Adler & Gibb - A Timeline

Adler & Gibb tells the story of a raid – on a house, a life, a reality and a legacy.

Janet Adler and Margaret Gibb were conceptual artists working in New York at the end of the last century. They were described by art critic Dave Hickey as the ‘most ferociously uncompromising voice of their generation’. With Adler’s death in 2004, however, the compromise began.

1944-09-09 22:56:48

Adler is born

Janet Adler is born in Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.

1944-11-26 12:41:00

Adler is born

Janet Adler is born in Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.

1945-04-04 22:08:13

Liberation of Buchenwald

Buchenwald is liberated and Adler and her mother move to Vienna.

1953-06-15 21:17:00

Erased de Kooning Drawing

Robert Rauschenberg exhibits Erased De Kooning Drawing, a drawing by Willem de Kooning erased by Rauschenberg and exhibited in simple gilded frame. Some consider the work an act of vandalism.

1958-04-04 22:08:13


Adler emigrates to New Jersey.

1960-10-01 17:56:25

A Leap into the Void

Yves Klein's creates A Leap Into The Void, in which he attempts to fly by leaping out of a window. He states: "The painter has only to create one masterpiece, himself, constantly."

1961-01-01 17:56:25

The Base of the World

Piero Manzoni created The Base of the World, thereby exhibiting the entire planet as his artwork.

1964-09-28 14:51:29

American Supermarket

Billy Apple displays his iconic American Supermarket piece in New York, featuring contributions from Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Robert Watts.

1965-03-25 12:05:15

One and Three Chairs

Joseph Kosuth exhibits One and Three Chairs, a work that consists of a chair, a photograph of a chair, and the dictionary definition of the word chair.

1966-08-04 12:05:15

Still and Chew

Artists and teacher John Latham stages a conceptual piece called Still and Chew in which he invites art students at Cnetral Saint Martins to chew pages from Clement Greenberg's Art & Culture before dissolving them in acid. Latham loses his part time teaching post at Saint Martins as a consequence.

1967-01-01 22:08:13

Suicide Attempt

Adler attempts to take her life by taking an overdose of barbiturates.

1967-06-01 12:05:15

Paragraphs on Conceptual Art

Sol de Witts "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art" are published in Art Forum, marking transition from Minimal to Conceptual movements.

1968-06-03 15:27:03

Warhol shot

Andy Warhol is shot by radical feminist Valerie Solanas at the Factory in New York.

1968-12-20 17:56:25

Statements of Intent

Lawrence Weiner formulates his "Declaration of Intent." The declaration, which underscores his subsequent practice reads: "1. The artist may construct the piece. 2. The piece may be fabricated. 3. The piece need not be built. Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership."

1969-08-04 12:05:15

"The World is Full of Objects"

The artists Douglas Huebler participates in a show with Joseph Kosuth, Robert Barry and Lawrence Weiner, a landmark exhibition of conceptual art. As part of the show, Huebler issues a famous statement: "The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more."

1970-07-15 05:34:07

I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art

Disillusioned with the state of painting in the 1960s, John Baldessari burns many of his early landscapes and abstractions. A year later her creates the piece I will Not Make Any More Boring Art.

1972-01-12 23:45:48

Natural Art

Polish artist Jacek Tylicki lays out blank canvases or paper sheets in the natural environment for long periods of time to allow nature to create the art,

1973-01-02 23:45:48


Fred Forest buys a blank space in the newspaper La Monde and invites readers to fill it with their own piece of art and mail it back to the artist.

1974-04-11 23:45:48

Cadillac Ranch

San Francisco collective Ant Farm construct Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas.

1976-05-15 11:08:02

Adler meets Gibb

Adler meets the young political scientist Gibb at a private showing of outsider art at the X Gallery in Greenwich Village.

1981-05-31 18:51:50

Adler has found her life's audience

Adler writes to her publisher that in Gibb she has found her life’s audience. “The store window is shuttered. The work is now just a life lived.

1981-10-20 10:44:41

The Art is in Us

Adler & Gibb purchase a celebrated portrait of art critic Clement Greenberg by the painter Leon Golub. They then proceed to publicly eat the work over the course of two days in their studio on Park Slope. The installation is named The Art Is In Us.

1981-10-20 10:44:41

Venice Biennale

Adler & Gibb are asked to contribute to the US Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. They present a film of a pack of sibling dogs ravenously devouring the flesh of their parents. At the end of the exhibition they destroyed all know prints of the film. The negative however, is currently owned by Swiss banking giant UBS.

1986-10-20 10:44:41

girls, girls, girls

Adler & Gibb are immortalised by Andy Warhol in a triptych of photographic silk screens entitled girls, girls, girls

1988-07-01 19:29:10


Damien Hirst and fellow art students hold the iconic Freeze exhibition in the London Docklands, kick starting the careers of a new wave of British Artists, many of whom drew inspiration from first wave American conceptual artists.

1988-10-20 10:44:41

the realm of possibility

Greenpeace commission the realm of possibility

1990-10-19 12:05:15

Mind Over Matter

The Whitney Museum of American Art hold an exhibition of third-generation conceptual artists entitled "Mind Over Matter", including work by Ashley Bickerton and Ronald Jones.

1992-07-07 17:05:48

New story 1

Charles Saatchi commissions Damian Hirst to create The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

1992-07-20 10:44:41


Adler & Gibb stage a series of “non events”. These took the form of happenings - a request made to a particular community to, and quote, "open all the doors, sanction the relaxed gaze', to move at half pace, to speak at half voice...

1997-05-01 10:44:41


Adler& Gibb part company with celebrated gallerist Adam Harper after an acrimonious lawsuit over attempts to trademark their their name.

1998-09-11 10:44:41


Adler & Gibb are invited to contribute a work to Whitney’s permanent collection. Their submission, a live puppy, is rejected for technical and administrative reasons.

1999-03-15 10:44:41

there are now enough objects

Adler & Gibb issue a manifesto entitled there are now enough objects

1999-12-01 10:44:41

"Shoot the wounded, save yourselves"

Adler & Gibb walk away from the art world - reportedly issuing the slogan: “Shoot the wounded. Save yourselves”

2003-05-23 09:08:05

Adler dies

Janet Adler dies in mysterious circumstances. It is estimated that by the time of her death she had made over 9000 pieces, a tiny fraction of which are recorded.

2004-06-14 09:08:05


A student makes a presentation.

Adler & Gibb - A Timeline

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