90 Years of Excellence

Starting in 1921 as NorthWest Tent and Awning selling exploration tents and other camping items, Norseman has grown to providing protection solutions to customers worldwide. 2011 marked the end of 90 successful years in business for Norseman.

Northwest Tent & Awning opens

Northwest Tent & Awning (NWTA) opens its doors on historic Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton, AB manufacturing tents, tarps and Awnings. Initially using cotton and canvas NWTA positions itself to become a fabric specialist in the Industry.

Northwest Tent & Awning Co. Ltd.

Alvin Bryant acquires NWTA, operating out of a three-storey location in Edmonton’s downtown core. Bryant’s entrepreneurial ambition leads to innovations in camping trailers, rig shelters and RV awnings. Bryant develops a no-rip grommet and begins to lay the foundation for the development of a retail outlet.

Campers Village Opens

Campers Village opens on the main floor of NWTA to serve as a retail outlet for the developing brand of Norseman products.

Fold down tent trailers

NWTA begins manufacturing fold down tent trailers to meet the demands of a growing industry.

first rig shelter

Recognizing the growing diversity of the marketplace, NWTA completes the sale of their first rig shelter. Composed of a steel frame and specialized fabric, the rig shelter is for use by exploration teams in Canadian Arctic drilling programs.

Licensed to sell

To Keep pace with the evolution of the RV awnings NWTA is licensed by U.S based Inst-Awn Inc. to manufacture and sell retractable awnings for the RV Industry.

Shelters Division

NWTA purchases Denco Welding and expands their steel fabrication plant into an east Edmonton industrial park. The Norseman Shelters Division, created to meet the needs of the growing energy and mining sector, sets about pioneering the process of year-round protection for people and equipment on a global scale.

Norseman Shelters is incorporated

Norseman Shelters is incorporated as a separate company. Fred Pheasey, CEO of Dreco Energy Services Ltd. and Alvin Jones, former Sales Manager of Norseman Shelters, join Alvin Bryant as partners. Norseman Shelters cements its global presence servicing sites from the Russian Arctic to the African Desert.

Norseman Manufacturing

Norseman Manufacturing is created as a new division to manufacture and expand distribution of recreational products, including RV awnings, tents and sleeping bags and Ron Bryant joins the company on a full time basis.

Calgary Location opens

NWTA Calgary location opens on Blackfoot Trail.

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