The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College Story

This is the history of the Stella and Charles Guttman Community College. Established on September 20, 2011, with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s approval of a Master Plan Amendment, the New Community College at CUNY (the original name) was the University’s first new community college in more than 40 years. The second community college in Manhattan was inspired by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein’s interest in improving graduation rates for CUNY’s diverse urban students with a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. “There is no more urgent task in higher education than to find ways to help more community college students succeed,” the Chancellor has said. In June of 2013, the name was changed to the Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, as a result of a large endowment from the Guttman Foundation.

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A New Approach to Higher Education

February 2008: CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein initiates a process to develop a model for a new CUNY community college. Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs John Mogulescu and Project Director Tracy Meade lead a visionary group to develop ideas for a new approach to associate degree higher education based on research and best practices.

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The Concept Paper

August-September 2008: A New Community College Concept paper is published, laying the foundation for the future college. In the spring of 2008, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein initiated a process for developing a model for a new CUNY community college. Click on "Find out more" for the concept paper.

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Dean Mogulescu Appointed to Head the New Initiative

Chancellor Goldstein charges Dean Mogulescu to convene a team to develop the concept for a new community college. Dean Mogulescu spearheaded the CUNY initiative to develop the seventh community college for CUNY.

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Team Lead for NCC Appointed

Dean Mogulescu tasks Tracy Meade, University Dean of Collaborative Programs to lead a planning team to develop a new community college for the City University of New York.

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Dean of Strategic Planning

As Dean of Strategic Planning and a member of the Executive Committee, Dr. Cochran is involved in many of the day-to-day issues of building a new college. As a member of the College planning team since early 2009 and a Deputy to the Project Director Tracy Meade, he helped guide the process that led to approval by the CUNY Board of Trustees and the New York State Department of Education of the Application for Opening a New College and A Proposal for the Initial Programs of Study (January 2011). Since 2012 he has overseen the extensive work at the college in developing plans for assessment (both student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness) and an accreditation site visit by NYSED that led to a vote in December 2012 by the Board of Regents accrediting the College for five years with an interim report after three years. He is the College's co-liaison of the Foundations of Excellence first year self-study, and as the Middle States Commission for Higher Education accreditation liaison officer, he is responsible for the submission of an Accreditation Readiness Report initiating the multi-year MSCHE process. Dr. Cochran is also the elected Secretary to the Guttman College Council. Prior to his work at the College, Cochran served as the Director of Research and Evaluation for CUNY Collaborative Programs in the Office of Academic Affairs. In that capacity he helped design and oversee the conduct of quantitative and qualitative research on academic programs including College Now, the Middle Grades Initiative/GEAR UP, and CUNY Prep. He joined Collaborative Programs in 2000 as a co-director of Looking Both Ways, a professional development project for writing teachers at CUNY and New York City public schools. He earned his master’s and doctorate in English with a certificate in American Studies at the CUNY Graduate School and taught for ten years at Queens College at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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The Great Experiment

Click and read the story published in Inside Higher Ed in 2009.

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We Want To Do Things Differently

For the past two years John Mogulescu, senior University dean for academic affairs and dean of the School of Professional Studies, has been in charge of developing a new, seventh community college for CUNY -- one that will hopefully see more students succeed. "It is our intention to see if we do things differently, that we can increase the graduation rates," said Dean Mogulescu of the new college. "At the end of the first year, they will not only get a certain amount of credits, but they will be better prepared." He discussed plans for the college, to open by summer 2012, including its innovative approach to retaining students through comprehensive academic summer programs and an intensive first-year, full-time curriculum. "We understand how complicated our students' lives are, but .... if we can provide a meaningful education experience for them, they will step up and meet the challenge of hard work."

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First Faculty!

September 2010: The New Community College initiative appoints its first faculty. The faculty often had meetings in Bryant Park. In the picture (taken in March, 2011), from left to right: Dr. Karla Fuller - Biology / Dr. Caitlin Cahill - Urban Studies / Dr. Bill Rosenthal - Mathematics / Dr. Emily Schnee - English / Dr. Nicole Saint-Louis - Human Services / Dr. Naveen Seth - Business / Dr. Steve Cosares - Mathematics and Information Technology.

