Timeline of Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP)

OCLP is a democracy movement inspired by the philosophy of nonviolence to demand a fully democratic government with genuine choices for voters in Hong Kong. This is a timeline of key events since the launching of OCLP.

Benny Tai's "Debut"

Benny Tai put forward a proposal of a nonviolent direct action campaign to occupy Central as a means to achieve genuine universal suffrage on HKEJ.

Interview: "The Bomb of Civil Disobedience"

Independent online news InMedia reporter interviewed Benny Tai about his proposal. The article gained citywide attention.

"Occupy Central: Conversation Series"

Mingpao Sunday interviewed Benny Tai and published 11 subsequent interviews of Tai with other public figures in a conversation series.

DDoS attacks on Online Referendum Site

Unprecedented levels of DDoS attack paralyzed OCLP's online referendum site. Cloudflare diligently worked to combat the cyber-attacks. Given the unimaginable scale and duration of the attack, experts speculated the attacks were likely sponsored by the Chinese government.

Pro-democracy Rally

500,000+ protesters took to the street on the 17th anniversary of HK's handover to China, to demand a fully democratic and accountable government.

Chater Road Sit-in & Arrests

After the rally, protesters performed overnight sit-in on Chater Road until 8am. Police began arrest at 2:45am but failed to finish clearing the site before 8am. 511 protesters were arrested. The peaceful sit-in received positive responses from the public.

Democracy Walkathon

Led by Cardinal Zen, pro-democracy supporters walked around Hong Kong 24hours/day for 7 days to call on the public to vote in the referendum.

NPC Handed Down Decision Over HK's Electoral Reform

China breached the international agreement it signed on 30 years ago in the eyes of the world. Will world leaders who claim to promote democracy act?

Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day

2500 attended the final deliberation day and voted for their favorite CE nomination proposals. All top 3 proposals advocated for civil nomination. The 3 proposals were then put forth for voting in the citywide civil referendum in June.

Civil Referendum

800k participated in the referendum to express their desire for full democracy. An overwhelming majority refused to "pocket fake democracy first."

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