Bangalore - A look from Law

Timeline through the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act. This includes the important clauses introduced since 1977 when the Act came into being.

CPR Urban Team

1977-02-03 11:53:18


Bangalore Municipal Corporation was established under the City of Bangalore Municipal Corporation Act, 1949. In order to bring single enactment for governing all municipal corporations in the state the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act was passed in 1977

1978-02-09 11:53:18


The Act was amended in 1978 to omit provisions for reservations of seats for labourers

1982-02-04 11:53:18


The first Councillors, Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the newly constituted corporations were nominated for an interim period of three years

1983-02-04 11:53:18


Reservation for women increased to 20%.

1986-02-06 11:53:18


oMunicipal Corporations not having the funds for maintenance and improvement of water supply schemes and hence the water supply scheme was entrusted to (in a phased manner) BWSSB for Bangalore

1986-02-08 12:05:36


MLAs and another nominated member belonging to that city should be able to participate in the meetings of the Corporation

1990-02-01 12:05:36


Statutory term made a uniform 5 years for all levels of local government. (Corporation was increased from four years to five)

1991-02-08 12:05:36


Polls to the City Corporation were postponed (from 25th Feb 1990), due to reasons beyong the control of the government

1994-02-04 12:05:36


oRepeal of the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act, 1985 and dissolution of Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority on creation of Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee

1998-02-06 12:05:36


oDo away with the requirement that the member of the Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha be a registered elector within the Municipal area or a city as the case may be conform with Article 243R of Constitution of India oEight Standing Committees instead of 6 for Bangalore Corporation

2006-02-09 12:05:36


Formation of BBMP to (a) Improve and co-ordinate infrastructure development for road and transportation network, water supply and UGD, Solid Waste Management etc., (b) Upgrade quality of urban civic services etc., (c) Strengthen administrative capacity to ensure better enforcement of various rules/regulations as also better co-ordination in service delivery etc., (d) Optimise expenditure on establishment etc.,

2007-02-09 12:05:36


Raise the number of councillors in Bangalore from hundred to hundred and fifty in view of the creation of Greater Bangalore Municipal Body

2009-02-12 12:05:36


Enter story info hereoIn order to constitute smaller and compact wards with an average size of 30,000 the wards were enhanced to 198

2009-02-12 12:05:36


Elections to BBMP

2009-02-12 12:05:36


oConstitution of Area Sabhas & Ward Committees under mandatory provision of JNNURM oConstitution of Property Tax Board as recommended by the 13th Finance Commission

Bangalore - A look from Law

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