Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands Before 2011

This timeline shows how the world's most valuable brands (as defined by the Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking) used creative crowdsourcing before 2011.

Together with ones covering the following years ([2011](, [2012](, [2013](, [2014]( and [2015](, this timeline intends to gather and display information about all crowdsourcing initiatives since 2004. ;xNLx;;xNLx;eYeka, the global market leader in creative crowdsourcing for marketers, will release [a full report based on the data of these timelines]( in February 2015. The report will describe how crowdsourcing has evolved and how companies are using it today for marketing & innovation.;xNLx;;xNLx;This timeline has been created by [Yannig Roth](, PhD student at [Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne]( and Marketing Manager at [eYeka]( (the initiatives on this timeline reflect the objective reality of crowdsourcing, and will not be biased by this appartenance to eYeka).;xNLx;;xNLx;In order to make it as complete as possible, you're eagerly invited to contribute by submitting crowdsourcing initiatives that have been missed. To get a contributor account and be listed as a contributor (or to send any other comment or request), just [drop me an email]( Thank you!;xNLx;;xNLx;Contributors:;xNLx;- [Yannig Roth]( (curator);xNLx;- [Luiz Fernando]( (contributor);xNLx;Notes:;xNLx;;xNLx;Crowdsourcing is defined as the process of posting a problem online, having a vast number of individuals offering solutions to the problem, awarding the winning ideas with some form of a bounty, and using this input for innovation, marketing or communication ([Brabham, 2013](;xNLx;;xNLx;Among the various forms of crowdsourcing that exist, we limit the scope of this timeline to [creative crowdsourcing]( i.e. distributed creative problem-solving. This leaves aside micro-tasks, data-sourcing or voting initiatives, focusing on crowdsourcing were peoples' creative problem-solving skills are sollicited. ;xNLx;;xNLx;The most common forms of such initiatives are innovation tournaments, idea contests, creative competitions or branded web-platforms for idea generation. Finally, we have limited the events of this timeline to crowdsourcing initiated and leveraged directly by brands for their innovation or marketing strategies. Sponsored initiatives (such as the [Sony World Photography Awards](, or the [Betacup Challenge]( have been left out.;xNLx;;xNLx;The world's most valuable brands are the 100 brands included in [Interbrand's Best Global Brands ranking]( Our basis is the 2011 edition of the ranking, and the timeline will be updated with new entrants of the subsequent rankings.;xNLx;;xNLx;The first version of this timeline has been [released]( on September 12th 2012.

2004-09-01 00:04:18

Toyota's First "Dream Car Art Contest"

In 2004 (exact dates unclear), Toyota launched the very first edition of its Dream Car Contest, asking children to d their dream car and share their ideas with the world

2005-08-01 09:16:10

Toyota's Second "Dream Car Art Contest"

The TOYOTA Dream Car Art Contest was back for a second edition, children could once again put their creativity into overdrive and paint 'Dream Car of the Future" out of their imagination onto paper and win a trip to Japan

2005-09-01 00:04:18

Motorola's "Motofwrd" Competition in the US

To help visualize the next generation of seamless mobility, Motorola, launched MOTOFWRD, a US competition challenging emerging innovators to depict how the future society would answer to the consumer demand to live life wherever, whenever and however

2005-10-27 00:29:26

Kodak's "Go for the Gold" Contest

Kodak asked consumers to submit a picture of a personal victory for a chance to win one of 4 grand prizes to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino Italy

2005-11-02 21:29:12

Motorola's "Motofwrd" Competition in the UK

Motorola held the MOTOFWRD competition, which encouraged university students from throughout the UK to submit their visions of a connected future, prompting a wide range of essays, animations and videos exploring the way in which telecoms, media and computing are converging

2005-12-24 08:00:02

Motorola's Motofwrd Competition in India

This competition challenged emerging innovators in India to depict how tomorrow's society would answer to the consumer demand to live life wherever, whenever and however.

2006-03-09 14:07:58

Mc Donald's "Global Casting Call"

McDonalds launched a "global casting call" for consumers to submit stories about themselves with photographs. Selected stories were then featured on the restaurant chain's fast food bags.

