Gordon´s Wine Bar

Gordons wine bar is thought to be the oldest wine bar in London.

Luis Gordon.

Luis Gordon, wine importer, publican and owner of the bar, born in Crawley.

Brothel prosecution!

In the early 20th century, the residential population of the building levelled out at 17 or 18 but the clientele deteriorated: one Alfred Frederick Joyce was convicted and fined in 1923 for keeping a brothel at this address.

The light that failed.

Famous tenant - Rudyard Kipling wrote "The light that failed" in the parlour above the bar

New generation.

Luis Gordon's son, Simon Gordon, is now running the of the bar on behalf of Wendy Gordon

Villiers Street

First reference of Villiers Street as Norwich Place, owned by the Bishops of Norwich

York House

Becomes York House as its ownership is taken over by the Archbishop of York and keeps its name until 1674

Robert Harley.

Robert Harley (Earl of Essex, 1711).

River was embanked.

River was embanked and warehouse was landlocked.

Luis´s death.

Aged 69, Luis Gordon dies after losing a 4 year battle with cancer in Henfield.

Free Vintners

Free Vintners - 1364 - Edward III's Charter: The result of his financial embarrassment at being unable to repay a loan made by the Vintners to him some years earlier which granted the Vintners the ability to set up and sell wine anywhere without applying for a license.

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