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Our New President

Scott joined CUNY in 2011 as Guttman Community College’s Founding President. He served as professor of psychology and founding dean of University College at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. He joined the psychology faculty there after completing his Masters' and Doctorate in Social Psychology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Indiana University at Bloomington. Scott has long been involved in designing, implementing and assessing programs for students in their first years of university study. He played a major role in various initiatives to support student achievement in Indiana, including efforts to keep students in college. He has given more than 100 presentations on serving students as they enter college, and he has written many articles and chapters on academic achievement and persistence. Scott was a task force advisor for the Foundations of Excellence in the First College Year and a board member of the American Conference of Academic Deans. He has been a resource faculty member at the Summer Quality Academy of the Institute for Higher Education Policy and for the General Education and Assessment Institute of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. He served on the advisory board for the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, and as a faculty member for the Learning Community Institute of the Washington Center for Undergraduate Education. The National Learning Community conference recognized him with the lifetime achievement award. He has been on accreditation teams for three regional associations, focusing on general education, assessment and programs for entering students.

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Our New Home!

The College establishes residency at 50 W. 40th Street, across from Bryant Park and the New York Public Library

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Board of Regents Authorizes NCC

On June 21, 2011, the New York State Board of Regents approved an amendment to the long-range master plan of The City University of New York authorizing the establishment of Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, formerly The New Community College at CUNY, in Manhattan and authorizing the College to offer initially associate degree programs in five discipline areas of business, the health professions, the humanities, the physical sciences, engineering, and the social sciences. A year and half later, on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, the Board of Regents voted toCommunity College for a period of five years with the condition that the college submit an interim report at the end of three years confirming effective implementation of program plans and student outcomes, including student persistence, graduation rates, and transfers to four-year baccalaureate programs in their field of study.

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Our Mission

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is an urban public institution that offers associate degree programs in an environment that nurtures student success. Based on extensive research, Guttman Community College integrates excellence in teaching, proactive and responsive student supports and external partnerships. Our primary objective is to increase the number of students, especially those not effectively served in higher education, who persist in their programs of study and attain a degree in a timely manner. We offer a clearly defined educational pathway including an integrated first-year curriculum that is inquiry-based and majors that prepare students for careers and baccalaureate study. Guttman programs are academically rigorous, multidisciplinary and experientially based. Community is at the center of Guttman Community College’s mission, and students are at the center of the College. Guttman fosters an environment of cooperation and collaboration, where students, faculty and staff respect and appreciate each other’s perspectives, commonalities, differences and contributions. Students address compelling urban issues and move into the wider community through experiential learning and internships. Graduates will have the intellectual tools and confidence to be engaged citizens and responsible leaders. College is a time and a place and an idea—an opportunity to cultivate the knowledge and experience required to meet intellectual, creative and professional goals. Guttman Community College supports students in developing the capacity to interpret and evaluate ideas they encounter both in and out of the classroom and to make informed judgments. Students will learn to express their ideas effectively and know that their voices are valued. They will graduate with a greater sense of responsibility for their academic success and personal growth, prepared to pursue additional studies, a career and lifelong learning.

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Governor Approves NCC

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo approves an Amendment to CUNY's Master Plan for The New Community College.

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NCC's New Provost and VP

José Luis Morín, Vice President and Provost, joined the New Community College in September, 2011, with chief responsibility for instruction, curricula, and all other academic aspects of the college. Prior to joining the College, he held administrative positions at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and CUNY-wide. At John Jay, José spent eight years as chair of the Latin American and Latina/o Studies Department.

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NCC is for Everyone!

Established on Sept. 20, 2011, The New Community College at CUNY is New York City's first new community college in nearly 40 years. Overlooking the vibrant Bryant Park, the college will open with its first class of 300 students in August 2012.

