Politics and The Olympics

Berlin, Germany 1906

Olympics schedule to be in Berlin, Germany. But, canceled due to WW1

Berlin, Germany 1936

Boycotts or withdrawals from the games, were threatened. Hitler allowed only "Aryan" athletes to represent Germany. Hitler's attempt to show racial supremacy failed when the US athlete Jesse Owens took home 4 gold medals.

Tokyo, Japan 1940

Were to be held in Japan but, cancelled do to WW2

London, England 1944

The games were going to be held in London but, were cancelled due to WW2

Melbourne, Australia 1956

These games were the first to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, and the first to be held outside Europe and North America. Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon announced a boycott. And, eventually, because of the Soviet Union invading Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland also decided to boycott the Games, in support of Hungary.

Mexico City, Mexico

Tommie Smith and John Carlos protested against racial segregation by raising there hand in the "black power salute", as the Star Spangled Banner played.

Munich, Germany 1972

Eight Palestinian terrorists took athletes and coaches from Israel and held them hostage. Over all, 5 of the terrorists, the 11 Israelis were killed, in this tragic event.

Moscow, Soviet Union (Russia)

The U.S. led a boycott and 62 countries joined them.They did so because, the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan. Very few countries attended the games. Some of the countries that did flew the Olympic flag instead of their countries flag during the opening ceremony, as a form of protest.

Los Angeles, USA 1984

The Soviet Union and most of the Warsaw Pact countries boycotted the games. They did this as a way to get back at the USA and the other countries that had boycotted the games that were held in Moscow, in 1980.

Sydney, Australia 2000

North and South Korea marched together under the same flag, even though they competed as seperate teams.

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