2006-04-18 06:11:34

Motorola's "Motofwrd" Competition in Germany

Like in the other countries, Motorola launched its Motofwrd competition in Germany, asking students from the country to submit their views about the future of seamless mobility

2006-05-01 17:52:56

L'Oréal's VCAM Contest on Current TV

In spring 2006 (exact dates?), L’Oreal Paris put out a contest on Current TV (and its crowdsourcing offer for brands, VCAM) for the creation of a video advertisement

2006-05-22 18:52:56

Pepsi's First "Creative Challenge" in China

Pepsi invited consumers to help develop its next TV commercial at its microsite,

2006-06-01 00:48:11

Wrigley's "Juicy Fruit" Contest

In a marketing alliance with the U.S. sneaker marketer Converse, Wrigley hosted a fashion-design contest around its Juicy Fruit brand in China

2006-09-01 11:30:33

Nike's "Just Do It Kimewaza Battle" Campaign

In Japan, Nike created a consumer-generated ad campaign that saw Japanese youth submit their own interpretations of what it means to be an athletic warrior

2006-09-04 17:27:30

Toyota's Third "Dream Car Art Contest"

In 2006 (exact dates unclear), Toyota organized the third edition of its "Dream Car Art Contest" targetting children and asking them to draw their dream car

2006-10-16 11:05:44

Nintendo's "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Detectives" Contest on SmugMug

Nintendo challenged Pokemon fans to create photos or artwork that explain why there were turned into a Pokemon and what life is like as one of the videogame characters

2006-12-14 01:10:02

Nintendo's "Feel the Elite Beat" Video Contest on Buzznet

Nintendo launched an online video contest, partnering with, challenging groups of three to dress in "secret agent" attire, film and upload a video of themselves dancing to the game's theme music

2007-02-07 08:13:45

Dell Launches "Idea Storm"

Dell's participatory website IdeaStorm is famous for allowing users to submit, discuss and vote on ideas about Dell's product offer

2007-03-19 04:45:26

Sony's "Your Life in HD" Contest on Current TV

Sony launched a video contest on Current's Viewer-Created Ad Message (VCAM) program, asking creators to show how their "Life in HD"

2007-04-10 04:40:31

HP's HP Calculator 35 Year Celebration" Contest

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the launch of the HP-35 calculator, HP launched the HP Calculator 35 Year Celebration Contest, asking people to share their experiences, with HP Calculators.

2007-04-16 00:00:00

Coca-Cola's "Virtual Thirst" Contest on Second Life

Coca-Cola's first initiative within the virtual world of Second Life, "Virtual Thirst" was a community competition to design the perfect "Exprience Vending Machine".

2007-04-16 03:52:56

Heinz First "Top This TV" Challenge

Heinz was asking consumers to send in their home spun commercials for Heinz ketchup, getting both good and bas entries

2007-06-04 11:00:26

Pepsi's Second "Creative Challenge" in China

The campaign appealed to China's youth to become the face of Pepsi by using online advertising, buzz, word of mouth, events, TV advertising and other promotional activity to generate 2.5 million submissions

2007-07-23 17:11:41

Nike iD's Shoe Design Competition with IQONS

Together with IQONS, a fashion-related social networking community, Nike iD launched a design competition to challenge athletes and connoisseurs to come up with a new shoe design

2007-08-05 20:27:31

Google's "M-velope" Video Contest

Google launched a viral video-competition. The Gmail Team was looking for 10 second video clips featuring the red Gmail envelope (M-velope). The best videos were strung together into a collaborative video that was featured on the Gmail homepage

2007-09-15 08:19:33

Hermès' First "Prix Emile Hermès"

Hermes presented the Prix Emile Hermes, a triennial prize to be awarded to the best and most innovative design on a chosen theme. In its inaugural year, it was "la legerete au quotidien - everyday lightness", as applied to objects for travel and the home.

2007-10-31 17:49:46

Cisco's First "I-Prize" Innovation Contest

The Cisco I-Prize, launched during the opening of Cisco's Globalization Center in Bangalore, India, in October 2007, invited entrepreneurs to brainstorm and comment on innovative business and technology ideas, form teams, and draft business plans for a chance to join Cisco and help develop their new business idea.

2007-12-01 02:52:56

IBM's "Tutto Quello Che ti Server" Contest on Userfarm

"Tutto quello che ti server" was the campaign developed for the IBM brand. Users were invited to create video responses to 4 previous video made to promote a new i515 server launched by IBM in 2007

2007-12-14 03:52:56

Heinz Second "Top This TV" Challenge

After the first challenge in 2007, Heinz launched a second edition called "Top This TV Challenge Take Two"

2007-12-17 02:09:11

Nestle's "Love 100 Grand" Contest on Poptent

Poptent's very first contest was for Nestlé's candy bar 100 Grand. The videomaker crowd was sollicited to "Shoot a 30 second commercial that showcases the extraordinary 100 GRAND® eating experience"

2008-02-07 20:27:31

HP China's "A Page of Inspiration" Design Contest

In early 2008 (exact date?), HP China launched the first of three contests in the "My Computer. My Stage" campaign, encouraging consumers to express dreams, achievements and goals through writing or illustrations on a dedicated site.