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Our New Vice President

Dr. Larian Angelo is the Vice President for Administration and Finance at Guttman Community College, overseeing Budget, Facilities, IT, HR, Enrollment Management and Communications. She brings to the College a deep commitment to public service with significant expertise in public finance and public policy and government and community relations. Prior to joining the College in 2012, Dr. Angelo worked in New York City government for 21 years. She most recently served as the Deputy Director for Education, Government Relations and Community Boards at the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget. Among her responsibilities was direct oversight of the City University of New York’s budget. Prior to serving in the Office of Management and Budget, Dr. Angelo was the Director of the New York City Council Finance Division where she developed budget strategies in consultation with the Speaker of the City Council. Early in her career she served as the Research Director for the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers union. Dr. Angelo received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooklyn College and a Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research and has been an adjunct lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Hofstra University. An expert in public finance and economics, Dr. Angelo has written and lectured extensively and continues to advise city and state officials

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Governance Plan

The Governance Plan of Stella and Charles Guttman Community College (formerly New Community College) was approved at the Board of Trustees meeting on June 25, 2012. The Governance Plan provides for membership on the College Council, which was launched with its first meeting in fall 2012.

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Times Article: "The New Community College Try"

Click on "find out more" for an article about the New Community College published in the New York Times a month before the college officially opened.

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Making History: The New College Opens

Convocation honoring entering class, 2012, to The New Community College at CUNY. Speakers represent the City University of New York, the New York City government, philanthropic organizations and members of the student support operation. Speakers include: Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, The City University of New York; Scott E. Evenbeck, President, The New Community College at CUNY; Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, The City of New York. Taped at The New York Public Library, 8/20/12.

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SGA Holds First Elections

After listening to the speeches of all nominated candidates students voted for the candidates on Thursday, September 27. Picture: Top row: (L to R) President Scott Evenbeck, Stephen Icaza, SGA President; Sherine Smith, SGA Vice-President; Alfajo Jallow, SGA Treasurer; Henesse Molina, SGA Secretary; and Randy Moore, Student Success Advocate and SGA advisor. Seated: Richard Persaud, Senator; Paloma Cruz, Senator; Cassandra Ortiz, Senator; and Instructor and SGA advisor Nate Mikelson. The SGA will create a sense of community at the college through programs, represent and advocate for students through NCC committees and the College Council, fund and maintain student clubs, and create an election process and procedures to uphold the Constitution.

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First College Council Elections

The College Council holds its inaugural meeting in October, 2012. Elections are held on 10/23/2012: - The Curriculum and Student Academic Support Committee: Nicola Blake, Joseph Capobianco, Tracy Daraviras, Laura Gambino, Toni Gifford, Ariana Gonzalez-Stokas, Verlene Herrington, Rebecca Hoda-Kearse, José Luis Morín, Naveen Seth, Rebecca Walker, - The Assessment & Professional Development Committee: Stuart Cochran, Laura Gambino, Elisa Hertz, Nicole Saint Louis, Andrea Morrell, Alia Tyner-Mullings, Lori Ungemah, - Agenda Committee Stuart Cochran (Ex officio), Tracy Daraviras, Scott Evenbeck, or his designee, Alia Tyner-Mullings, Naveen Seth, Rebecca Walker, - College Personnel Committee Nicola Blake, Laura Gambino, José Luis Morín, Nicole Saint Louis, Rebecca Walker

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Rethinking Community College

“The important thing about the New Community College is not any one thing they’re doing, but that they’re doing all of them together. All the research shows that if you do them alone, for a modest amount of time, they have a modest positive effect, but it doesn’t last. This will be a chance to see what happens if you do them together, consistently, over a longer period of time."

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92% Retention Rate!

In August 2012 The New Community College at CUNY opened with 300 students and a mission to rethink community college education. We and our students are now midway through NCC’s first year, and I’m delighted that the fall-to-spring persistence rate of this first cohort is 92 percent. This is not only beyond our initial expectations, but is also 20 percentage points ahead of most community colleges. While “92” is our new favorite number, we will continue to strive for “100” as our retention goal.

