Grim Sleeper Investigation Timeline

The Grim Sleeper Investigation

A timeline of the key points and developments during the multi-decade 'Grim Sleeper' serial murder investigation.

Franklin GUILTY

Lonnie Franklin Jr. found GUILTY on all counts of 10 murders

L.A. police release photos of possible "Grim Sleeper" victims

Police investigating an accused serial killer dubbed the "Grim Sleeper" asked for public help on Thursday identifying women and teenage girls depicted in 180 photos seized from his possession and feared to be among his victims.

Grim Sleeper Trial Commences

Thirty years after the first of the Grim Sleeper serial killer victims was found fatally shot and discarded in a South Los Angeles alley, Lonnie David Franklin Jr. will face a jury Tuesday in a downtown courtroom.

Debra Jackson, 29

Cocktail waitress Debra Jackson was 29. She was found on the 10th of August 1985 in an alley in the West Gage Avenue South Vermont Avenue (block 1000). She had been shot twice in the chest with a .25 hang gun. and hidden under an old carpet. She was fully clothed.

Lonnie David Franklin Jr. Arrested

Lonnie Franklin Jr. was arrested and charged with 10 counts of murder.

500k Reward Announced

500k Reward Announced Los Angeles City Council voted today to offer a reward...

Grim Sleeper's First period of Activity

9th August 1985 is the date that Debra Jackson was killed. She is the first 'official' victim in a series of murders committed by a killer who has become know as The Grim Sleeper.

Henrietta Wright, 35

Henrietta Wright, 35, was found August 12, 1986, in the 2500 block of West Vernon Avenue. Cause of death: two shots to the chest. Wrapped in a blanket, covered with a mattress, fully clothed, no shoes.

Thomas Steele, 36

The only male victim: found middle of the intersection of 71st Street, LA. Thomas Steele, 36, was found August 14, 1986, near 71st Street and Halldale Avenue. Cause of death: one shot behind right ear. Dumped in road fully clothed.

Barbara Ware, 23

Barbara Ware, 23, was found January 10, 1987 in an alley in the 1300 block of East 56th Street. Cause of death: one shot to chest. Trash covered her clothed body, and a plastic bag was draped over her upper torso and head.

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