Meet the Dinosaurs

A dinosaur is a special kind of creature that lived during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods millions of years ago. Dinosaurs first appeared in the Triassic period and became the best hunters on land. They also developed special features in their skulls as well as different ways of walking such as upright with their legs underneath them.

100000000 BC-02-05 10:33:40


Herbivore. Could live in extreme weather conditions.

110000000 BC-02-05 10:25:07

Plants and flowers

Modern day plants started growing towards the end of this period.

118000000 BC-02-05 10:30:32


Herbivore known for its unusual crested head.

125000000 BC-02-05 10:02:45

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Carnivore. King of the dinosaurs, very tall and wlaked on two legs.

130000000 BC-02-05 09:56:14


Herbivore. Could walk on two or all four legs.

135000000 BC-02-05 09:53:34


Herbivore. Had an armored body and a club for a tail.

140000000 BC-02-05 09:50:23


Herbivore. Three horns grew on its head, two above the eyes and one on its beak.

145000000 BC-02-04 20:54:26

Cretaceous period

The Cretaceous period ends with the extinction of the dinosaurs. Flowering plants and modern insects appeared. Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes walked the land including duckbills, armored. horned and dome-headed dinosaurs.There were new forms of giant meat eaters as well as a deadly new breed of hunter, the raptor; known for its sharp teeth and curved claw on each hand and foot.

155000000 BC-02-05 10:09:02


Carnivore. Name means well reversed spine.

164000043 BC-02-04 22:08:54


Herbivore. Names means ultra reptile for its enormous size.

171000043 BC-02-05 10:13:04


Herbivore. Plates ran down its spine and spikes on its tail were used for combat.

180000000 BC-02-04 21:58:09


Carnivore. Name means meat eating bull.

189000000 BC-02-04 21:53:19


Carnivore. Means double crested lizard.

195000000 BC-02-04 21:49:20


Carnivore with a horn on snout, long sharp teeth and slashing claws on both arms.

200000000 BC-02-04 20:47:34

Jurrassic Period

The Jurassic period lasted about 55 million years and many new types of dinosaurs, mammals, and reptiles emerged such as Plated dinosaurs and the Sauropods; heavy long-necked dinosaurs that walked on four legs. There were also large Theropods or meat eating dinosaurs roaming the Earth. The first birds and birdlike dinosaurs also appeared during this period.

211323457 BC-02-05 10:15:26


Carnivore. Could chew food backwards, forwards, and up or down. Could attack bigger animals.

221323457 BC-02-05 10:15:51


Herbivore, one of the largest dinosaurs of this period.

230323457 BC-02-05 10:16:30


Carnivore with birdlike hollow bones.

240323437 BC-02-05 10:16:54


Carnivore, one of the largest of this period.

247323437 BC-02-05 10:17:12


Carnivore, one of the oldest dinosaurs ever found.

251000000 BC-02-05 13:12:04


The earliest dinosaurs and mammals date back to the late Triassic period. Most of the first Triassic dinosaurs were small and quick meat eaters that walked on their hind legs. By the end, larger prosauropods (20 foot long plant eating dinosaurs) were beginning to appear.

256000000 BC-02-05 11:22:26

Meet the dinosaurs

Lets look at some of these creatures and learn about how we can recognize some of their physical characteristics as well as some of their special features.

258000000 BC-02-05 13:15:51

Theme Music

Alright 3rd graders, it's time to explore the ancient world of dinosaurs! By the end of this lesson you will be able to distinguish between herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores and also be able to recognize some characteristics of certain dinosaurs!

65000000 BC-02-05 13:05:58


Dinosaurs become extinct, but other animals evolve over time. No one knows exactly how dinosaurs ceased to exist, but how awesome it is to think these creatures once ruled the Earth.

75000000 BC-02-05 10:38:37


Carnivore with high intelligence and razor sharp curved claws.

90000000 BC-02-05 10:24:42


Modern insects also lived during this time.

Meet the Dinosaurs

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