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The Guttmans' Legacy

Guttman Foundation board members discuss the philanthropic legacy of Stella and Charles Guttman. In April 2013 The City University of New York received a $25 million gift from the Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation to support The New Community College at CUNY and two other community college initiatives to boost student retention and graduation rates. In honor of the $15 million endowment gift to the college, the foundation's largest and the largest ever given to a New York State community college, the CUNY Board of Trustees passed a resolution to rename The New Community College Stella and Charles Guttman Community College.

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NCC Hosts Citizenship Now!

NCC Hosts Citizenship NOW! The New Community College at CUNY will host the 11th annual Citizenship NOW! immigration hotline April 22-26. Co-sponsored by The New York Daily News and the City University of New York (CUNY), the hotline provides free and confidential citizenship and immigration information to thousands of callers.

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SGA 2013 Election Results

President - Alfajo Jallow Vice President - Angie Urena Treasurer - Jessica Leung SecretaryReina Osorio Senators Samuel Van Der Swaag Daphne Oliveira Christopher Sanchez Hussein Nasrallah Student Representatives to the Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee Sherine Smith Stephen Icaza Henesse Molina Sean Charles Jnr. Tamika Marshall

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Assessment Plan and Timeline

Assessment at Guttman Community College is a shared institutional responsibility coordinated through the Center of College Effectiveness and supported by the Assessment and Professional Development Committee. Guttman Community College’s Learning Outcomes (GLO) encourage students to aim high and provide them with a framework for their entire educational experience, connecting school, college, work and life. These outcomes build on Lumina Foundation’s Degree Qualifications Profile and are informed by AAC&U’s LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. They are an inclusive framework for a contemporary liberal education, defined not as a selected set of disciplines, but as a set of knowledge and skills for all aspects of life: school, work, citizenship, and social responsibility. They reflect Guttman’s mission and values. Click "to find out more: for complete document.

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Students Talk About Guttman!

Guttman students talk about what they love about Guttman: "It's a smaller school...I know everyone...we are on a pioneering's such a supportive community...I can just be myself!"

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Year-End College PMP Report: 2012-13

The City University of New York follows a performance management process (PMP) that links planning and goal setting by the University and its colleges and professional schools, measures annual progress towards key goals, and recognizes excellent performance.

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Celebrating Our New Name!

On June 18 the College achieved another milestone in its short history by holding a reception to celebrate its new name. In honor of the $15 million endowment gift to the College from the Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation, the CUNY Board of Trustees on April 29 passed a resolution to rename The New Community College at CUNY Stella and Charles Guttman Community College Tags: Left: From Guttman Foundation (L to R): Benjamin Herbert (Board Member), Robert S. Gassman (Treasurer), Susan Butler Plum (Board Member), Elizabeth Olofson (Executive Director), Peter Herbert (Vice President), Patricia L. Francy (Board Member), and Ernest Rubenstein (President). Right: From CUNY (L to R): Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, Rita DiMartino (Trustee), Carol A. Robles-Román (Trustee), President Scott E. Evenbeck, and Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly.

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Summer Bridge 2013

Published on Sep 9, 2013 A photo celebration of Guttman Community College's 2013 Summer Bridge Program (August 19-September 4, 2013). The Summer Bridge Program is a required 12-day session and a hallmark of the College's educational model. It provides first-year students a smooth transition between high school and college by ensuring they are prepared for college-level coursework. Students complete assignments similar to those that will be required during the first-year program and learn strategies for success. Activities during the Summer Bridge Program include a group project exploring the concept of place in New York City, field experiences using New York City as an extended classroom and the creation of an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) where students will archive their college work.Enter story info here

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Guttman Strategic Plan 2013-2017

By any measure, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College (formerly the New Community College at CUNY) had a remarkable first year. Located at 50 West 40th Street in the heart of midtown Manhattan overlooking Bryant Park, we opened our doors a year ago after four and a half years of planning with a Convocation on August 20, 2012 as our first 300 students marked the start of an inaugural Summer Bridge Program. The college was honored at that event by the presence of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch, Board Vice Chairperson Philip Berry, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein and many others. In his remarks the Mayor said that “helping to make the New Community College a reality fulfills a pledge I made three years ago. And in launching it today, we’re creating a potentially game-changing model for community college education in New York and throughout the nation.” That aspiration has been our guiding light as we moved through a first year that was both thrilling and challenging. Click on "Find out more" for the complete paper.

