200 Years of Jackson County

This is the history of Jackson County.

The times, places and people that shaped the rich history of Jackson County's 200 years of existence. ;xNLx;If you see any errors, or have any suggestions please contact 200@co.jackson.ms.us.

International Shipbuilding

International Shipbuilding Company opened its plant in Pascagoula to build government ships

First all steel vessel

International Shipbuilding Company launches its first all steel vessel

Latimer Post Office

Latimer Post Office opened in Thomas H. Brown's General Store (closedi n 1913)

Pascagoula Fire

Devastating fire destroyed 25 businesses and 25 homes in downtown Pascagoula.

Int'l Shipbuilding Closes

International Shipbuilding was forced to close due to government regulations, labor strikes and the post-war demand for fewer ships

Pascagoula School District Formed

They are celebrating their 100th anniversary the same year Jackson County is celebrating its 200th in 2012!

Scranton PO to Pascagoula PO

Scranton formally changes Post Office name to Pascagoula. (See Feb. 9 1838 for more info)

Helena community develops

The town of Helena was platted on 320 acres north of Black Creek, along Sarracennia Road, and its first post office started.

City of Pascagoula Formed

Towns of Scranton and East Pascagoula merge to form the City of Pascagoula

Moss Point Merchants Club

The Pascagoula Commercial Club and the Moss Point Merchants Association was well established by the fiscal year ending June 30, 1900. The Pascagoula Port was the key to 8,000,000 acres of long leaf yellow pine besides an almost unlimited supply of hard woods of every kind. There were twenty major manufacturers and exporters of lumber at the Port of Pascagoula with a daily capacity of mills at 1,000,000 feet. The Grand total for tonnage through the Port was $2,269,178!

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