Wings and Tracks

2001-02-01 20:45:25

Evaluating the Czech-built Samba

by Tom Chalmers - World Airnews Magazine - February 2001 Despite what it says on its certification, this is no microlight. It has the breeding of a glider mixed in equal parts with that of a powered aircraft. It has the looks and temperament of a thoroughbred.....

2001-07-01 20:45:25

The Samba….dancing the skies on a whiff of fuel!

SA Flyer July 2001 “Is it a light aircraft? Is it a motor glider? Is it a glider? Or is it a Glider Tug?” Yes! It is all of the above – it is a SAMBA!

2002-02-01 20:45:25

Can’t Dance? Do the Samba instead!

A special report by Flysouth Aviation News Never got around to attending the Arthur Murray shortcut to social success, at their famous dance classes – but boy did we have some fun doing THIS particular Samba – and without any fancy footwork needed!

2002-10-01 20:45:25

A new Skydancer in Southern Skies – The Lambada

A special report by Flysouth Aviation News - October 2002 The Samba, now a well-known light aircraft in South Africa, with about a dozen in service, has been joined by its slightly bigger brother, the Lambada.

2003-07-01 20:45:25

PPL on a Samba?

With the dramatic increase in the use of ‘ultralight-type’ trainers for PPL instruction, the Samba is particularly well placed to benefit. A delightful and cheap aircraft to operate.

2004-07-01 20:45:25

The Brilliant New Samba XL

Urban Air has added to their range of ultralights with the all new Samba XL. Fitted with modern avionics, it is a serious, albeit VFR only, traveling machine. A truly great aeroplane, it possesses tremendous handling, plenty of interior space and astonishing performance on a mere 100hp and under 4-US gallons an hour fuel burn.

2006-06-01 16:08:42

The Fast and Nimble Flamingo VL-3

The Fast and Nimble Flamingo VL-3 By Athol Franz - African Pilot

2006-07-01 16:08:42

Around Namibia in a Lambada

Around Namibia in a Lambada touring motor glider, June 2006 Adriaan Hepburn

2007-06-04 16:08:42

Aveko / Vanessa Air VL-3, Flamingo

by John Miller The Czech Republic 's VLA industry is on a roll and it's not surprising judging by the remarkable quality and performance of the very recently certified VL-3 Flamingo. This diminutive Rotax-powered aircraft sets a new level for long distance VLA travel. SA Flyer is the first magazine to evaluate the aeroplane in the air.

2007-11-01 16:08:42

Around South Africa in a Motorglider

Bateleurs Pilot, Jay van Deventer, flies his Lambada Motor Glider along the borders and coastline of South Africa to research environmental damage.

2009-06-01 16:08:42

Flamingo - Light Sport Aircraft

We first reviewed the nimble Flamingo Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) in the June 2006 edition of African Pilot. Now some three years later we take another look as the type that has attracted eight orders in South Africa.

2010-02-25 16:08:42

Rainer Frieboese Celebrates 50 Years In Aviation

If it is true that time flies when one is having fun, then for Rainer Frieboese of Wings and Tracks, builders of the Samba, Lambada and Flamingo range of aircraft his 50 years spent in aviation must have gone past in the wink of a eye.

2011-03-03 16:08:42

Flying Boat ready for Take-off

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane… it’s a flying boat! A newly developed flying boat (amphibian aircraft), built at the Brits airport, is ready to take off and land in the Roodekoppies Dam this month.

2011-03-10 16:08:42

Testing the Seagle

Is it a bird? Is it a fl ying boat? Is it a plane? Yes but it looks like a boat with wings. This was my fi rst view of the all white Seagle amphibian as she approached Roodekoppies Dam for her fi rst ‘offi cial’ landing on water having been granted permission for test fl ying by the Department of Water Affairs in South Africa.

Wings and Tracks

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