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Guttman 2013-14 Goals and Targets Report

Enter story info here

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Instructional Teams at Guttman

Instructional Teams at Guttman Community College: Building a Learning Community of Students, Faculty, and Staff by Alexandra Weinbaum, Camille Rodríguez and Nan Bauer-Maglin has just been published. This briefing paper examines the instructional team experience during the inaugural year of the college (2012–2013). A key feature of Guttman Community College’s model is the mandatory full-time first year requiring students to be enrolled in houses (more commonly known as learning communities) and participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by a team of faculty who work with the students throughout the year. In each house, faculty, librarians, and student support staff (Student Success Advocates and Graduate Coordinators) form an instructional team. The paper describes and discusses the instructional teams at the college, including their purpose, functions, operating norms and culture, supports to students and participants, and faculty and staff assessments of their effectiveness.

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New Chief of Staff

Dr. Linda Merians joined Guttman Community College as Chief of Staff in September 2013. She came to CUNY in 2012, working for The Graduate Center and the Invest in CUNY campaign. Previously, she worked at SUNY Stony Brook as Chief of Staff for President Shirley Strum Kenny. Dr. Merians earned her Ph.D. and M.A. degrees at the University of Maryland, and her B.A. from Manhattanville College. An English professor by training, Dr. Merians served on the faculties of Bucknell University and La Salle University, where she taught classes in eighteenth-century British Literature, poetry, Shakespeare, composition, theory, women's studies, and South African literature. She has presented papers at many academic conferences, and published articles and book reviews on a variety of topics. Her two books reflect her interest in British literature and culture. She conceived, edited, wrote the introduction and a chapter for The Secret Malady: Venereal Disease in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France (1996). She is also the author of Envisioning the Worst: Representations of 'Hottentots' in Early Modern England (2001). Dr. Merians serves as the Executive Secretary of the East-Central/American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies and is a passionate believer in public higher education.

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2nd Year Convocation

On September 4, 2013, CUNY Guttman held it's annual convocation to welcome they're "first" second class. The event began with a moving video presentation about the philanthropic legacy of Stella and Charles Guttman, whose names the college now bears in recognition of the historic endowment gift from the Guttman Foundation in June 2013. Former Guttman Student Government Association President Stephen Icaza and current President Alfajo Jallow gave welcome remarks. Convocation concluded with a Summer Bridge photo collage video created by inaugural class student Richard Persaud.

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Honors List 2012-13

Honors List 2012-2013- Pictured Front Row (L to R): Talia Arif, Juan Pulla, Grabiela Rosario, Daphney Oliveira, Maria Estrada, Cassandra Ortiz, Kristine Perez, Raul Ramirez, and Simone Mitchell. Pictured Back Row (L to R): Khalifa Ndiaye, Adesh Ramcharitar, Samuel van der Swaagh, Jessica Leung, Davon Agnew Jr., Tannya Luna, Roseellie Minier, Anna Tokar, Shomari Townsend, Nicaurys Torres Mejia, Allison Rivas, Provost Jose Luis Morin and President Scott Evenbeck.

2013-09-01 00:00:00

Exceptional Student Service Award

At the 2013 Guttman Convocation held on September 4, the following students received the "Exceptional Community Service Award" - Pictured (L to R): Dycota Robinson, Mirella Laure, Alfajo Jallow, Daquan Allison, VP of Administration Larian Angelo and President Scott Evenbeck.

