Notice: I don't do this anymore, but in the past, every game where it was possible to play with max lives was played with max lives, unless said otherwise.

PCB Hard No Bomb

4 lives left, with border breaks.

EoSD Extra 502,276,420 Clear

MarisaB. 520m potential but mistakes happened, including forgetting to bomb semifinal properly and missing the cancel. Still satisfied though.

IN All 222 Spells Captured

Captured Yukari's LW after 59 tries in Spell Practice, the final spell I had to capture (spell 222) as Reimu/Yukari, the Border Team.

DDC All 120 Spells Captured

Captured Blue Lady Show, the final spell I still had to capture (spell 119, Raiko's timeout) as Sakuya-A. (Exact time unknown.)

EoSD Normal 1cc

My first Normal 1cc. 3/0 left after Red Magic, which I captured for the first time. It was luck, though.

EoSD Easy 1cc

My first 1cc and my first Easy 1cc. I could have done this much earlier, but I had never played Easy again since my clear; I quickly went to Normal.

EoSD Extra Clear

My first Extra Clear. I had 0/2 left at the end.

EoSD Hard 1cc

My third Hard 1cc. 1/0 left at the end.

EoSD Lunatic 1cc

A very memorable 1cc, since it's the first Touhou game I played, and I had finally beaten it on Lunatic. 0/0 left at the end.

TD All 127 Spells Captured

Captured Full Moon Pompokolin after 57 tries in Spell Practice, the final spell I had to capture (spell 119, Mamizou's final) as Reimu.

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