The Winter War

The Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland endured for 105 freezing cold days beginning in the year 1939 and ending in 1940.

Many saw the war as already been won by the Soviets before it even began, but what came as a surprise to many was that Finland was actually able to put up a respectable fight. There were several points of successful military strategy throughout the war that led to the signing of the Moscow Treaty. However, the Winter War resulted in more than just a treaty. The Finnish army was able to perpetrate an extremely large number of losses onto the Red Army; more than anyone would have ever imagined possible for a country as small in numbers as Finland. Thus, proving to Germany alongside other countries around the world that it was indeed possible to defeat the “undefeatable” Russian Bear. ;xNLx;;xNLx;[Click here to watch actual footage from the Winter War](

The Finnish Government Makes a Counteroffer

Finland offers the Soviets a town called Terijoki, which equates to a much smaller amount of land than the original Soviet demands.

The Pursuit of Viipuri

The Finnish Army falls back from the V-line defense and into the city of Viipuri.

Russo–German Non-Aggression Pact Signed

The secret protocol written in this pact places the Baltic region and Finland within the Soviet Union's sphere of interest. In any case of political or territorial rearrangement, pre-determined boundaries are documented in the Russo-German non-aggression pact.

Soviet-Latvian Mutual Assistance Treaty signed

The Soviet-Latvian Mutual Assistance treaty allowed both the Soviet Union and Latvia to respect the independence of each country. While the treaty was in practice, the Red Army was able to strategically place military bases inside of Latvian borders, which would be advantageous to them in future invasions.

Finnish Delegation Meets with Molotov and Stalin in Moscow

The Finnish delegations received demands of concessions from the Soviets. The Soviet Union is interested in the territory of the Karelian isthmus, the Rybachy Peninsula, islands in the Gulf of Finland, as well as the lease of a naval base at Hanko. In return, they would trade the municipalities of Repola and Porajarvi, which adds up to be almost twice as much land as what they demanded from Finland. The Finnish government is torn, but ultimately rejects the offer.

Molotov Presents a Speech

The final demands and offers of the Soviets are announced publicly before the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union in a speech given by Molotov.

The End of Negotiations

The Finnish delegation returns home to Finland. This represents the end of negotiations between Finland and the Soviet Union.

The Shelling of Mainila

The Soviet Union stages a shelling in their own town of Mainila.

The Withdraw

The Soviet Union withdraws from the non-aggression pact with Finland. Their staged attack on Mainila was used as an excuse to their actions.

The Bombing of Helsinki

The Red Army crosses the border into Finland. Shortly after, Soviet planes unexpectedly drop bombs over Finland's capital, Helsinki. The Soviet Union denies the unannounced attack and claims to had been uninvolved in the bombing.

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