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Peer Mentors Present at Symposium

The National Mentoring Symposium was held at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) from October 18-20. Two Guttman Community College staff members and four Peer Mentors attended, where they led a workshop and peer mentor panel discussion. The conference was geared towards undergraduate and graduate students from around the country who serve as peer educators in various capacities as well as program staff and faculty. Attendees shared ideas and best practices for personal and professional development to strengthen their skills and increase their understanding of strategic methods to mentor students. The Guttman conference contingent included Danny Ambrose, Associate Director of Mentoring & Student Success, Carlos Burgos, Peer Mentor Program Assistant, and the following Peer Mentors: Davon Agnew, Juan Pulla, Eve Johnson and Shomari Townsend. The Guttman team’s workshop, Strategies for Building a Multifaceted Peer Mentor Program, highlighted the college’s peer mentor program demographics, its varied ,mentoring roles and the distinctive features of the program. The presenters shared strategies on how to build a comprehensive peer mentor program to enhance the impact of classroom teaching and learning and to facilitate ongoing student and mentor leadership development. The session also explored how Guttman’s peer mentor program instills a sense of social responsibility through innovative student-driven projects and activities inside and outside the classroom.

2014-01-01 00:00:00

Science Lab Opens

On January 16, 2013, Guttman students, faculty and staff attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the College’s two new science labs focused on the physical and life sciences. The new labs were designed to meet the needs of students and to best fit the courses offered in the College’s core curriculum. The labs will integrate mobile science labs with smart board technology, contain dissection tables and offer an unlimited range of instructional technology options such as 3-D modeling. “We are a small, community college, but our labs, upon their full completion, will rival any of the labs at the local four-year schools,” noted Karla Smith Fuller, Assistant Professor of Biology at Guttman. “They will provide a top-notch environment for our students to learn.”

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All Faculty and Staff Retreat 2014

On January 15 Guttman Community College held its first All-College Faculty-Staff Meeting. The college-wide event kicked off in the Information Commons with a State-of-the-College address by President Scott E. Evenbeck. He praised the faculty and administration’s continued efforts to focus on student learning and success and the importance of building on students’ strengths as they become engaged with Guttman’s city-centered curriculum.

2014-02-01 00:00:00

New Interim Provost Joins Guttman

Dr. Joan M. Lucariello joined Guttman Community College in February 2014 as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Before this, since 2010, she served as University Dean for Education at the City University of New York, and before that, as CUNY’s Interim University Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Lucariello is a Professor of Psychology and Educational Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center, where she was a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) predoctoral fellow. Thereafter, Dr. Lucariello was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Upon completion of her postdoctoral work, Dr. Lucariello joined the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research for several years. She subsequently assumed high-level policy and science administration posts. She was Senior Scientist at the American Psychological Association (APA), where she served as an expert and advocate for behavioral science to the NIH and the NSF and assisted in APA’s launch of the “Decade of Behavior.” Then at NICHD, of the NIH, she was Director of Research Programs in Cognitive, Social, and Affective Development, the largest federal grants program for developmental psychology. Before coming to CUNY, Dr. Lucariello had returned to academe and was Professor of Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College. There she headed the doctoral program and lead a curriculum redesign and an increase in doctoral student applications and stipends. At CUNY, Dr. Lucariello has led key initiatives. She spearheaded the plan to enhance teacher-leader preparation with $3.5 million from the State Education Dept. She forged a data exchange with NYCDOE to track the job performance of over 30,000 CUNY graduates. She also formed a CUNY partnership with Math for America. She served as principal investigator, at CUNY, for one of the first randomized control studies of online learning (done by Ithaka S+R). She also led the development of a brochure and website on best teaching practices for university faculty. She headed planning for both the inaugural (2010) and 2012 CUNY Mathematics Conferences. Dr. Lucariello has been appointed to two NYS Regents Advisory Groups (Professional Standards and Practices Board; Regents Task Force on APPR. She was a member of the CUNY-NYC Dept of Education Steering Cmt for College-Career Readiness and Success and the Steering Cmt for the P-TECH Early College High School. For the APA, she has been nationally elected (twice) to the Developmental Psychology Division Executive Committee and is the elected Chair (twice) of the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education. Dr. Lucariello is a nationally and internationally known scientist in the areas of cognition, learning, and education. She has authored dozens of articles and chapters. She is an editor of the book, The Development of the Mediated Mind, and co-editor of a special issue of Theory Into Practice (in prep). She was awarded a major grant from the US Dept of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES). She was a member of the APA Task Force on the Applications of Psychological Science to Teaching and Learning and developed two online modules for teachers. She is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology. Her distinctions include visiting faculty positions at Columbia University and UCLA. She was a Fellow at Princeton University and is a Fellow of the APA, the Association for Psychological Science (APS), and Inaugural Fellow of the American Education Research Association (AERA).

