Life of Adolf Hitler

This timeline displays the life of Adolf Hitler and what led him to his power in Germany.

All students will choose a well known political leader and do a biographical timeline on their life.

1889-04-20 11:28:15

Day of Birth

Adolf Hitler was born in a small Austrian town named Braunau. His parents were Alois Hitler and Klara, who came from a poor peasant family

1896-09-10 23:02:13


Adolf was popular in primary school and did very well with school work. He took a leadership role at a young age

1902-01-08 05:40:45

Farewell Father

Hitler's dad passed away when he was 13 years old, leaving his mother, Klara, to care for the household.

1904-06-01 19:49:18

Secondary School

Hitler struggled when he faced competition in secondary school and quit putting effort forth. He lost many friends and spent his time re-enacting wars with younger children. His unpopularity led him to lose focus on school. At 15, Adolf failed his exams and dropped out of school, never completing his formal education.

1907-03-20 14:06:31

I Dream of Art

Adolf dreamed of being an artist and decided to apply to Vienna Academy of Art. He was unable to pass the entrance exam.

1907-06-13 14:06:31

Goodbye Mother

Just a few months after Adolf failed the entrance exam, his mother passed away from breast cancer. Hitler again tried to apply to the School of Architecture, but was not allowed to take the exam.

1913-05-01 14:06:31

The Courageous Soldier

A few years later, Hitler sparked an interest for politics and moved to Munich to avoid military service. As soon as World War I broke out, Hitler received special permission to serve in the Bavarian-Germany army.

1918-10-13 14:06:31

Blinded and Betrayed

Not long after Hitler had joined the army, he was receiving awards. He received the Iron Cross for first and second class. In 1918, a gas attack temporarily blinded Hitler and during his recuperation he was informed of the defeat of Germany.

1919-08-16 14:06:31

Natural Politician

In 1919, Hitler began working for an anti-Semitic, nationalist group as a spy for the German Army. However, he found he agreed with Anton Drexler's German nationalism and anti-Semitism. After making a passionate speech, he gained a reputation as an engaging orator. Hitler believed that Germany was facing injustice from the Treaty of Versailles. People began to join the party just to see Hitler make his speeches, which would ten leave the audience in a state of near hysteria and willing to do whatever he suggested.

1923-11-09 14:06:31

Beer Hall Putsch

By 1921, Hitler was the leader of the re-named National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi). By 1923, the group had over 56,000 members and several supporters. On November 8th and 9th, Adolf staged the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch, in hopes of forcing the Bavarian government to work for the Nazis. He was sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison.

1924-08-09 14:06:31

Mein Kampf

Hitler only served nine months out of the five year sentence and during that time wrote "Mein Kampf." This was Hitler's formulated thoughts on a new Germany. Once released from prison he organized his political party and as soon as the depression hit Germany, they gained a significant amount of followers.

1932-11-01 03:13:19

Hindenburg v. Hitler

By 1930 the Nazis were polling around 6.5 million votes. Hitler was in an ideal position to run for president, but in the 1932 election he lost to Paul Von Hindenburg.

1933-01-30 03:13:19

The New Fuhrer

Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as Chancellor. After Hindenburg died, eighteen months later, Hitler took over as President and Chancellor. The position was titled Fuhrer.

1934-10-18 03:13:19

Deathly Deception

Hitler quickly consolidate power and filled government seats with Nazis. He started the massive rearmament programme to create jobs for the unemployed. This programme used propaganda manufacturing enemies (the Jewish nation) to prepare the country for war. The Nuremberg Race Laws were also created in 1935 to prevent interaction with the Jews and begin the rise of the Aryan nation.

1936-05-21 03:13:19

The Second World War Begins

dInvading the Rhineland, was Hitler's first move and then he attempted to annex Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia. Under the Munich agreement of 1938, the west accepted this.

1939-04-13 03:13:19

War Takes Off

Hitler made and alliance with Russia and began to invade Poland. These events officially started World War II.

1943-08-10 03:13:19

The Downfall

As the war continued, Germany was struggling and the Western Allies were advancing. Hitler almost withdrew entirely from the war, unable to take the pressure.

1944-02-12 03:13:19

Assassination of the Mind

After an attempted assassination, Hitler was at his height of terror. Many reported him to be completely erratic and out-of-touch.

1945-04-30 03:13:19

Suicide Surrender

On April 30, 1945 Hitler and his long term girlfriend, Eva Braun, committed suicide. And soon after Germany surrendered.

Life of Adolf Hitler

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