depression Quest submitted

Zoe Quinn submits Depression Quest to Steam Greenlight

Zoe Quinn harassed by Wizardchan

Zoe Quinn claims to be harassed by Wizardchan for placing the game "Depression Quest" on Greenlight,

Depression Quest released on Steam

Depression Quest is released on Steam

Was Wizardchan's harassment faked?

Redditor MannoSlimmins provides evidence that Quinn faked being harassed by Wizardchang users.

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