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SGA Holds Town Hall Meeting

On February 7, 2014, Guttman Community College’s Student Government Association (SGA) held its first student Town Hall meeting in the Information Commons. The SGA officers convened the meeting to discuss with the student body two important initiatives for feedback and ideas: 1) Creating a mascot for the college ; 2) Generating ideas about the wording on the college seal

2014-03-01 00:00:00

Students Talk About Community Days

In this video Guttman students share their opinion about Community Days. Community Days are held within two days, students choose from a small selection of activities and events to volunteer.

2014-03-01 00:00:00

Guttman Hosts Cultural Exchange

On Friday, March 21, a group of 16 young people from a social work agency in Berlin, Germany, called Gangway e.v. visited New York as part of a hip-hop exchange called the “Bronx Berlin Connection.” The group spent the afternoon at Guttman to take part in “Cultural Exchange Day.” A committee of 30 Guttman students organized the exchange program, which included a lunch, a spoken-word writing workshop and a performance showcase/open mic event in the evening, hosted by Guttman Student Success Advocate Randy Moore and DJ’ed by one of the Bronx Berlin Connection alumni. nter story info here

2014-04-01 00:00:00

Mayor Visits Guttman

People who work in the City’s carwashes do some of the most difficult work under some of the worst conditions. The RWDSU helped to organize these workers and they just won recognition and a $4 million settlement with the State Attorney General. On April 16th, these workers chose our school as the place to celebrate their victory!!! Our President gave the crowd a warm welcome and invited their children to study at Guttman. Mayor de Blasio, City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, City Comptroller Stringer, Public Advocate James and Attorney General Schneiderman as well as the President of the RWDSU, Stuart Appelbaum and the President of the Municipal Labor Committee, Vincent Alvarez, joined the workers in their victory party. It was a night of good music, good food and good feeling.

2014-04-17 00:00:00

In-House Counsel Joins Guttman

Lynette M. Phillips, an attorney who has specialized in higher education law for more than 15 years, joins CUNY as Legal Counsel for Guttman Community College, the Graduate Center, the Graduate School of Journalism, Macaulay Honors College and the School for Professional Services. As a member of President Evenbeck’s leadership team, she will be working at the college two days a week.

2014-04-23 00:00:00

Community Days Looks at Immigration

The spring 2014 Community Days focused on the topic of immigration. Linked to the City Seminar course, Community Days are becoming a Guttman tradition. Students learn from the rich community of New York City and apply what they have learned in the classroom and from service opportunities as a way to give back to New York City. This semester, the Community Days experience was designed by First-Year students to create the workshops offered on the first day of the event.

2014-04-28 00:00:00

Student Interviews Senator Liz Krueger

From April 28-May 2 Guttman Community College hosted the 12th annual Citizenship NOW! hotline, co-sponsored by the New York Daily News and the City University of New York (CUNY) to provide free and confidential citizenship and immigration information to thousands of callers. Many prominent New York State and city officials visited the college during the week to support the event and meet the volunteers. State Senator Liz Krueger (Democrat, 28th Senate District) visited Citizenship Now! and agreed to be interviewed by continuing student Raul Ramirez regarding her thoughts on immigration.

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VIPs Visit "Citizenship Now" Event

Since Guttman was host to the Citizenship Now event, many VIPs visited the college during the event running from April 28th to May 2nd: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Charles E. Schumer, U.S. Senator from New York and New York Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand.

The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College Story

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