2008-02-13 22:46:11

Google's "Doodle 4 Google 2008" Contest

In 2008, Google launched the first edition if it's (now annual) "Doodle 4 Google" competition, that invites school children to redesign the Google logo

2008-03-01 21:30:26

Bud Light's "Dude" Video Contest on Poptent

Anheuser Busch's brand Bud Light wanted the creative crowd to create "Dude" videos similar to the brand's advertising sports from October 2007 and January 2008

2008-03-06 08:13:45

Starbucks Launches "My Starbucks Idea"

On My Starbucks Idea, any visitor can submit ideas, look at the ideas that have been posted and vote on them.

2008-04-11 11:00:26

Pepsi's Third "Creative Challenge" in China

The year of the Olympics in Beijing, Pepsi tasked users to submit photos showing their best "Go China" spirit via mobile

2008-05-21 23:07:56

Nestlé's "KitKat" Contest on Zooppa

Nestle KitKat used Zooppa's creative platform to realize its official banner campaign, asking "zooppers" to submit videos and other formats around the "Take A Break" theme

2008-06-07 20:51:53

Google Redesigns the Favicon

Google asked designers, internet users, consumers... anyone to give them feedback about the design of the new Google favison

2008-08-19 21:49:06

Intel's "Inspire-Empower" Challenge

Intel’s Inspire-Empower Challenge was a challenge to develop technology solutions that address four areas of global need: education, healthcare, economic development, and the environment. It has awarded seed funding of $100,000 USD to one winner in each category.

2008-08-29 22:47:04

HP's "What Do You Have To Say?" Contest on Current

On Current, especially its Viewer-Created Ad Message (VCAM) program, HP Wireless Printing organized a video contest for people to make an ad for the brand's wireless printing offer

2008-09-02 03:52:56

MTV's "MTV+ME" Contest on eYeka

MTV Asia tasked eYeka's creative community to produce videos and/or animations to be aired on MTV Asia in 2008/09

2008-09-08 11:18:41

Toyota's Fourth "Dream Car Art Contest"

In 2008 (exact dates unclear) and after skipping 2007, Toyota held the fourth edition of its "Dream Car Art Contest".

2008-09-16 12:08:41

Nokia's First "Calling All Innovators" Contest

Forum Nokia (Nokia's global developer program) launched a competition which invited innovators to submit new applications for mobile communications that can improve the world.

2008-10-08 03:26:41

Philips' "You & Philps" Contest on eYeka

Philips tasked people to share ideas, experiences and tips on Philips’ products.

2008-11-05 01:45:57

Budweiser's "Designated Driver" Contest on Poptent

Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Budweiser, was looking for videos that highlight the important role of Designated Drivers, portraying them as heroes

2008-11-08 01:45:57

Budweiser's "Protecting The Environment" Contest on Poptent

Paralelly to the previous contest, Anheuser-Busch was also looking for videos that show how using a Designated Driver helps protect the environment by reducing miles driven, saving gas and reducing emissions

2008-11-19 03:11:49

MTV and HP's "Engine Room" Design Contest

MTV and HP hosted a design contest wherein entrants had to create a design for the exterior shell of an HP laptop

2009-01-30 19:02:30

HP's "HP Video Tips" Contest on eYeka

HP wanted to spread the Total Care values and engage the community towards this direction: Learning and Using I.T. with HP. To achieve this, the brand asked eYeka's creative community to share their I.T. knowledge with the world and teach one another how to make the most of their computers.

2009-02-03 16:46:11

Google's "Doodle 4 Google 2009" Contest

Starting in February, Google announced the second annual Doodle 4 Google contest in the U.S... and beyond.

2009-02-07 20:27:31

HP China's "Hip-Hop Your Song" Contest

In 2009 (exact date?), HP China launched the second of three contests in the "My Computer. My Stage" campaign, letting Chinese youth write and post hip-hop songs online.

2009-02-17 15:52:56

Samsung's "How Deep Is Your Love" Contest on YouTube

Samsung Germany asked German consumers to upload declaration of love videos about their Samsung devices

2009-02-19 05:49:09

BMW South Africa's "Winning Drivers" Contest on Idea Bounty

BMW South Africa asked the Idea Bounty community for ideas to create a branded BMW activation and mechanic that would entice potential new drivers to opt in for future BMW communication

2009-03-04 00:00:00

Coca-Cola's "Impossible IS possible" Contest on eYeka

Coke Zero was calling out to Singaporean Youths to create their own “Impossible IS Possible” TV Commercial

Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands Before 2011

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